15 Brothers Best Friend Romance Books

Brother's Best Friend Relationship

Did you fall in love with your brother’s best friend? Do you feel horrible after falling in love with your brother’s friend? It is a common case in our lives, and we often fall in love with our family and friend zone. Girls face this mostly because they need character certification, and it is very easy to know from a brother or sister.

Brother’s best friend romance is a popular subgenre in romance novels where the central plot involves the protagonist falling in love with their brother’s best friend. This theme has been widely explored in romance literature due to its blend of familiarity, forbidden love, and tension from such relationships. The romance usually faces challenges because of familial expectations, the brother’s protective instincts, or societal norms.

These stories explore deep emotional connections, as the characters usually have a long-standing relationship that evolves from platonic to romantic. This subgenre appeals to readers who enjoy romance with added emotional complexity and tension layers.

15 Brothers Best Friend Romance Books

Like many romance novels, this subgenre provides an element of escapism. The familiarity of the characters, paired with the excitement of forbidden love, can be a comforting yet thrilling escape from daily life. Within this subgenre, you can find many themes and settings, from light-hearted and humorous to intense and dramatic, catering to various preferences.

I have an extensive list for this romance to discuss the top 15 brother’s best friend romance books. They explore interesting social dynamics, such as how familial relationships impact personal choices, the balance of loyalty and love, and the evolution of friendships into something deeper. Let’s read!

Serenading Heartbreak by Ella FieldsA poignant tale of love, loss, and the transformative power of music in healing a broken heart.Second-chance romance, emotional healing, musician protagonist, heartbreak and recovery, small-town setting, complex characters, past and present narrative, deep emotional connections, overcoming personal demons.
Interference by Harlow ColeA steamy and emotionally charged romance set in the world of professional baseball, exploring themes of love, ambition, and the complexities of past relationships.Sports romance, forbidden love, small-town setting, second-chance romance, complex character dynamics, passionate affair, emotional baggage, career-driven protagonists, intense romantic tension, secrets and revelations.
99 Percent Mine by Sally ThorneA tantalizing romance about unrequited love turning into a passionate affair, set against the backdrop of a house renovation project.Unrequited love, friends to lovers, brother’s best friend, slow burn romance, home renovation setting, strong-willed protagonist, emotional growth, love triangle, sexual tension, complex family dynamics.
The Truth about Heartbreak by B. CelesteA deeply emotional story of love, loss, and the difficult journey towards healing and acceptance.Forbidden romance, age gap, emotional healing, tragedy and loss, complex family dynamics, dark pasts, intense emotional conflicts, slow burn romance, character development, overcoming trauma.
The Chase by Elle KennedyA captivating college romance blending humor, sexual tension, and the challenges of self-discovery and love.College setting, sports romance, opposites attract, rich girl/poor boy dynamic, sexual tension, humorous banter, strong female protagonist, player hero, personal growth, group of friends dynamic.
Fearless King by Maya HughesAn intense and passionate sports romance that explores the complexities of love, family loyalty, and the pursuit of personal dreams.Sports romance, hockey player protagonist, enemies to lovers, strong family dynamics, high school romance, forbidden love, personal ambition, character growth, overcoming obstacles, intense emotional conflict.
A Pizza My Heart by Teagan HunterA lighthearted and romantic story revolving around childhood friends, pizza, and the humorous yet heartwarming journey from friendship to love.Friends to lovers, romantic comedy, food-related setting (pizza), sibling’s best friend, light-hearted banter, small-town charm, childhood friends, feel-good romance, character chemistry, playful conflicts.
Power Plays & Straight A’s by Eden FinleyA captivating college sports romance that explores the dynamics of opposites attracting, academic excellence, and the challenges of navigating love and ambition.College sports romance, opposites attract, jock and nerd dynamic, LGBTQ+ themes, academic setting, emotional growth, team dynamics, coming of age, humorous banter, personal and professional challenges.
Little Lies by H. HuntingTwo young adults, and former childhood friends turned enemies, facing complex emotions and a shared traumatic history on a college campus​​.Contemporary romance, new adult romance, college setting, friends to lovers, strong heroine, dual points of view, flashbacks, childhood/teenage anxiety, overwhelm, PTSD, soulmate.
Little Hoodlum by K WebsterA suspenseful brother’s best friend romance.Forbidden romance, friends-to-lovers, high school setting, new adult, high angst, suspense, drama, emotional journey, taboo romance.
Be with Me by J. LynnTeresa Hamilton is grappling with her feelings for her big brother’s best friend, a life-changing kiss they shared, and the aftermath of a difficult relationship.Young adult, unrequited love, personal challenges, college life.
Virtually Screwed by Isla OlsenThe story of 43-year-old tech company head, whose perfect life is upended, leading to unexpected changes and challenges​​​​.Contemporary, LGBTQIA+ romance, funny, lighthearted, fast-paced.
Burnout by CoraLee JuneA forbidden romance involving an age gap, where a young woman finds herself in love with her brother’s best friend, her teacher​​​​​​.Forbidden romance, age gap, high school setting, sibling’s best friend, student/teacher relationship, dual POV, angst, heartbreak, raw emotions, and beginnings with animosity​​​​​​.
Good Boy by Sarina BowenJess Canning’s challenge is hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list, while grappling with being the family’s perceived screw-up and dealing with a past mistake she made with the best man​​​​​​.Adventurous, fast-paced, standalone story within a series, and romantic comedy.
Just for Now by Abbi GlinesA contemporary romance about a young woman who finds unexpected love with a notorious bad boy in her small town, leading to a journey of passion, secrets, and personal growth.Small town romance, bad boy hero, good girl-bad boy dynamic, family secrets, unexpected love, emotional healing, steamy romance, coming of age, protective male lead, hidden vulnerabilities, community dynamics, and overcoming personal struggles.
Brothers Best Friend Romance Books List

