7 Monster Romance Books In Fantasy Genre

Monster Love Books

Welcome to the shadowy corners of love where the heart beats faster, not from fear but from the thrill of the forbidden and the allure of the unknown. In the realm of monster romance, love knows no bounds, transcending the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary, where beings of the night and creatures of fantasy steal our hearts and challenge our perceptions of beauty, companionship, and love.

You’ve stumbled upon the perfect escape if you’re drawn to tales of romance that defy conventions, where the passion is as intense as the stakes are high. Prepare to be seduced by stories that blend the thrill of the paranormal with the heart’s deepest desires, offering a compelling twist on the traditional love story. So, let down your guard, open your heart, and dive into a world where monsters become the heroes of their love stories, proving that even in the darkest of tales, love shines the brightest.

7 Monster Romance Books

Monster romance allows us to explore the theme of otherness through relationships between humans and supernatural beings. These stories show acceptance, tolerance, and empathy, inviting readers to consider what it means to love someone different from oneself.

Here are seven monster romance books for you. These books celebrate the beauty of love in all its forms, regardless of race, species, or supernatural abilities, and promote inclusivity and acceptance. Let’s read!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. NascostaA monster milker falls in love with his client.3.9
Ensnared by Tiffany RobertsAn alien spider hero unexpectedly finds his mate who crashes lands on his planet.4.0
His Beauty by Jack HarbonA boy turns into a monster and wants to become a human while a girl tries to help him.3.3
Feed by Aveda ViceA fey and monster are coworkers, and their love story begins with a one-night stand.3.7
A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn MoonFive different types of monsters’ relationships with one human girl.4.0
Bitterburn by Ann AguirreA beast hero tries to break down his curse and turns into a human while a girl helps him.3.9
His Human Nanny by Michele MillsA single alien father hires a nanny for his children, and their romance begins slowly.3.9
Monster Romance Books List

1. Morning Glory Milking Farm (Cambric Creek)

Morning Glory Milking Farm went viral on TikTok. Even though it is a short book, it’s still very slow in romance. The relationship between Violet and Rourke doesn’t start to develop until halfway through the book. That’s mainly because the first half is dedicated to Violet learning how to milk miniatures. So, it’s a miniature monster romance.

The miniature violet hero gets a new job as a milker, milking minotaur sperm. Miniature sperm has been commodified in this world, and they make money by selling it. One of Violet’s permanent clients is our hero, Rourke. He’s the only one she gets hot over when she milks him. They have cute conversations and cute banter together. Also, they don’t meet up in person until the book’s second half, but it is the sweetest thing once they do.

I loved how Rourke spoils Violet because he has such a filthy mouth. If you love size differences in your romances, this one will be perfect because miniatures are big all over. The writing might not be for everyone because it often flips through the past and present. But it did work for me. I love the slow-burn romance here and the setup of this monster world where humans and monsters coexist.

Morning Glory Milking Farm

Author: C.M. Nascosta
Publisher: Meduas Editoriale
Tropes: Sci-fi, Age-gap, Slow-burn, Omegaverse
Number Of Pages: 252
Available: Paperback | Kindle

2. Ensnared (The Spider’s Mate)

Ensnared in an alien romance with the most monstrous hero I have ever read. Also, it is a sci-fi alien romance with a spider hero. He’s an actual giant spider, and it did not gross me out. Ensnared is the first book in a trilogy. The trilogy all follows one couple. It’s another slow-burn romance, and the characters here don’t even meet until 20% into the book.

Ketahn is our alien spider hero, and Ivy is our human heroine. He finds her when she crashes, lands on his planet, and steals her away to his layer. Moreover, he’s super protective of her, and it’s so sweet. Ivy is terrified at first of this giant spider guy, but she slowly warms him, especially once they learn to try to communicate.

Ketahn slowly realizes that she is his mate. The romance is very unexpected, but I enjoyed it. If you are bored with it, I recommend skimming or skipping the parts with the alien queen and getting straight to the romance because it is exciting.


Author: Tiffany Roberts
Tropes: Aliens, Folklore, Forced-proximity, Fun
Number Of Pages: 346
Available: Paperback | Kindle

3. His Beauty

His Beauty is a Beauty and the Beast romance retelling. The Belle here is named Isla, and our beast hero stays a beast throughout the book. He does not turn back into a human. He is big and growly, beastly, and very furry all over. You’ll mostly enjoy the enemies-to-lovers situation and slow friendship bonding.

