10 Demon Romance Books You Can’t Put Down

Demonic Love Stories

Dare to descend into the shadowy depths of passion, where the allure of the forbidden takes on a form both terrifying and irresistible. Welcome, brave souls, to the world of demon romance books—a genre that masterfully intertwines the darkness of the netherworld with the luminous power of love. Here, demons aren’t just creatures of nightmare; they are complex beings capable of desire, sacrifice, and bonds that challenge their very nature.

Whether you’re captivated by tales of sinister contracts turned into unexpected alliances or enchanted by stories where love redeems the most tormented souls, you’re about to embark on a journey where the flames of passion burn hotter than the fires of hell. So, let your curiosity lead you by the hand, and prepare to explore love stories so intense they could only exist in the realms where darkness and light converge.

10 Demon Romance Books

Demon romance stories shows the eternal struggle between good and evil, exploring the moral dilemmas and ethical complexities faced by characters drawn to their nature’s darker aspects. These stories offer insights into the complexities of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of love to transcend the boundaries of good and evil. Here are ten demon romance books that offer readers a captivating and immersive journey into dark and seductive worlds filled with passion, danger, and forbidden love. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Deal with the Demon by Chace VerityA lady struggles with her kids and falls in love with her nany-demon, who secretly helps her.3.8/5
Demon King by Elizabeth BriggsThe heroine deals with a demon to save her friend, but their romance is on the way.3.8/5
Predator by Liz MeldonAn incubus demon accidentally falls in love with a girl who tries to save her mother.3.9/5
The Darkest Night by Gena ShowalterA cursed demon meets a supernatural girl, and both are dealing with power and curse,4/5
The Demon’s Possession by Kiersten FayA slave girl trapped in a spaceship and a protective demonic hero hardly trying to save her from danger.3.9/5
Burn by Suzanne WrightA grumpy alpha demon can shift into a vampire and want a human girl for his mate.4/5
Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley ColeA secret demonic hero builds a rival situation with a girl, but their feelings turn into love.4.3/5
The Sacrifice by Jessica GadzialaA witch girl meets a demon in a sacrifice ceremony, and their romance begins from there.4/5
Court of Command by Milana JacksLucifer accidentally feels vulnerable to a demon girl, and their forbidden love changes them.3.6/5
Happily Ever Afterlives by Olivia WaiteA demon lady finds a sinner to torture, but she makes a romantic feeling toward him.3.7/5
Demon Romance Books List

1. Deal with the Demon (Loved by The Demon)

Deal with the Demon is a very cute, contemporary, esque paranormal romance that follows Heidi, who is having a bad string of luck. She gets fired from her job and can’t get it because it would be a nightshift job, and her kids have to be home alone. A demon service company sends out demons to grant a human service. After they have success, the demon dies. So she gets this demon, and she gets it for 28 days and decides to make him her househusband.

The demon cleans and cooks for her, and they have a romance. The kids love him, and it’s cute. I loved Heidi and her relationship with the demon, but I did not like the plot because it was predictable. Overall, the book is a single-parent human-demon romance and a light, fun read. So, I was thrilled the entire time I was reading it.

Author: Chace Verity
Tropes: LGBT, Single-parent, Forced-proximity, Age-gap
Number Of Pages: 102
Available: Paperback | Kindle

2. Demon King (Claimed by Lucifer)

Demon King is a demon fantasy romance with the retelling of Hades and Persephone that has a twist because Lucifer is dark and handsome. Our heroine, Hannah, will find her friend because her friend goes missing. So, she goes to Las Vegas and makes a deal with the devil. But she finds out that he’s the actual devil. Hannah quickly accepted her role in the demon world and tried her best to save herself. So, I’m excited to see what happens in the next book and the rest of the series.

The way everything happens and the two characters meet is exciting. There are constant twists and turns, and things are being revealed. So, it’s one of those romances you cannot stop reading. I can’t talk about it more because it will spoil a portion of the story. There are more layers than you think happening in the story. So the ending was super exciting; you must know what happens next.

Author: Elizabeth Briggs
Publisher: Elizabeth Briggs Books
Tropes: Greco-Roman Myth, Fae-elves, Forbidden, Alpha-hero
Number Of Pages: 304
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

3. Predator (The Hunt)

I’ve not read the entire Hunt serial, but Predator is a serialized demonic romance. The story follows an incubus (Severus) who works as an escort to feed themselves. So Severus’s an incubus demon that survives on sex. A heroine (Moira) thinks she’s dying from a very mysterious illness from which her mother also died. But it turns out her body is changing and becoming another type of creature.

