10 Small Town Romance Books You Must Read

Small Town Love Books

Nestled between the pages of small town romance books lies a world where love blossoms amid the backdrop of close-knit communities, where every character’s story is intertwined with the heartbeat of the town itself. In these tales, the quaint streets, charming diners, and scenic landscapes are more than just settings—they’re characters in their own right, shaping the destiny of our protagonists.

Whether it’s the promise of a second chance, the thrill of a new beginning, or the comfort of returning home, small town romances invite us into a sanctuary where the pace slows down but the intensity of emotions soars. Go on a journey to these idyllic settings, where each story is a testament to the enduring power of love and the magic that happens when hearts are open, and dreams are big, even in the smallest of towns.

10 Small Town Romance Books

Small towns are fertile ground for classic romantic tropes such as the girl or guy next door, second chances at love, and rekindling old flames. These tropes add depth and nostalgia to the stories. Small town romances feature characters who experience personal growth and transformation. The slower pace of small towns allows characters to reflect on their lives and make positive changes.

Readers appreciate stories where characters connect deeply with their neighbors and become part of something larger than themselves. Many readers enjoy escaping to small towns as a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here are my favorite ten small-town romance books for you. They portray realistic relationships where communication, trust, and emotional connection are central. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusTropes
It Happened One Summer by Tessa BaileyA glamorous socialite finds love and purpose in a small fishing town with a gruff but kind-hearted sea captain, challenging her city lifestyle and values.Fish out of water, opposites attract, small-town charm, forced proximity, personal growth, community and belonging, clash of lifestyles, redemption through love, unexpected partnership, city girl meets country life.
The Simple Wild by K. A. TuckerA city girl reconnects with her estranged father in the Alaskan wilderness, where she finds love and self-discovery amidst the challenges of rural life.City girl in the wilderness, estranged family relationships, survival and adaptation, enemies to lovers, emotional healing, rugged love interest, the beauty of nature, personal growth, community support, confronting the past.
Coldhearted Boss by R.S. GreyA fiery workplace romance unfolds as a determined young woman and her stoic, coldhearted boss navigate their undeniable attraction amidst the challenges of running a construction site.Workplace romance, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, grumpy boss, spirited employee, battle of wits, sexual tension, opposites attract, secret vulnerabilities, overcoming personal and professional obstacles.
Rustic Hearts by Amber KellyA widow finds a second chance at love with a single father in a small town, where past heartaches and future hopes intertwine.Second chance romance, single parent, small-town setting, healing from loss, found family, overcoming grief, the power of community, slow-burn romance, secrets of the past, rebuilding trust.
The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney PerryA city woman inherits a farmhouse in a small town and clashes with the local sheriff, leading to a fiery romance and a deep connection to her new home.Inheritance surprise, small-town dynamics, opposites attract, protective lawman, starting over, discovering home, secrets and suspense, community ties, instant attraction, overcoming mistrust.
The Wreckage of Us by Rock EngleIn a small Nebraska town, two young people from different worlds bond over music and dreams, navigating obstacles of family, poverty, and the fear of unfulfilled futures.Small-town romance, star-crossed lovers, music as connection, overcoming adversity, family drama, pursuit of dreams, class differences, resilience and hope, first love, healing through love.
Heart Bones by Colleen HooverA poignant summer romance blooms between two damaged souls, revealing secrets and fostering healing in a coastal town, challenging their perceptions of love and resilience.Summer love, secrets and revelations, emotional healing, troubled pasts, rich girl/poor boy, vacation romance, overcoming trauma, the discovery of self-worth, unlikely connections, transformative relationships.
Archer’s Voice by Mia SheridanAn emotional tale of love and healing between a mute man living in isolation and a woman seeking refuge from her past in a small town, forging a deep connection beyond words.Emotional healing, small-town setting, communication beyond words, isolation and connection, tragic pasts, overcoming trauma, soulmate bond, mutual redemption, the power of non-verbal communication, societal outsider.
Crave by Adriana LockeA compelling romance between a single father and a woman running from her past, igniting a passionate and healing journey in a small town.Single parent, small-town romance, past secrets, instant attraction, protective love interest, healing from trauma, community and belonging, overcoming obstacles, family dynamics, second chance at happiness.
Irresistible by Melanie HarlowA heartwarming and steamy romance blossoms between a single dad and his daughter’s nanny, challenging their professional boundaries and personal fears.Forbidden romance, single dad, nanny romance, small-town setting, age gap, workplace boundaries, slow burn, family integration, overcoming fears, emotional healing.
Small Town Romance Books List

1. It Happened One Summer

In this book, we are following Piper, who is a socialite. She has been spoiled her whole life and makes a huge mistake at a rooftop party one night. So, her stepfather sends her to a tiny town in Washington. There, she meets Brendan, who is a fisherman. They could not be more opposite.