The author adds some unique twists to the story to make it fresher. It’s a quick and short monster romance novel. The development was weak, with many positive reviews and negative reactions. I recommend this one if you want to try to get into it because, compared to the others, it’s pretty light.

His Beauty

Author: Jack Harbon
Tropes: Erotica, Grief-and-loss, Kidnapping, Fairytales
Number Of Pages: 208
Available: Paperback | Kindle

4. Feed (Hunger Duet)

Feed is the shortest one on the list at around 50 pages. It is pure monster erotica. We have two main characters, Avirin and Pye. They are coworkers who do not like each other, but Avirin is a succubus. She needs physical relations one night, and the hero (Pye) shows up. Pye is Fey but a unique type with different physical traits. Also, he’s not the typical Fey you would find in a fantasy or dark romance.

So, the main characters have one night together, and the ending is fairly open-ended. It’s pure monster smut. The author has a couple more monster hero romances, but this one has been my favorite. But don’t expect too much romance in them. This one is perfect if you’re looking for something more monster erotica. You can find content warnings in the blurbs.


Author: Aveda Vice
Publisher: Bad Bite LLC
Tropes: Transgender, Science Fiction, Fairies, Enemies-to-lovers, One-night-stand
Number Of Pages: 62
Available: Kindle

5. A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor (Tempting Monsters)

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is a reverse harem monster romance. Also, it’s a historical, erotic romance with a human heroine named Esther, who becomes an escort when she gets a job at Rooksgrave Manor. She gets five heroes for Monsters: a vampire, a sphinx shifter, a marble golem, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and an invisible man. So, this human-monster romance does have your typical paranormal creatures like vampires and shifters, but it also does have more unique monsters.

The book is a quick read that is full of steam. Esther is a nymphomaniac and needs sex all the time. So, it’s perfect that she has five heroes to help her. They all adore her, and she loves them. There is also the bisexual and gay representation that makes the story diverse. I recommend avoiding it as an adult novel if you are not mature enough.

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor

Author: Kathryn Moon
Illustrator: Jodielocks Designs
Tropes: Vampires, Historical, Forbidden, Angels-demons, Female-lead
Number Of Pages: 376
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

6. Bitterburn (Gothic Fairytales)

Bitterburn is another Beauty And The Beast, a monster romance retelling. Instead of having a furry beast hero here, we have an ice-cold one. You can imagine what he looks like based on the book cover. But I imagined him as a white walker from Game of Thrones.

So, it is a gothic monster romance where the hero has been cursed to become a beast. Also, he’s cursed to stay in his castle forever and never allowed to leave. So, he is a prisoner, and the heroine (Amarrah) is the only one who can cross into his home and not die from it.

Amarrah starts settling in and making the castle home, and she slowly falls for the beast. The beast hero is pretty much a cinnamon roll. He’s a sweetheart inside, and he loves to ask for consent. The plot, world-building, and theme are slightly weaker than other retellings. Also, the ending was a bit boring, but the romance was cute. So, if you want a monster romance on the sweeter side, this one is it.


Author: Ann Aguirre
Tropes: Gothic Romances, Fairy Tales, Grumpy-sunshine, Witches-witchcraft
Number Of Pages: 190
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

7. His Human Nanny (Monsters Love Curvy Girls)

His Human Nanny is another alien sci-fi romance where the hero (Aegir) looks like the devil. I imagined him as Hellboy with red skin because he has black horns, fangs, claws, and a tail and breathes fire. Aegir scares the crap out of our heroine (Riley) when they first meet. So, he makes his new nanny faint when they first meet. So, this is a nanny alien monster romance that is pure fluff and fun.

We have a single alien dad hero who has twin babies and needs help with them. This is where our plus-sized heroine, Riley, comes in, and she has had no nanny experience before. But since this is her final job before she’s free, she takes it and crushes on her boss.

They have the sweetest romance I have ever read, any nanny romance. But this book has some negative issues: a predictable story, no depth to the character, and no real development in the relationship. Overall, you can enjoy it only for entertainment purposes.