The writing style and storyline are gripping, and the paranormal world is outstanding from the beginning. However, the author shows some lack of creativity in building characters and fantasy aspects. The series has five parts, and I plan to continue it to see what happens. If you like a mystery with paranormal romance, read it.

Author: Liz Meldon
Tropes: Dark, Mystery, Suspense
Number Of Pages: 98

4. The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld)

The Darkest Night is the first series book that follows Ashlyn and Maddox. These two are interesting characters. Ashlyn can hear voices and every conversation ever happening in any spot. But this superpower is irritable, so she’s searching for a way to make them disappear. Then she meets Maddox, a demon who is cursed to be killed every night because he has to die the same death that someone else had died whenever he opened Pandora’s box.

The voices go away whenever Ashlyn is around Maddox, and they stop. So it is a story between the two of them. Maddox takes her in even though he doesn’t want to, and she instantly falls for him and needs to constantly be near him because he makes the voices go away. Even though Maddox is a demon and doesn’t have a choice to be a demon, he’s a cinnamon roll. He wants to protect her, and seeing them is so romantic.

Author: Gena Showalter
Narrator: Max Bellmore
Publisher: Harlequin Books S.A.
Tropes: Mythology, Damaged-hero-heroine, Witches
Number Of Pages: 379
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

5. The Demon’s Possession (Shadow Quest)

The Demon’s Possession is a sci-fi demon hero romance book. Our main characters are Sebastian and Analia. Analia is a slave trapped on a spaceship and escapes onto Sebastian’s spaceship. He is going on a quest to take someone a thing, and he has to deliver it to them. They can’t stop making pit stops because there are very specific rules around this delivery they have to do.

Analia has escaped these people, and they’re looking for her. They have an exciting relationship initially because Analia is ready to die. If Sebastian is not going to help her escape, she is going to die. He is very protective very quickly of her, which I thought was very precious. Also, Sebastian is confused about why she wants to die in the beginning because she entirely agrees to walk off the spaceship and kill herself.

I loved seeing the two different species. The surprising way they interacted, Analia’s powers, and the reveals for everything. We have an idea at the end, but the series will continue, and you’ll need to read them in order because they are related to our heroine in the first book.

Author: Kiersten Fay
Narrator: Henry Jones
Tropes: Aliens, Pirates, Sci-fi, Bodyguard
Number Of Pages: 474
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

6. Burn (Dark in You)

Burn follows the Demons in America situation; different groups are out there. They protect their people, and some things are going on around them wanting to elect a monarch president situation, which not all the demons agree with. Knox is one of the most powerful demons in America, and nobody knows what he is.

Knox and Harper become anchors to each other, making each other stronger and having a connection. Harper is not a strong heroine who does not want this, and Knox is a great, broody, grumpy Alpha. I loved the story, plot, worldbuilding, and characters and enjoyed the audiobook. If you are waiting for a demon with urban fantasy romance, you must read it.

Author: Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Cat Doucette
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Tropes: Alpha-male, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Omegaverse
Number Of Pages: 344
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

7. Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark)

All the books in Immortals After Dark series have a parallel timeline. So you have to read orderly to understand properly. In the first book, Dark Desires After Dusk, we have an OCD heroine, Holly. She doesn’t know that she’s an immortal being. Then have Cadeon Woede, a demon who is the younger brother of the king of demons. Cadeon has to atone for his wrongdoings, and he’s trying to fix the problem he caused on a massive road trip with Holly.

The second is about Sabine, a sorceress of illusions, and Rydstrom, the king of demons. Sabine is doing whatever she can to protect her sister. Her sister’s her morality chain. We also have Spreadtrum, who is trying to save his kingdom and figure out how to fix the problem. You get a preview of book one, and we go from there. So many tables turn, flipping all over the place, and a delightful mess. Kresley Cole is a particular brand of writer for people; she either works for you or she doesn’t. But these might be the two that get you hooked.

Author: Kresley Cole
Narrator: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Tropes: Dangerous-hero, Valkyrie, Mental-health, Enemies-to-lovers
Number Of Pages: 368
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Mass Market Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

8. The Sacrifice (Seven Sins MC)

The Sacrifice is a demon motorcycle club romance, and the witches have a treaty with the demons. Every generation, they will send a witch as a sacrifice to the demons. The witches do not know what happens to the sacrifice. The heroine, Lenore, gets sent to the Demon Motorcycle Club. They stick her in a basement, and she makes it rain.