Piper is bubbly, and Brendan is grumpy with sunshine dynamics here. But they work so well together. Like any Tessa Bailey book, you get some excellent, sexy talk. Brendan is a naughty boy.

This book is more than Grumpy Sunshine, a small-town romance. Piper goes to this small town, and it’s the town that her father is from and grew up in. Her father died, so she never knew him or his family. She goes to this town and can connect with her grandma and father through the people in this small town.

When Piper finds herself, she changes her ways because of this town. The city grows on her, changing her whole perspective on life. So, if you have not read this one for some strange reason, pick it up.

It Happened One Summer

Author: Tessa Bailey
Publisher: HarperAudio
Narrator: Charlotte North
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Tropes: Contemporary, Romcom, Women’s Fiction, Husband-material, Arcs, Mental-health
Number Of Pages: 397
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

2. The Simple Wild (Wild)

This book brought me to tears, and it’s such a beautiful story. The story follows Calla Fletcher, who is an influencer. She posts many things on Instagram/blog and is very into fashion. So that’s what she posts about. Calla lives in Toronto with her parents. Her dad hasn’t ever been a massive part of her life, but she finds out that he is sick. So she decides to fly to this small town in Alaska and spend his last days with her father.

There’s that aspect that makes this book emotional. But also, there is Jonah, who works for her father, and Jonah is a pilot. He is very grumpy and makes Calla’s life miserable when she’s first there. But the way these two banter and go back and feed off each other, I loved them so much. This is more of a clean romance in Mini Town.

The Simple Wild

Author: K. A. Tucker
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Tropes: Family, Suspense, Love-triangle, Inspiration, Slow-burn, Emotional
Number Of Pages: 390
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

3. Coldhearted Boss

Our main protagonist is Taylor, who has always struggled financially. She’s working at this hotel as a maid and trying to keep her family afloat. She is at a bar one day, trying to drown her sorrows. There, she meets Ethan. They have this immediate chemistry and attraction to each other. Then they get to talk, and the drinks are flowing. So their minds aren’t right, and they make out in the bathroom.

Taylor’s judgment is a little impaired from the alcohol, but she’s also very desperate. So she decides to steal Ethan’s wallet, thinking she’ll never see him again. She needed money to get home. But a few months later, she is trying to get a job at this construction company. Here, she realizes that Ethan is her boss! She does romantic comedy like no other.

The thing that stood out to me in this book is Taylor. She was hardworking and had everything stacked against her, but she didn’t want a handout. The author represents her as a strong female character who worked hard for her money and to put her family in a better place. So you will like Taylor and her relationship with the small town love trope.

Coldhearted Boss

Author: R.S. Grey
Publisher: Audible Studios
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Tropes: Humor, Angsty, Alpha-male, Arcs, Workplace, Second-chance
Number Of Pages: 330
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

4. Rustic Hearts (Poplar Falls)

Our heroine is Sophia Lancaster. Her mom moved her to New York City when she was 12, and there was a reason she moved her way. But her mother never told her why. So Sophia has not returned to the tiny town of Poplar Falls since she was 12. At the beginning of this book, one of her aunts calls her and says, Hey, you need to come back. So Sophia stays on this ranch and meets a ranch hand named Braxton.

Braxton does not want to be around Sophia at all, but Sophia is very much intrigued by him, and she wants to be around him. So they get to know each other. Also, Sophia falls in love with this family she’s never known and loves the little town. It was super cute and an excellent start to the series, so I highly recommend this town romance book.