His Human Nanny

Author: Michele Mills
Tropes: Billionaire Romance, Aliens-cyborgs, Single-parent
Number Of Pages: 126
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5 Steamy Monster Romance Books

  1. “King of the Dark” by Gina L. Maxwell

This novel plunges readers into a world where darkness reigns and love battles ancient curses. The story revolves around a powerful, tormented king cursed to live in darkness and the brave woman who enters his world, sparking an intense forbidden romance. Their connection defies the laws of their lands, making for a steamy and captivating read.

  1. “Radiance” by Grace Draven

In “Radiance,” Draven crafts a tale about an arranged marriage between two unlikely allies: Ildiko, a human noblewoman, and Brishen, a Kai prince from a race of nightmarish creatures. What starts as a marriage of convenience between two beings who find each other repulsive slowly blossoms into a deep, passionate love. The novel is celebrated for its character development and exploring beauty in darkness.

  1. “The Last Hour of Gann” by R. Lee Smith

Smith’s epic science fiction romance introduces readers to a desolate alien planet where Amber Bierce, stranded with her sister after a spaceship crash, meets Meoraq, a lizard-like warrior priest. As their worlds collide, an unlikely romance blossoms, filled with challenges, cultural differences, and steamy encounters. The novel shows faith, survival, and the power of love.

  1. “Cry Wolf” by Patricia Briggs

Part of the Alpha & Omega series, “Cry Wolf,” tells the story of Anna, a werewolf who discovers the truth about her nature, and Charles, the son of the werewolf leader and her destined mate. Their story is one of power, mystery, and the complexities of pack dynamics, woven together with moments of intense passion and deep emotional bonds.

  1. “Pestilence” by Laura Thalassa

The first book in The Four Horsemen series, “Pestilence,” explores a world ravaged by the horsemen of the apocalypse, where Pestilence, the Conqueror, is determined to spread disease among humans. An unexpected and steamy romance unfolds when he captures Sara Burns, a firefighter determined to stop him. Thalassa masterfully balances dark themes with moments of humor and tenderness, creating a compelling story of love in the time of apocalypse.

5 Dark Monster Romance Books

  1. “The Monster’s Lover” by Samantha MacLeod

Set against the backdrop of a world ruled by gods and monsters, this novel tells the story of Sol Eriksen, a young woman caught in a bargain with Fenris, a creature feared by all. As their forbidden love grows, they face a path fraught with danger and betrayal. MacLeod weaves a tale that explores themes of destiny, sacrifice, and the thin line between monster and man.

  1. “King of Battle and Blood” by Scarlett St. Clair

This story introduces Isolde, a princess determined to save her kingdom from the vampire king, Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev. When she attempts to assassinate him, her plan fails spectacularly, and she finds herself forced into a marriage alliance with the king himself. St. Clair crafts a world of intrigue, power struggles, and a forbidden romance that challenges the boundaries between predator and prey.

  1. “To Carve a Fae Heart” by Tessonja Odette

The first book in the Fair Isle Trilogy, this novel follows Evelyn, a young woman who becomes involved in the affairs of fae when she’s taken to their dangerous and seductive court. As she faces the treacherous politics of the fae, she finds herself drawn to the dark and mysterious Prince Kellan. Odette’s tale is of magic, betrayal, and a love that could shatter the divide between worlds.

  1. “Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance” by Vivienne Savage

A retelling of the classic tale, this book offers a darker and more sensual take on the story of Beauty and the Beast. Isabelle is taken prisoner in a castle ruled by a beastly prince cursed for his cruelty. As Isabelle uncovers the mystery behind the curse, she discovers the man beneath the monster. Savage reimagines the story with adult themes, exploring the transformative power of love and redemption.

  1. “Wicked Saints” by Emily A. Duncan

Though not strictly a romance novel, “Wicked Saints” features dark themes and elements of romantic tension between monsters and mortals. Set in a world of gods, magic, and war, the story follows a cleric who can speak to gods, a prince in danger, and a boy with a monstrous secret. Their fates intertwine in a battle that could change the course of their world. Duncan’s novel is a gripping blend of gothic horror and dark fantasy, with undercurrents of forbidden romance.

5 MM Monster Romance Books

  1. “Wolfsong” by TJ Klune

In “Wolfsong,” Klune tells the story of Ox, a young man who finds family and belonging with the werewolves living in Green Creek. Among them is Joe, a werewolf with whom Ox forms an unbreakable bond that blossoms into love as they grow older. This novel is a beautiful exploration of werewolf lore, focusing on themes of loyalty, family, and the healing power of love. It’s a poignant and sometimes heart-wrenching tale that goes beyond the typical monster romance.

