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Space Sci-Fi Romance

Aliens are extraterrestrial life forms capable of thinking, acting, and performing. There is a million-dollar question: Have we ever found or captured aliens? We haven’t, and there are a lot of myths and unconfirmed reports saying that there are aliens out there that we have captured. A lot of imaginary pictures get rolled out.

There is no confirmed information that aliens are found and captured. Scientists are still searching for life on other planets as well. So, all of the alien’s stories, books, and movies are imaginary or fictional. But we love them to think real and want to live with them.

Alien romance books are a subgenre of science fiction and romance literature focusing on romantic relationships between humans and extraterrestrial beings. These books showcase sci-fi, such as interstellar travel, futuristic technologies, and various alien species, with the emotional and passionate narratives typical of romance novels. The central romantic relationship is usually between a human and an alien character.

Alien romance stories have taken the literary world by storm, captivating readers with their unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and passionate love stories. In these captivating novels, authors transport us to distant galaxies, where humans and extraterrestrial beings form deep connections and go on epic journeys of love and self-discovery. As a devoted fan of this genre, I am thrilled to share the enchanting world of alien romance books and the reasons behind their soaring popularity.

10 Alien Romance Books (Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance)

If you are a sci-fi fantasy lover, then you must love aliens. Without an alien trope, it seems incomplete. We saw the aliens’ life, struggle, and romance in the Avatar movie, similar to Earth life. If you search on Google or YouTube, you will find many books and movies based on aliens.

So it is a very popular and common subject, entertainment and research. A significant aspect of alien romance books is the imaginative and detailed world-building. Authors create complex societies, planets, and technologies that provide a rich backdrop for romance. Within the broader category of alien romance, there are various sub-genres. Some focus on action and adventure in space, others may have dark or suspenseful themes, and some can be light-hearted or comedic.

As an alien lover, I read many alien-related books. I will talk about ten alien romance books for you. They offer us an escape into a world where love transcends cultural and species barriers. Let’s go!

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby DixonA romance between a human woman and an alien on an ice-covered planet.Alien romance, survival, culture clash, mate bond, fish out of water, sci-fi elements, language barrier, protective hero, found family, interspecies relationship, strong female lead, abduction, exotic setting, steamy scenes, character growth, emotional healing.
His by Luna KingsleyA dark, intense romance that explores themes of possession, desire, and power dynamics within a complex and passionate relationship.Dark romance, possessive alpha male, power imbalance, emotional intensity, forbidden attraction, dominance and submission, personal struggles, erotic tension, psychological complexity, moral ambiguity, protective instincts.
Bad Guy by Ruby DixonA thrilling and unconventional romance that challenges traditional boundaries, centering on the intense relationship between a morally ambiguous man and the woman he captivates.Antihero romance, forbidden love, complex morality, power dynamics, intense attraction, emotional depth, unconventional relationship, personal transformation, psychological intrigue, suspense, overcoming societal norms.
I Married a Lizardman by Regine AbelA unique blend of science fiction and romance, exploring an unexpected and unconventional relationship between a human and a lizard-like alien.Interspecies romance, science fiction, cultural differences, arranged marriage, fish-out-of-water, adventure, emotional bonding, overcoming prejudice, world-building, exploration of alien customs, personal growth.
Contagion by Amanda MiloThe story of an OCD neat freak alien and a human woman who are both abducted and held captive in an unsterile environment.Alien-human interaction, captivity, overcoming adversity, interspecies relationship, humor, adventure, escape, resilience, character growth, unlikely companionship, emotional bonding, survival, cultural differences, overcoming personal quirks.
Heart’s Prisoner by Olivia RileyLana meets Asset X, a massive, deadly alien warrior held captive in a high-security military cell.Alien-human interaction, captivity, military intrigue, intense romance, dark themes, power dynamics, survival, moral dilemmas, trust building, interspecies communication, confrontation with fear, emotional complexity, character transformation, harsh environments, overcoming prejudice.
Broken Earth by S.J. SandersVeral’monushava’skahalur, a lone Argurma cyborg, comes across a planet and unexpected possibilities.Cyborg protagonist, interstellar travel, space salvage, alien culture, identity and self-discovery, dystopian setting, post-apocalyptic themes, romance, survival, exploring the unknown, societal alienation, genetic engineering, overcoming adversity, adventure, and personal growth​​​​​​.
Fire in His Blood by Ruby DixonA post-apocalyptic world where dragons rule the skies, and it narrates the interaction between humans and these formidable creatures.Alpha male, alien romance, forced proximity, potential magic, captor/captive dynamics, enemies to lovers, post-apocalyptic setting, survival against odds, dragon mythology, human-dragon interactions, societal collapse, and rebuilding, romance amidst adversity, overcoming fear and mistrust, and transformative relationships​​​​​​.
The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride by Ruby DixonEmvor, a former intergalactic soldier turned farmer seeks a mail-order bride to help on his farm on the remote planet of Cassa.Intergalactic soldier, farmer life, remote planet setting, mail-order bride, cross-cultural relationship, loneliness, companionship, healing from past traumas, interstellar romance, adapting to new environments, overcoming personal barriers, simple living, and emotional connection.
Claimed by an Alien Warrior by Tiffany RobertsZoey after a series of personal setbacks, gets involved in a frantic escape with an uninvited alien passenger, leading to unexpected adventures and bonding.Alien-human interaction, accidental companionship, cross-species romance, survival adventure, humor in adversity, emotional bonding, interspecies communication, overcoming personal and external challenges, forced proximity, escapade and pursuit, cultural differences, and transformative relationships.
Alien Romance Books List