The demons try and get her to stop raining. The hero, Lycus, gets her a little bit dirty, and she makes him a little bit better. They find a mate connection, and it is lovely. I love the demon gets a little growly possessive. The characters, plot, and writing style were incredible, except for the tenderness and vulnerability. The author, Jessica, introduces us to several other paranormal books in the Seven Sins MC series.

Author: Jessica Gadziala
Tropes: Witches & Wizards, Magic
Number Of Pages: 227
Available: Paperback | Kindle

9. Court of Command (Age of Angels)

Court of Command is an enjoyable dystopian-style angel-demon romance. Angel destroyed the world and completely remade it. Everybody who can remember that Lucifer can take over the mind and turn them into zombies/demons. If they find somebody who remembers the history, they kill them because it’s a matter of time before they are mindless, slobbering beasts trying to kill them.

Lucifer is another angel, and you see the other archangels. So you have all the archangels and war with them, even though they are brothers in arms. The only thing I didn’t love about Lucifer who doesn’t take a lot of care about the heroine’s feelings, especially not at the beginning. But it did make sense in the world that the author was building a decent balance between couple, action, and plot.

Author: Milana Jacks
Publisher: Milana Jacks, LLC
Tropes: Fallen angels, Fun, Suspense
Number Of Pages: 210
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

10. Happily Ever Afterlives

Happily Ever Afterlives is a historical demonic love story. The story follows a guy who dies at war and goes to the inferno. So he must be tortured by a demon lady with wings, but they start hooking up. The novella is about her and an incubus falling in love and figuring out how they can be together. Can they be together? How is that going to work? It was different and unique.

You have many questions to solve the mystery by reading deeply. This book is a historical setup instead of a contemporary one, so I’m not finding many historical demons. The story’s first half and middle are confusing and boring, but the ending is heart-warming. You will love reading if you want regency romance with a demon vibe.

Author: Olivia Waite
Tropes: Regency, Fated-mates
Number Of Pages: 118

5 Demon Falls In Love With Human Books

  1. “Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick

While primarily focusing on angels, “Hush, Hush” features a romance that blurs the lines between celestial and infernal, with its dark, mysterious, and somewhat demonic angel, Patch, who finds himself drawn to Nora Grey, a human girl. Their relationship faces the dangers of ancient curses and celestial battles, making it a compelling read for those intrigued by the darker side of paranormal romance.

  1. “Covet” by J.R. Ward – Fallen Angels Series

In “Covet,” the first book of the Fallen Angels series, Ward introduces a world where demons and angels vie for the souls of humans. The story follows Jim Heron, an angelic figure with a demonic edge who must save the soul of Vin DiPietro, a rich businessman with everything but love. When Vin meets Marie-Terese, a woman with her own dark past, their relationship sets the stage for a battle between good and evil, with high stakes for both the heavenly and infernal realms.

  1. “Dark Lover” by J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Though primarily a vampire series, “Dark Lover” includes elements that fans of demon-human romances might enjoy, particularly the intense, dark, and passionate relationships that develop between the vampire warriors and their human or near-human mates. The series kicks off with the story of Wrath, the last purebred vampire king, and Beth, a half-human woman. Their story is filled with danger, desire, and a fight against dark forces.

  1. “Pleasure Unbound” by Larissa Ione – Demonica Series

In “Pleasure Unbound,” Tayla Mancuso, a demon-slaying Aegis guardian, finds herself inexplicably attracted to Eidolon, a demon doctor who runs an underworld hospital. As enemies born to hate each other, Tayla and Eidolon’s relationship is fraught with conflict, passion, and the challenge of bridging two worlds. Ione masterfully crafts a steamy and thrilling story that explores the complexities of love in a world where demons and humans are natural adversaries.

  1. “Wicked Nights” by Gena Showalter – Angels of the Dark Series

Though focused on angels, “Wicked Nights” features Zacharel, an angel with a dark side, leading an army against demons. When he meets Annabelle, a human imprisoned in an asylum and tormented by demons, their attraction challenges Zacharel’s duties and beliefs. Showalter’s novel delves into themes of redemption, the nature of evil, and the power of love to conquer darkness, appealing to fans of demon-human romance stories.

5 Steamy Demon Romance Books

  1. “Pleasure Unbound” by Larissa Ione – Demonica Series

In the underworld hospital run by demon doctor Eidolon, Tayla Mancuso, a demon-slaying Aegis guardian, finds herself irresistibly drawn to the creature she’s sworn to kill. Their meetup ignites a fiery forbidden passion that challenges their beliefs and loyalties. “Pleasure Unbound” is the first book in Ione’s Demonica series, known for its sizzling romance, complex characters, and dark, immersive world.