1. Serenading Heartbreak

This book is about a love triangle. Stevie grew up having a crush on her brother’s best friend (Everett). She’s been in love with him forever, and they finally shared a few romantic moments in high school. Then Everett left to go on tour with his band. They still tried to keep some contact, but he cut her entirely off.

When Everett came home, he was different, and Stevie was confused. Then, in college, she meets another boy (Aiden), and he is charming, sweet, and funny. So she found herself falling in love with him, too. The boy from her past, her brother’s best friend (Everett), returns.

Then she has these two boys that she’s in love with. It’s very easy to hate the main character in a book in a love triangle because she has to make so many decisions between the two people. Also, this book shows them growing up through high school and their romance. Who is she going to choose?

Author: Ella Fields
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Sports Romance
Available: Paperback | Kindle

2. Interference (St. Michaels Duet)

This book starts when they’re (Brayden & Ashley) adults. In their mid-twenties, Brayden walks into the place where Ashley works. Then it goes back to when they met as kids and hit it off with each other. Brayden returns to her house and becomes best friends with her brother. It shows them through high school. He’s very protective of her throughout their childhood. He does not want a single man to look at her, but at the same time, they’re not together. So he’s acting like a big brother to her.

It is also a sports romance because Brayden plays insanely good baseball. Ashley is a photographer, and she photographs him. It’s cute. Then, something tragic happens towards the end of this book. She’s never going to be able to forgive him. After this happens, he’s filled with guilt. There’s a reason he comes back that you discover slowly throughout the second book.

Author: Harlow Cole
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Contemporary Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

3. 99 Percent Mine

This book is a different dynamic than a normal brother’s best friend. Darcy Barrett is known for being rude and aggressive, but her twin brother, Jamie, is polite. On the other hand, Jamie’s best friend, Tom, is super shy and sweet. So it’s about the bad girl, good boy romance. They grew up together, but you don’t get to see it. You got some flashbacks when they were growing up, but it’s mostly set in their 20s. They haven’t seen each other in years, and Darcy is left with the task of finishing renovating the house that she was left.

Tom is a construction worker, so he’s agreed to take on the task of helping her with this house. They’re in a forced proximity situation. Tom’s engaged to someone else after not seeing each other for years. Darcy has always seen Tom as the perfect man, and she tells him this. It starts with friendship. But there’s obvious tension.

So, this is a little awkward, and her brother does not want them together. It’s called 99 percent mine because Darcy thinks Tom is 99 percent of her and only one percent of her brother. Even though they’ve been friends their whole lives, she’s always felt closer throughout the book.