Rustic Hearts

Author: Amber Kelly
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Narrator: Noah Michael Levine, Robyn Verne
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Tropes: Western, Brooding-hero, Hate-to-love
Number Of Pages: 280
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

5. The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley)

This is the first book in a Small Town Romance series. In this book, we follow Gigi, who inherited this farmhouse from a very good friend she was taking care of. When he passed, he left her this house. Gigi is a single mother, so she packs up all her things and moves to a small town in Montana.

There, she runs into Jess, who is the town’s sheriff. So, a big misunderstanding at the beginning of this book makes Jess immediately despise Gigi. That makes him feel like he’s so mean to her to hurt. He makes all these comments all the time.

But the more he gets to know her, the more he realizes this isn’t the case. Jess is a very over-the-top alpha hero, and I love that type of hero. So I have read a few of the other books in this series, and they are so good and I recommend the series.

The Coppersmith Farmhouse

Author: Devney Perry
Award nominee: Goodreads Choice
Publisher: Devney Perry
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Tropes: Mystery, Suspense, Jealous-possessive, Insta-love, Single-parent, Curvy-heroine
Number Of Pages: 352
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

6. The Wreckage of Us

In this book, we follow Hazel, who lives in a very small town, and one of the only places to work in this town is on this ranch. So Hazel is desperate for money, and she wants to go and work as a ranch hand. Then she goes for an interview.

At first, the guy who owns the ranch is against a woman working there. But he decides to give her a chance, and she meets Ian, the owner’s grandson. They have a past from high school and don’t like each other.

Ian is also very confused about why she’s working there and why his grandfather even hired a girl to do all this manual labor. But Hazel is bound and determined to prove herself, and Ian gives her hard work that no one wants to do. Then, this one is also a roommate to lovers of romance. Ian’s grandfather finds out, and he makes Ian invite Hazel to come and live with him in his house.

So, you get to see enemies to lovers, roommates to lovers, and small town teen romance. Britney Cherry is no stranger to writing emotional romances, and Hazel and Ian go through many things. So it is such a beautiful book to read twice.

The Wreckage of Us

Author: Rock Engle
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Tropes: College, Drama, Musician, Family-friendship
Number Of Pages: 367
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

7. Heart Bones

Beyah has had a hard life and has been through a lot at the beginning of this book. Her mother overdoses, and Beyah is left with nowhere to turn to other than her father, who has never been a massive part of her life. So, her dad lives in a beach house on this tiny peninsula. There, she meets Samson, who is overall very mysterious.

Samson hides behind his camera because he loves photography and keeps secrets of his own. Beyah and Samson seem to be completely different worlds because Samson lives alone in a house. But it turns out that they have more in common than they think. So it is a story about two broken people finding love and healing in each other. This book is so much more than a summer romance, and there are ways that I connect to this story.

Heart Bones

Author: Colleen Hoover
Publisher: Audible Studios
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Tropes: Drama, Heartbreaking, Angst
Number Of Pages: 338
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

8. Archer’s Voice

This is an emotional light and sweet mini town, friends to lovers romance. The story follows Bree, who moves to a small town after losing her father. So, she’s trying to start over and find a new job and a place to live. One day, while going to the grocery store, she bumps into a man named Archer.

Archer doesn’t talk to her, and he immediately intrigues her. So she asks around town and learns that he is mute and that the town has outlasted him a little bit. So Bree tries to become his friend, and emotions develop. At first, they develop a good friendship, where Bree makes an effort. They fall in love with each other. So, it is super sweet, heartfelt, and a fantastic read.

Archer's Voice

Author: Mia Sheridan
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Average Rating: 4.7/5
Tropes: Erotic, Disability, Abuse, Shy-hero, Shocking-twists, Fun
Number Of Pages: 345
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

9. Crave (The Gibson Boys)

This is the third book in The Gibson Boys series. I do recommend the entire series because I did enjoy it. But the third book is my favorite. The rest of the books that you either gave a chance. I would recommend reading them in order, but you can read standalone. This book follows a bunch of brothers. There are brothers and then one cousin that each finds love. It all takes place in one small town.

Macklan and Hadley were high school sweethearts and planned on getting married. After high school, they had big plans for the future, and something happened that separated them. Hadley moved away, and now, a few months later, she is back in town and determined to form somewhat of a friendship with Macklan. But every time they try to talk, they argue, and fighting always leads to another.