1. Ice Planet Barbarians

The story follows Georgie and Vektal. Many aliens have kidnapped and abducted Georgie from Earth with loads of other women. They have to force-land onto this Ice Planet and wait for backup. The aliens are holding them in this spaceship while waiting for their friends to come and help them. So, it triggers a warning for sexual assault because the star is rough. These are awful aliens who do horrific things to these ladies. Living on this ice planet, the aliens must hunt down this massive thing, get a worm parasite out of it, and put it in their necks.

Georgie decides that she has to go out and brace the weather to try and find help. That’s where she meets Vektal, who is a seven-foot-blue, massive giant alien. Now they can’t talk to each other. I love that alien romance is when they can’t communicate because every alien book has translated ships, every single one. So it’s fun when they don’t have that, and you get dual points of view. They’re trying to communicate, and it’s cute.

Ice Planet Barbarians

Author: Ruby Dixon
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Alien Invasion Science Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

2. His (Earth Women for Alien Warriors)

Hope has decided to go off the planet for a year and work in the mines on a different planet to support her family back home financially. So it’s an awful job working in the mines on a different planet. But her family should be paid quite generously while she’s away. Haikon is the commander, the one in charge of this mine.

So these human women arrive, he gets them to work, and it is an Insta lust between them. They both have their priorities and these stolen heated moments. But in a crisis, it made sense where the relationship went. The enemies try to infiltrate the mines they go to. Also, it’s a cute little short alien romance with two immature adults.

Earth Women for Alien Warriors

Author: Luna Kingsley
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Multicultural & Interracial Romance
Available: Kindle

3. Bad Guy

The main characters are Crulden and Mina. Crulden is an alien gladiator. He’s kept in a cell, and Mina is a slave on this planet. So she’s been a human slave for quite a while. She knows the deal and what she’s doing. This alien gladiator has no memories, and Mina helps him live purposely.

Crulden is a growly, aggressive alpha male alien guy. But he is very gentle with Mina. It’s not an instant thing between them; she has to spend time in his cell. Try this book if you want a super-aggressive, alpha, massive, aggressive guy.

Bad Guy

Author: Ruby Dixon
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Science Fiction Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

4. I Married a Lizardman (Prime Mating Agency)

This book follows Susan. She’s the third daughter of a farming family. So, that means that she’s entitled to nothing because the farm is passed down to the family’s first daughter. Then, if anything happens to the first daughter, the second oldest daughter gets to stay on that inherited property and farmland.

Susan goes to a matchmaking agency to set her up to marry an alien. That’s why we meet Olix. They get matched. Susan’s got farming in her blood. However, when she arrives, she discovers that his planet has a horrible past. It was invaded years and years ago. Everyone was enslaved, forced to plow the fields, farming, and their hunters. That’s not what they do. So they’ve got a wrong view of farming. It brings up horrific memories for them as a community. But the romance is sweet between them.