Author: Sally Thorne
Average Rating: 4/5
Category: Women’s Friendship Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

4. The Truth about Heartbreak (The Truth About)

River has been in foster care. Her whole life had a rough childhood and upbringing. She’s been through so much trauma. She finally gets adopted when she’s 13 and has a new brother named Oliver. Her parents are super loving, but she’s in her shell. She’s scared of the world pretty much because of everything she’s been through. It’s a hard time opening up, trusting a hard time, and making friends.

River, at first, starts bonding with her brother’s best friend, whose name is Everett. He always looks out for her at school because he can talk to her. They had a good understanding of each other. Everett was super famous at school, so everyone watched from afar. She was younger and had feelings for him like a childhood crush. Everett always looked out for her, and it was so cute. Then, the book skips a few years, and they have a night together. After reuniting, sparks fly.

They want to be together. But Everett is engaged, and there is a reason he can’t leave his fiancee, even though you can tell he wants to be with River. He also had a rough upbringing, which the family took him in. So he doesn’t want to ruin his engagement because there’s a reason why he can’t leave his fiance. You also find a very slow-burn romance because they come together, and then they can’t be together.

Author: B. Celeste
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Romantic Suspense
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

5. The Chase (Briar U)

This is the first off-campus book in the Briar U series. It is about Dean from off-campus and his little sister, Summer. She’s a little ball of sunshine and wild. For that reason, she got kicked out of her university. Then, she catches feelings for one of the boys (Fitz) on her brother’s hockey team. Her brother graduated, but Fitz was close to this boy, and she developed feelings for him. It’s her pining after him, which is a different dynamic than yours.

Fitz is covered in tattoos and an incredible hockey player, but he’s shy. You learn a lot about their backstories, and then you get to read the rest of the series, in which four other boys from the hockey teams get their books.

Author: Elle Kennedy
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Sports Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

6. Fearless King (Kings of Rittenhouse)

The story is about Ford and Olivia. They will date because they have little moments throughout the entire series. Ford is a hockey player. He’s quiet unto himself. Ford and Olivia had a moment together because they kissed. After this whole buildup, Olivia’s always had a crush on him since she was a little girl. When he leaves, she’s heartbroken. Ford’s little brother also has a crush on Olivia, so it’s a brother trope.

After two years, Ford is back. Olivia’s brother Colm is Ford’s best friend. Their parents tragically died when they were young, and Colm took care of Olivia her whole life. He’s pretty much given up his life to take care of her. So he does not want her to because of something between Ford and Colm. You also find out there are many things to unveil in this book. There’s also accidental secret pregnancy romance, enemies to lovers, and second chance romance.

Author: Maya Hughes
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Women’s New Adult & College Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

7. A Pizza My Heart

Wren has a twin brother, and his twin brother’s best friend is Foster. They were a trio growing up like besties. They’d always hang out, but Foster was always closer with the brother. So they’d be the little boy things. Then, one night, he randomly leaves town and doesn’t contact Wren again. She would know that he kept in contact with her brothers.

Then, years go by, and he comes back. Wren finds out he has failed marriage. He’s losing all his assets to his ex, and his life will be hard. He’s moving in with her brother, and she works at this restaurant, and he shows up there. Foster is going on all these dates because he’s trying to get back in the game after his failed marriage, and she’s watching him epically fail at dating.

So, Wren tries to help him with his online dating profile. It’s so obvious that he has such strong feelings for her. Wren’s best friends suggest that Foster mention fake dates to each other to get some practice right, and he immediately agrees. So he’s taking her on all these dates, and a strong romance will build up.

Author: Teagan Hunter
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Satire Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

8. Power Plays & Straight A’s (CU Hockey)

This first book follows a guy (Foster), a hockey player at this college. He’s expected to go into the NHL. He’s super talented, so this hockey player has a twin brother, and the twin brother’s best friend will see you with this guy who’s the hockey player. So, his brother asks him if he could keep an eye out for his friend because he (Zach) is shy and reserved. Zach doesn’t have a lot of friends. So, one of his friends wants his brother to watch out for him. Keeping an eye on his brother’s friend turns into a full-fledged infatuation with him.

The hockey player is bisexual, and he’s very open about it. So, the story progresses from there. The romance was super adorable in the way that it unfolded. I don’t know what it is about the brother’s best friend show, but I love the idea that there’s this conflict of interest. So this book is a phenomenal brother’s best friend book.