  1. “The Lightning-Struck Heart” by TJ Klune

Another entry by TJ Klune, this book combines humor, magic, and romance in a story about Sam of Wilds, a wizard’s apprentice who goes on a quest to save the kingdom’s prince, his best friend, and his crush. Accompanied by a gay hornless unicorn and a half-giant, Sam faces dragons, wizards, and his feelings for Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart. This unbelievable and comedic love story fully displays Klune’s signature wit and heart.

  1. “Lover, Destroyer” by Sionnach Wintergreen

In a world of magic and monarchies, Kite, a young man from a land without magic, ventures into a magical realm seeking revenge but finds love with Elarhe, a powerful and feared magician known as the Granter of Wishes. Their relationship is fraught with power dynamics, societal expectations, and personal demons, making for a steamy and compelling read that explores the complexities of love between a human and a creature of magic.

  1. “His Mossy Boy” by R. Cooper

Part of the “Being(s) in Love” series, this novel focuses on Ian, a quiet barista passionate about plants, and Martin, a Bigfoot-like being who’s more comfortable in the forest than among humans. Their slow-burn romance is a tender exploration of acceptance, the beauty in being different and finding someone who sees beyond the exterior. Cooper crafts a world where magical beings live alongside humans, with love stories that are both sweet and steamy.

  1. “Burn the Dark” by S.A. Hunt

While primarily a dark fantasy series, “Burn the Dark” includes elements of MM romance within its broader narrative of witch-hunting and supernatural adventure. The protagonist, Robin, returns to her hometown to avenge her mother’s death and expose the witches that lurk in the shadows. Among the allies she gains are men who face literal and metaphorical monstrous battles and find love amid their fight against darkness.

5 Monster Romance Audiobooks

  1. “Radiance” by Grace Draven, narrated by Gabrielle Baker

“Radiance” is the tale of two unlikely allies wedded for political convenience: Ildiko, niece of the Gauri king, and Brishen, a Kai prince from a race that thrives in the night. Their union begins with mutual discomfort due to their physical differences, but they grow to find beauty in each other’s uniqueness, developing a deep and genuine bond. Gabrielle Baker’s narration captures the emotional depth and evolving relationship between Ildiko and Brishen, making it a compelling listen.

  1. “Pestilence” by Laura Thalassa, narrated by Susannah Jones

The first book in “The Four Horsemen” series, “Pestilence,” features a world ravaged by the horseman of the same name. When Pestilence comes to Sara Burns’ town, she attempts to kill him, only to be taken captive. What follows is a journey of hatred turning into love. Susannah Jones delivers a powerful performance that captures the tension, passion, and eventual tenderness between Sara and Pestilence, vividly bringing their unlikely love story to life.

  1. “King of Battle and Blood” by Scarlett St. Clair, narrated by Meg Sylvan and Shaun Grindell

This audiobook immerses listeners in the story of Isolde, a princess determined to protect her kingdom from Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev, a vampire king. Forced into marriage, Isolde plans to kill Adrian, only to find herself drawn to him. Meg Sylvan and Shaun Grindell alternate narration, providing a dynamic and engaging listening experience that enhances the tension and romance of the story.

  1. “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas, narrated by Jennifer Ikeda.

In this tale, Feyre, a mortal huntress, is taken to the magical land of Prythian by Tamlin, a High Fae lord, as punishment for killing a wolf in the woods. As she lives among the fae, she learns of the curse looming over Prythian and falls for Tamlin. Jennifer Ikeda’s narration brings depth to Maas’s complex world, capturing Feyre’s growth and the enchanting yet dangerous atmosphere of the fae lands.

  1. “The Last Hour of Gann” by R. Lee Smith, narrated by Abby Craden

Meoraq, a warrior-priest from another world, crosses paths with Amber Bierce and her fellow human survivors after their spaceship crashes on an alien planet. Despite their differences, Meoraq and Amber form an unlikely connection that grows into something deeper amidst their struggle for survival. Abby Craden’s narration skillfully conveys the characters’ emotional and physical challenges, making their journey and evolving relationship a captivating listen.

5 Lesbian Monster Romance Books

  1. “The Sea” by K.L. Hughes

In this enchanting tale, a woman finds herself shipwrecked on an island home to a mysterious creature with the power to grant her deepest desires—at a price. As their bond deepens, they must face the challenges of their vastly different worlds to find a way to be together. Hughes crafts a story of longing, sacrifice, and the lengths one will go to for love.