Throughout the book, we see a second chance romance and hates to lovers a little bit. So you see them slowly trying to acknowledge their past, talk about that, and then fall back in love. It was an emotional, fantastic, steamy, small town romance. Adriana writes many small-town stories, so I highly recommend checking out her books.


Author: Adriana Locke
Publisher: Umbrella Publishing Inc.
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Tropes: Dark, Brooding hero, family fiction
Number Of Pages: 334
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

10. Irresistible (Cloverleigh Farms)

I have read all five books, and book one is Irresistible. This series follows five sisters who each find love; each book is a different trope. The first book is an age gap, nanny, single dad romance. Book two is an enemy to lovers, second chance romance. Book three is a friends-to-lovers romance, and book four is a single mom, friends-to-lovers romance. They’re all fun.

These books are also emotional yet sweet and very impactful in a way. I recommend this series if you want something very dramatic and over the top. You will feel so much fun, surprising, and addicting throughout the series.


Author: Melanie Harlow
Publisher: MH Publishing LLC
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Tropes: Military Fiction, Age-gap, Single-parents, Boss-coworkers, Pregnancy, Friends-to-lovers
Number Of Pages: 301
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

5 Steamy Small Town Romance Books

“Protecting You” by Claire Kingsley introduces readers to a tale of lifelong friends turned lovers, Grace and Asher. Their story follows the complexities of evolving feelings amidst small-town dynamics, delivering a mix of humor, warmth, and sizzling moments.

“A Photo Finish” by Elsie Silver features a strong, determined female jockey and a brooding, secretive veteran. Their past and present collide in a small town, igniting flames of passion and redemption, wrapped in a narrative of resilience and second chances.

“On the Rocks” by Kandi Steiner explores the tension-filled romance between the mayor’s daughter and the town’s bad boy, Noah Becker. Their forbidden love story is a masterful blend of angst, deep emotional connections, and the journey towards finding a path together against all odds.

“Steel King” by Devney Perry combines small-town charm with the intrigue of a motorcycle club, focusing on a reporter and former MC members unraveling a murder mystery. This book offers a lighter take on the MC genre, with suspense and action accompanying a slow-burning romance.

5 Small Town Romance Series

Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr – This series introduces us to a cozy, tight-knit community, focusing on the lives and loves of its inhabitants, blending heartfelt emotions with compelling storytelling.

Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins – Set in a winery in upstate New York, this series explores family dynamics, old flames, and new romances, all with a good dose of humor and warmth.

Sullivan’s Crossing Series by Robyn Carr – Another captivating series by Carr, set around a campground at the crossroads of the Colorado and Continental Divide Trails, offering stories of healing and second chances.

Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts – This series revolves around the lives of the Quinn brothers, adopted by the kind and loving Ray Quinn, and their journey towards finding love and rebuilding their lives in the picturesque setting of the Chesapeake Bay.

Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr – Set in a scenic coastal town, this series explores the intertwined lives of the town’s residents, focusing on themes of community, friendship, and love.

5 Small Town Second Chance Romance Books

“The Sweetest Thing” by Jill Shalvis – In the charming small town of Lucky Harbor, Tara Daniels faces the challenge of saving her family’s inn while facing the return of her first love, Ford Walker. As they work together, old flames reignite, offering them a second chance at love if they’re willing to take it.

“Wildstone Series” by Jill Shalvis (specifically, “Lost and Found Sisters”) – After discovering a shocking family secret, Quinn Weller finds herself in the quirky town of Wildstone, California. There, she meets an old flame, Mick Hennessey, who has returned home to deal with his own past. Together, they explore second chances and what it means to be a family.

“It’s In His Kiss” by Julia Quinn – Part of the Bridgerton series, this novel focuses on Hyacinth Bridgerton and Gareth St. Clair as they navigate through London’s high society and uncover family secrets. Set in a vibrant small-town atmosphere, their romance rekindles as they go on a journey of discovery and second chances.

“On Second Thought” by Kristan Higgins – In the small town of Cambry-on-Hudson, New York, two sisters find themselves starting over in life and love. Ainsley O’Leary is shocked when her boyfriend of eleven years doesn’t propose, and instead, her life takes a turn that brings her back to her first love, who has always been waiting in the wings.