Author: Eden Finley
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Bisexual Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

9. Little Lies

This book follows a girl (Lavender Waters). When she was young, many traumatic things happened to her. The one boy who was always there for her and could comfort her was her brother’s best friend, Kodiak. Kodiak moved away when they were in middle school, around that age, and she lost contact with him.

Meanwhile, a few years later, they end up at the same university, and Kodiak is still friends with her brother, who’s also at the university. So Lavender can’t avoid him. They have this enemy-to-lovers thing, even though they were friends back then. Also, they had a bond over their childhoods. But he ends up having this harsh way of talking to her, and the relationship forms there.

Author: H. Hunting
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: New Adult & College Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

10. Little Hoodlum (Hood River Hoodlums)

The second Hood River Hoodlums series is about a girl (Roux). The story follows her journey with Jordy, who has always been her protector and brother’s best friend. Jordy is always there to protect them from their tragic family life, and he gets involved with something. So he doesn’t see her for a long time, and he’s finally back, and things go from there again.

They eventually get to where they find each other that way. This book has some angsty romance and entertainment that make it worthwhile. The whole series is a quick read. Sometimes, there’s a best friend’s brother where they meet, and there’s an immediate relationship.

Author: K Webster
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Romantic Suspense
Available: Paperback | Kindle

11. Be with Me (Wait for You)

In this book, We follow a girl named Teresa, who ends up kissing her brother’s best friend (Jase Winstead). Jase holds a lot of secrets that he’s not to tell anybody about, so he doesn’t want to get involved with anyone. As much as he enjoys the kiss and wants to know Teresa on a deeper level, he’s scared to let her in.

Their secret romance goes on for a long time. I loved the twists and turns throughout the story; you don’t have to read the first book. It is great as a standalone, and you will enjoy it.

Author: J. Lynn
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Coming of Age Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

12. Virtually Screwed (Love & Luck)

This is the second book in the Love & Luck series, a companion novel series of novellas. So they’re super short stories. I read three of them in one day, so they’re fast-paced, and all follow different gay relationships. This one is about two guys who meet online. They talk in a gaming chat. They exchange words and realize that they don’t have much in common.

There’s a pretty big age gap between them, but they find solace in talking to each other after their long days. It turns out that it’s his brother’s best friend who he’s been talking to for this one guy, and they don’t know. They find out, and the story progresses from there.

Author: Isla Olsen
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Gay & Lesbian
Available: Paperback | Kindle

13. Burnout

This book on my list is my all-time favorite brother’s best friend book. It follows a girl (Blakely) who, after losing her mother, reaches out to a brother she’s never known to ask if she can stay with him for her senior year of high school. Even though he doesn’t know who she is, he does say yes, and upon moving in, she realizes he has a roommate, his best friend. Decker also ends up being her teacher.

Blakely has a tragic backstory and a tough upbringing with her mother. She is a senior in high school. She was 18 years old and had a big infatuation with her brother’s friend (Decker), who lived with them. They grew this friendship that later turned into a relationship.

Author: CoraLee June
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Teen & Young Adult Literature & Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

14. Good Boy (WAGs)

The girl (Jess) in the series is related to one of the guys from him. She ends up near one of the boys from her brother’s best friend, and they hatch up. We can never do that again. Then they can’t stop, and they end up having a relationship. Neither wants a relationship, but they’re falling for each other.

So, both of them want each other at the same time, but they don’t. It’s one of those books that has a fun interaction between characters. Both of the characters in this book are super funny, so you end up with some chaotic scenes.

Author: Sarina Bowen
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Romantic Comedy
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

15. Just for Now (Sea Breeze)

This is the fourth book in the Sea Breeze series. But you can read it as a standalone, and you don’t have to read the whole series. This book follows a girl (Amanda) who always had a crush on one of her brother’s best friends, Preston. He was older than her, so he never paid attention to her, but she always paid attention to him.

Upon growing up a little bit, Amanda makes a move on him. Preston doesn’t remember because he was drunk and hooking up with her without realizing it. She has to live with the fact that she hooked up with this guy she has built up in her head to be this God. He doesn’t even remember her after the fact. But he has a lot of stuff going on with his life that gets revealed throughout the story, making you sympathize with him. Also, they eventually find their way to each other.