  1. “Not Your Sidekick” by C.B. Lee

While primarily a superhero story, “Not Your Sidekick” features elements of monster romance through its exploration of identity, powers, and the blurred lines between heroes and villains. The protagonist, Jess Tran, navigates her bisexuality, her desires for a life beyond the ordinary, and her feelings for Abby, a girl who might just have secrets of her own. Lee combines action, romance, and the journey of self-acceptance in a world where the extraordinary is part of everyday life.

  1. “Ice Massacre” by Tiana Warner

This fantasy novel tells the story of Meela, who is sent to battle the mermaids threatening her island’s survival. However, her task becomes complicated when she develops feelings for Lysi, a mermaid she befriends and then falls for. “Ice Massacre” is a story of forbidden love set against the backdrop of war, exploring themes of loyalty, prejudice, and the fight for peace in a world divided by fear.

  1. “The Midnight Hunt” by L.L. Raand

The first book of the Midnight Hunters series introduces readers to a world of werewolves, vampires, and witches. The story focuses on Sylvan Mir, an alpha werewolf, and Drake McKennan, a human detective, as they face a series of murders that threaten both the human and supernatural worlds. Their investigation leads them to a dangerous attraction and the possibility of a love that crosses the boundaries of species and society.

  1. “Hairpin Curves” by Elia Winters

Though not featuring traditional monsters, “Hairpin Curves” includes elements of the monstrous through its exploration of personal demons and the challenges of embracing one’s true self. The story follows Megan and Scarlett, former best friends who embark on a road trip that forces them to confront their past, fears, and unresolved tension. Winters crafts a tale of redemption, self-discovery, and the healing power of love.

5 Monster Reverse Harem Books

  1. “Gypsy Blood” by Kristy Cunning (Pen name for C.M. Owens) – “All The Pretty Monsters” Series

This series introduces readers to Violet, who finds herself involved with a group of monsters with dark secrets. As she faces the dangerous waters of love, loyalty, and power, Violet discovers her mysterious heritage that ties her to her monstrous lovers. Cunning blends humor, mystery, and steamy romance, creating a unique and engaging narrative.

  1. “Four Psychos” by Kristy Cunning – “The Dark Side” Series

“Four Psychos” follows the story of a girl who is invisible to everyone except for four men who are not just ordinary men but psychopaths from the underworld. As she forms an unlikely bond with each of them, secrets about her past and her connection to the men begin to unfold. This novel is a thrilling blend of dark humor, mystery, and reverse harem romance with a paranormal twist.

  1. “Seraph Black” Series by Jane Washington

In the “Seraph Black” series, the titular character, Seraph, finds her life intertwined with four men who claim she is their partner—a connection that goes beyond the physical to something ancient and powerful. Washington’s series is famous for its complex characters, intricate plot, and exploration of a world where bonds are both a gift and a curse.

  1. “Her Elemental Dragons” by Elizabeth Briggs

This fantasy romance brings to life a world where the protagonist must unite with four dragon shifters to fulfill a prophecy and save the world from destruction. Each dragon represents a different element and brings unique strengths and challenges to the relationship. Briggs crafts a captivating story of adventure, power, and romance, where love becomes the ultimate force against darkness.

  1. “The Vixen’s Lead” by Tate James – “Kit Davenport” Series

Kit Davenport’s life changes when she discovers she is not entirely human and that her past hides more secrets than she ever imagined. Alongside her, six men who each hold a key to her heart and her powers join her journey. James weaves a tale of mystery, supernatural intrigue, and a complex reverse harem romance that tests the boundaries of love and loyalty.

These tales have not only entertained us with their thrilling narratives and complex characters but have also opened our hearts to the myriad possibilities of love—reminding us that sometimes, the most unexpected connections are the most profound. Whether you’ve found yourself rooting for vampires, werewolves, or other mythical beings, we hope this journey has broadened your horizons and enriched your reading list with stories that blur the lines between monster and hero, fear and love.

May the passion and courage of these unlikely lovers inspire you to seek out more tales that challenge the norms and celebrate the beauty of finding love in the most unexpected places. Until our next foray into the unknown, happy reading, and remember: in the world of monster romance, the only thing to fear is missing out on an epic love story.

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