I Married a Lizardman

Author: Regine Abel
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Colonization Science Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

5. Contagion

This one is a cute alien romance. Simmi is a massive apex predator. He will rip anyone limb from limb. Also, he’s from a place where they’re peaceful people, and he doesn’t see himself as a predator. Aurora, the human one, is infertile. They have to escape together, so they help each other escape. Also, they’ve got to traverse the lands to get away from this fertility he’s being tested on, and things are going down.

So they escape, traversing the land, and Simmi’s freaked out by everything because everything is dirty. There are animals, and the animals are going to kill him. As a germophobic, he has panic attacks, and Aurora’s trying to calm him down. This blooming little romance goes on throughout the book, building how they get to trust each other.


Author: Amanda Milo
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: First Contact Science Fiction
Available: Paperback | Kindle

6. Heart’s Prisoner (Dark World Mates)

We’ve got Lana and Xerus. Xerus is a huge, deadly-looking alien that research fertility has captured. They are holding him for interrogation. But he won’t speak to anyone because he is so elusive. So they bring him to Lana and give her a job because she’s been good at communicating with other alien species.

Xerus’s in the cell with a huge window, and Lana can’t go near him. It’s a slow burn where she’s trying to talk to him and get him to open up about things. He has a secret. He knows something, and she will be promoted if she can get it from him. Slowly, they get a real connection, and it’s sweet. This book has good action but is a slow-burn romance where you must stay patient.

Heart's Prisoner

Author: Olivia Riley
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Space Marine Science Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

7. Broken Earth (Argurma Salvager)

This is a post-apocalyptic world romance with an alien. So you’ve got Terri, who is trying to survive this post-apocalyptic world. Then you’ve got Veral. He hops from planet to planet, salvaging what he can, metals, iron, and zinc, so he can go off and sell. That’s his job. He hops from planet to planet that he thinks is entirely uninhabited. So he arrives on an uninhabited planet, which is post-apocalyptic and rough.

Veral is going about his daily business, trying to find metals. He’s got a dog called Krono. I love it when the big bad guy has a cute pet. It’s a terrifying-looking pet but sweet. Terri is trying to look after herself and survive the best she can day by day. She, at any point, could be dragged and raped because of this post-apocalyptic world. Veral tries to protect her. I enjoyed the post-apocalyptic part, them against the Reapers and a slow-burn romance.

Broken Earth

Author: S.J. Sanders
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Sci-Fi Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

8. Fire in His Blood (Fireblood Dragon)

This is a post-apocalyptic romance book that also deals with aliens and shifters. One day, a rift opened up in the sky, and dragons started flying out of it, decimating the whole world. Most of the world is non-existent, except for a few camps and stragglers here and there that have ended up surviving. But there are still dragons and constant dragon attacks. In the first book, our heroine gets into a little bit of a bind and gets arrested by the camp she is staying in instead of keeping her in jail.

They take her outside the camp, far away from dragons, and put her on the top of a building. Also, they want to sacrifice her to a dragon in hopes that she can tame it. It is because they’ve heard rumors about other camps in the country where human women have been able to tame these dragons. So one of the dragons senses this woman and ends up flying to her and turning into a man. They claim that their mates. Each book is about a dragon and its mate, and it’s a fantastic romance.

Fire in His Blood

Author: Ruby Dixon
Average Rating: 4.2/5
Category: Paranormal Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

9. The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride (Risdaverse)

This one is a very short alien romance. This is the one to go if you want to read a novella. It is about our hero Alien Emvor, who is a blue alien man and he is on this farm planet. Also, he is a retired soldier who lives on this farm and wants some help because he has an old injury from when he was at war.

So Emvor wants a woman from the same alien race because the women of his race are powerful and burly. He will order a wife online and have her be a mail-order bride. When he picks up his new bride at the train station, it may not be a human woman named Nicola. She may have disguised herself as one of the women from his race so that she could find a safe place to be. So it is a sweet, short romance between the two of them.