“Blue Ridge Sunrise” by Denise Hunter – Former free spirit Zoe Collins returns to her small mountain town of Copper Creek with her young daughter and a dream to lead a new life. When she inherits her grandmother’s peach orchard, she must confront her past, including her high school sweetheart, Cruz Huntley. Together, they face old wounds and new challenges as they rediscover love among the peach trees.

5 Small Town Firefighter Romance Books

“Under Control” by Shannon Stacey – Part of the Boston Fire series, this novel follows firefighter Derek Gilman, who meets Olivia McGovern when they’re both stuck in an elevator. As their lives intertwine, Olivia’s desire for order clashes with Derek’s chaotic world of firefighting in a small Boston neighborhood, leading to sparks flying in more ways than one.

“Hot for Fireman” by Jennifer Bernard – The second book in the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series, it tells the story of firefighter Ryan Blake and Katie Dane, a woman trying to escape her past. Their paths cross at the Fireman’s Bar, where chemistry ignites. Set in the charming town of San Gabriel, their story is a fiery mix of romance and redemption.

“Slow Burn” by Autumn Jones Lake – In the small town of Catskill, Grace is a diner owner who has sworn off men, especially those as dangerous as firefighters. But when Asher, a firefighter with a reputation, starts showing up at her diner, their mutual attraction is undeniable. As they give in to their feelings, they must face the challenges of Asher’s high-risk job and their pasts.

“Chasing Fire” by Nora Roberts – Rowan Tripp is a smoke jumper fighting wildfires in the Montana wilderness, where she meets Gulliver Curry, a fellow firefighter. Their summer together is filled with intense fires, both on the land and in their hearts. As danger mounts with a potential arsonist on the loose, their relationship is tested in the face of adversity.

“Flirting with Fire” by Piper Rayne – Part of the Blue Collar Brothers series, this novel features Maddie, who’s determined to stay away from the Casanova of the fire department, Mauro Bianco. Despite her best efforts, Maddie draws to him as they collaborate on a charity event. Set in the tight-knit community of Blue Collar, their romance heats up amidst family dynamics and personal challenges.

5 Small Town Romance Books Kindle Unlimited

“The Memory of You” by Jamie Beck – This novel is part of the Sanctuary Sound series and is set in a quaint small town. It follows Steffi Lockwood as she returns home to rebuild her life, including facing her first love, Ryan, whose heart she broke years ago. Their reunion is fraught with challenges and old wounds, but also a chance for forgiveness and second chances.

“It Had to Be You” by Melissa Kate – In the small town of Crystal Valley, Emma Woodhouse faces the challenge of organizing her friend’s wedding while dealing with the infuriating yet charming best man, Liam Knight. As they are forced to work together, their initial antagonism turns into something deeper, offering a humorous and heartwarming tale of unexpected love.

“Protecting What’s Mine” by Lucy Score – Featuring a fiery small-town police chief and the new doctor in town, this book explores the sparks that fly between them despite their initial misunderstandings. Set in Benevolence, a town filled with quirky characters and close-knit community vibes, it’s a story of protection, passion, and possibly a love that can overcome stubborn barriers.

“Wildflower Season” by Michelle Major – The first book in the Carolina Girls series introduces readers to the charming town of Magnolia, North Carolina, where Cara Scott decides to reinvent her life by opening a flower shop. When she crosses paths with her first love, Ian McKay, now a single dad, they get a second chance at love amidst the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“That Second Chance” by Meghan Quinn – This is the first book in the Getting Lucky series, which follows the Knightly brothers in the small, superstitious town of Port Snow, Maine. Griffin Knightly falls for the mysterious newcomer, Ren Winters, who has her own reasons for moving to Port Snow. Their budding romance is a delightful mix of humor, heartache, and healing, with the enchanting backdrop of a town that believes in the curse of love.

These stories remind us that sometimes, in the rush of life, what we’re seeking is not in the far reaches of the world but right where we began, in the comfort of home and the simplicity of a small town. The characters we’ve met, the loves we’ve cheered for, and the towns that have become as familiar to us as our own leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

May your next literary adventure into the world of small town romance bring joy, hope, and a renewed belief in the power of love to find its way, no matter the distance. Let the pages turn, and the stories unfold, for in every small town, there’s a big story waiting to be told. Let me know what romance recommendation you want me to do next. Happy reading!

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