  1. “Desire Unchained” by Larissa Ione – Demonica Series

The second installment in the Demonica series, “Desire Unchained,” continues the steamy adventures in the underworld. Shade, a demon with a curse of eternal bondage, finds himself chained to Runa, a woman he once betrayed and who now bears the marks of a werewolf. Their forced proximity reignites old flames and unveils deeper desires, wrapped in a tale of suspense, redemption, and the power of love to break the darkest curses.

  1. “Wicked Nights” by Gena Showalter – Angels of the Dark Series

Though centered around angels, “Wicked Nights” features Zacharel, an angel leading a band of warriors against demons, with a dark, almost demonic intensity to his character. His path crosses with Annabelle, a human with a demon-marked destiny. Their steamy, tumultuous relationship explores themes of salvation, trust, and desire’s transformative power against a backdrop of celestial and infernal warfare.

  1. “Covet” by J.R. Ward – Fallen Angels Series

Vin DiPietro, a wealthy businessman with a void in his heart, encounters Marie-Terese, a woman with a haunting past and ties to the demonic. As their paths intertwine with the fate of heaven and hell at stake, “Covet” weaves a tale of lust, mystery, and the quest for redemption, with Jim Heron, an angelic figure, guiding the battle for souls. Ward delivers a steamy romance that delves into the darkness and light within us all.

  1. “Dark Lover” by J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

In the first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Wrath, the last purebred vampire king, is drawn to Beth, a half-human unaware of her heritage. Their intense attraction leads to a steamy and powerful romance as they face the dangers of their worlds colliding. Though focusing on vampires, the series embodies the essence of demon romance with its dark, passionate, and forbidden love stories.

5 Demon Reverse Harem Books

  1. “Seraph Black” Series by Jane Washington

In this series, the protagonist, Seraph Black, finds her life intertwined with four men who claim she is their partner—a bond deeper and more profound than she can understand. As Seraph faces the dangers of this new world, she discovers that some of her companions possess demonic traits that challenge her understanding of love and loyalty. Washington weaves a tale of mystery, romance, and the struggle for identity in a world where nothing is as it seems.

  1. “Her Elemental Dragons” by Elizabeth Briggs

To prevent an apocalypse, Kira, a farm girl with hidden powers, must unite with four dragon shifters from different elements: fire, water, air, and earth. As they journey to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Kira discovers that her connection with the dragon princes might be the key to saving the world—and to her heart. Briggs’ novel is a steamy adventure that explores themes of destiny, unity, and the power of love across different realms.

  1. “Four Psychos” by Kristy Cunning – The Dark Side Series

This book introduces a unique twist on the reverse harem genre, with the protagonist being a ghost invisible to everyone except four powerful, non-human men. As she tries to uncover the mystery of her past and her connection to these men, who possess demonic qualities, their bonds grow stronger. Cunning combines humor, mystery, and steamy romance in a narrative that pushes the boundaries of the supernatural.

  1. “A Demon and His Witch” by Eve Langlais – Welcome to Hell Series

As the first book in the Welcome to Hell series, Langlais offers a lighter, comedic take on the reverse harem trope. Ysabel, a witch burned at the stake, is offered a job by Lucifer to serve as a matchmaker in Hell. When she finds herself attracting the attention of multiple demonic suitors, Ysabel must face her new life in Hell while juggling the affections of her admirers. This series is perfect for readers looking for a blend of laughter, romance, and a dash of infernal politics.

  1. “Claimed by the Demon Hunter” by Harley James – Guardian Series

In this series, the protagonist, a demon hunter, finds herself bound to three powerful demon guardians. Tasked with protecting the world from demonic forces, their alliance is complicated by the intense attractions and burgeoning relationships among them. James crafts a story of action, suspense, and forbidden desires, exploring the dynamics of trust and love in the face of darkness.

Last Words

These stories, where the heart’s capacity to love defies the darkest of origins, remind us that even in the most unlikely places, beauty can be found, and love can flourish. Through encounters with the demonic, we’ve not only explored the shadows but have also witnessed the transformative power of love—how it can illuminate the darkest corners and soften the hardest of hearts.

Whether these tales have left you spellbound, touched your heart, or simply ignited your imagination, we hope this journey into the realm of demon romance has been as thrilling as it has been enlightening. Until we next dare to dance with darkness, may the stories you discover continue to challenge your perceptions, stir your emotions, and kindle a flame of adventurous passion in your reader’s soul.

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