The Alien's Mail-Order Bride

Author: Ruby Dixon
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Romance
Available: Kindle

10. Claimed by an Alien Warrior

This is about Zoey and Ren. Ren is an alien man who ends up escaping captivity, where he has been tortured and studied by these scientists on Earth. But he escapes one night and ends up in Zoey’s car, forcing her to drive him away and protect him.

So this book is about the government chasing both of them, trying to get rand cashback and everything. Ren’s trying to get back to his home planet and asks Zoey to help him, and they fall in love through all this. Overall, this was a pretty alien romance, but it’s not the worst one I’ve ever read.

Claimed by an Alien Warrior

Author: Tiffany Roberts
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Space Romance
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5 Sci-Fi Alien Romance Books

“Dark Planet Warriors” by Anna Carven – This series opener introduces an intriguing world where a tough Earth doctor, Abbey, meets a formidable alien warrior, Kordolian. Their story unfolds amidst intergalactic conflict and cultural differences, offering a thrilling mix of action and romance.

“Ice Planet Barbarians” by Ruby Dixon – Stranded on an alien planet, human women find unexpected love with the native blue-skinned aliens. This series has a unique setting, endearing characters, and passionate relationships that develop in a harsh yet beautiful alien world.

“The Last Hour of Gann” by R. Lee Smith offers a deep and complex story where a human woman and an alien find themselves stranded on a dangerous planet. Their evolving relationship is set against survival, cultural differences, and ethical dilemmas.

“Strange Love” by Ann Aguirre – This novel puts a fresh twist on alien romance. A human woman and an insectoid alien find themselves in an unexpected partnership. The book is celebrated for its humor, touching moments, and portrayal of how love can transcend appearances and cultural barriers.

“Bonded to the Alien Centurion” by Mina Carter – Part of the “Warriors of the Lathar” series, this book blends romance with action. A human woman finds herself in the care of a powerful alien centurion, leading to a passionate and thrilling story set against an interstellar war backdrop.

5 Steamy Alien Romance Books

“Barbarian’s Mate” by Ruby Dixon – Part of the Ice Planet Barbarians series, this book is famous for its steamy and passionate romance set in an exotic alien world. The intense and sensual relationship between the human protagonist and her blue-skinned alien mate is captivating and hot.

“Claimed by the Alien Warrior Triad” by Skye MacKinnon – This novel takes steamy alien romance to another level with a story about a human woman claimed by not one but three powerful alien warriors. The book is renowned for its spicy scenes and thrilling plot.

“Venomous” by Penelope Fletcher – This story features a strong and independent human female lead who finds herself irresistibly drawn to a dangerous and enigmatic alien commander. The romance is intense and filled with fantasy worlds.

“Warrior’s Mate” by Katie Reus and Savannah Stuart – A sizzling tale of a human woman who finds herself the mate of a powerful alien warrior. Their romance combines heat, passion, and action set against intergalactic intrigue.

“Rescued by the Alien Pirate” by Celia Kyle and Erin Tate – This book offers a mix of adventure and steamy romance. A human woman is rescued by a roguish alien pirate, leading to a passionately intense and emotionally charged relationship.

5 Possessive Alien Romance Books

“Grim” by M.K. Eidem – Part of the “Tornians” series, this book introduces us to a world where the alien hero, Grim, is very possessive and protective of his human mate. The story combines elements of passion, emotional depth, and intergalactic politics.

“Captive of the Horde King” by Zoey Draven – This is the first book in the “Horde Kings of Dakkar” series. The story revolves around a human woman who becomes the captive of a powerful and possessive alien horde king. Their relationship evolves amidst a backdrop of war and cultural differences.

“The Alien’s Prize” by Zoey Draven – From the “Warriors of Luxiria” series, this novel features a dominant alien warrior who claims a human woman as his prize. The book shows steamy scenes and the intense, possessive nature of the alien hero.

“Dark Lover” by Breanna Hayse – This standalone novel presents a dark and intense relationship between a human woman and her alien captor. The alien’s possessive and dominant demeanor is a central theme, adding depth and complexity to their romance.

“Abducted” by Evangeline Anderson – Part of the “Alien Mate Index” series, this book features a possessive alien hero who abducts the human heroine, believing her to be his destined mate. The story explores destiny, consent, and the power dynamics in their evolving relationship.