Author: Abbi Glines
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Fiction on Emotions & Feelings
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

5 Steamy Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books

“Falling for my Brother’s Best Friend” by Piper Rayne: This book is part of the “Bailey’s” series and tells the story of Savannah, who has had a lifelong crush on her brother’s best friend. The story is filled with humor, heart, and steamy moments, making it a delightful read.

“The Boy I Grew Up With” by Tijan: Tijan is known for writing emotionally intense and steamy romance novels. This book explores the complex and passionate relationship between a woman and her brother’s best friend, weaving in loyalty, passion, and personal growth themes.

“Crush” by Lacey Weatherford: This novel tells the story of Cami, who falls for her brother’s attractive and off-limits best friend. The book mixes sweet romance and intense steamy scenes, creating a captivating story.

“RoomHate” by Penelope Ward: A unique take on the trope, this novel explores the relationship between two former friends, one of whom is the brother’s best friend. They unexpectedly end up living together, leading to a rollercoaster of emotions and steamy interactions.

“Checkmate: This is War” by Kennedy Fox: This is the first in a duet and presents a compelling enemies-to-lovers storyline involving a brother’s best friend. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, and the story combines witty banter with intense romantic scenes.

5 High School Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books

“Beautiful Player” by Christina Lauren: This story revolves around Hanna Bergstrom, who, under the guidance of her brother’s best friend Will Sumner, transforms into a sultry siren. The dynamic changes when Hanna tempts Will into a passionate night, leading to unexpected developments in their relationship​​.

“To Love Jason Thorn” by Ella Maise: Olive’s first crush was her brother’s friend, Jason Thorn, who became a movie star. The plot thickens when he returns to star in a movie inspired by Olive’s book, leading to romantic entanglements​​.

“Until Fountain Bridge” by Samantha Young: Ellie has harbored a lifelong infatuation with Adam Sutherland, her brother’s best friend. Their relationship faces challenges and heartaches, but a crisis eventually makes Adam realize his true feelings for her​​.

“Make Me Yours” by Melanie Harlow: Cheyenne has been secretly in love with her brother’s best friend. An accidental text reveals her feelings, leading to a romantic involvement and questioning whether he is ready to commit his heart again​​.

“Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover: Tate Collins and Miles Archer, an airline pilot and her brother’s best friend, share a mutual attraction but are not looking for love. Their relationship evolves into a no-strings-attached arrangement, which becomes complicated as emotions intermingle​​.

5 Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books Kindle Unlimited

The Break Series by Andrea Johnston: This series promises an emotional rollercoaster, offering a blend of tension and romance to keep you engaged​​.

“Where Good Girls Go to Die” by Holly Renee: This novel combines a brother’s best friend romance with a second chance theme, highly recommended for those who enjoy complex romantic dynamics​​.

“Hangry” by Lily Kate: Described as Lily Kate’s best romantic comedy, this novel is heartwarming, hilarious, and perfect for those looking for a lighter, more humorous read​​.

“No One But Us” by Elizabeth O’Roark: This book is a dramatic and passionate tale in the best friend’s brother romance genre, ideal for readers who love intense emotional narratives​​.

“Best of Intentions” by LK Farlow: A sweet romance set in a small town, this story is noted for its emotional depth and compelling storytelling​​.

5 Brother’s Best Friend Sports Romance Books

“Playing for Keeps” by Kendall Ryan: This hockey romance features a player who falls for his teammate’s sister, leading to a passionate and complicated relationship​​.

“Fair Catch” by Kandi Steiner: In this football-themed romance, the only girl on a college football team is forced to share living quarters with her brother’s infuriating best friend and teammate, sparking an enemies-to-lovers scenario​​.

“Rookie Move” by Riley Hart and Neve Wilder: This MM (male-male) romance focuses on a football player who has a crush on his brother’s best friend, also his teammate, creating a complex dynamic as they navigate their feelings and careers​​.

“Waylaid” by Sarina Bowen: The story involves Daphne Shipley and her brother’s best friend Rickie, whose past and present encounters create a mix of romance and mystery on her family farm​​.

“Could Have Been Us” by Corinne Michaels: This book features a second-chance romance with small-town vibes, where a long-held crush on a brother’s best friend leads to life-altering consequences and a secret that needs to be confronted​​.

Many of you can relate to the experience of having a crush on a friend’s sibling or a sibling’s friend. This familiarity can make these stories more engaging and realistic.

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