5 Alien Romance Books With Pregnancy

“The Alien’s Mail-Order Bride” by Ruby Dixon – In this novel, a human woman agrees to be a mail-order bride to an alien, leading to an unexpected pregnancy. The story follows their growing relationship and the challenges of an inter-species pregnancy.

“Accidental Abduction” by Eve Langlais is a light-hearted and steamy story where an alien accidentally abducts a human woman. The plot thickens when she finds herself pregnant, adding a new layer to their evolving relationship.

“Warrior’s Baby” by Luna Hunter – Part of the “Zoran Warriors” series, this book tells the story of a human woman who falls for an alien warrior and becomes pregnant. The story focuses on their struggles to protect their unborn child amidst intergalactic conflicts.

“Alien’s Primal Bond” by Ivy Carter – A human woman is bonded to a powerful alien warrior. Their intense relationship soon leads to pregnancy, bringing new challenges as they face their bond and the implications for their future.

“The Alien’s Mate” by Kate Rudolph and Starr Huntress – In this story, an alien chooses a human woman as a mate. Their relationship quickly blossoms into love, and they soon find themselves expecting a child, leading to unique challenges in a sci-fi setting.

5 Alien Romance Audiobooks

Alien romance audiobooks offer a great way to enjoy the thrill of interstellar love stories with the added dimension of immersive narration. Here are five highly recommended alien romance audiobooks:

“Ice Planet Barbarians” by Ruby Dixon, narrated by Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd – This popular series opener features a gripping tale of human women finding love with blue-skinned aliens on an ice planet. The dual narration brings the characters to life, enhancing the listening experience.

“The Last Hour of Gann” by R. Lee Smith, narrated by Juliette Bordeaux – This audiobook delivers a complex and emotionally deep story where a human woman and an alien find themselves stranded together on a dangerous planet. Bordeaux’s narration adds depth to the already compelling narrative.

“Dark Planet Warriors” by Anna Carven, narrated by Todd McLaren and Jillian Macie – This audiobook tells the story of a fierce Earth doctor and a formidable alien warrior. The dual narration captures the characters’ intensity, passion, and interstellar adventures.

“Captive of the Horde King” by Zoey Draven, narrated by Lia Langola – Langola’s narration brings to life the story of a human woman who becomes the captive of a powerful and enigmatic alien king. The audiobook is noted for its emotional depth and vivid portrayal of a complex, evolving relationship.

“Strange Love” by Ann Aguirre, narrated by Sarah Puckett – This unique story features a human woman and an insectoid alien in an unexpected partnership. Puckett’s engaging narration highlights the humor and warmth of this unconventional romance.

5 Dark Alien Romance Books

“Taken by the Alien Warrior” by Hope Hart – This novel focuses on a darker theme where an alien warrior captures a human woman. The story explores captivity, survival, and the unexpected development of a complex, passionate relationship.

“Cruel Alien’s Claim” by Loki Renard: This book presents a gritty and intense story of an alien warlord who claims a human woman. It follows a dominant and possessive alien hero and the power dynamics in the relationship.

“The Alien’s Ransom” by Ella Maven – A story about a human woman who is kidnapped and held for ransom by a ruthless alien. The narrative explores the darker aspects of alien-human interactions, including captivity and Stockholm syndrome themes.

“Intergalactic Dating Agency: Vykor” by Susan Hayes – Part of a series, this book stands out for its darker approach to the alien romance genre. It involves a complex and intense relationship between a human woman and an alien who is not your typical hero.

“Her Alien Savage” by Sadie Carter – This novel is about danger and passion as a human woman finds herself at the mercy of a savage alien warrior. The story is dark and steamy, focusing on the raw and intense connection between the characters.

In conclusion, alien romance books have captured the hearts and minds of readers worldwide. Through their captivating stories of love and adventure, these novels offer a much-needed escape from reality and challenge societal norms.

By exploring themes of acceptance, diversity, and the power of love, alien romance books remind us of the universal nature of human emotions and the universe’s endless possibilities. So, if you’re looking for a genre that will transport you to new worlds and ignite your imagination, look no further than the enchanting world of alien romance books.

Unearthly Love awaits you. Let your imagination soar, and let love transcend the stars.

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