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Villain Love Stories

Welcome, daring readers, to a realm where the lines between good and evil blur and love blossoms in the most unexpected places! Are you fascinated by the allure of the misunderstood, the charm of the antihero, and the thrill of love stories that defy conventional boundaries? Then you’re in for a treat as we explore the captivating world of villain romance books.

Here, we celebrate the characters who walk the line between darkness and light and the passionate, intense connections that unfold in their shadows. These are tales of redemption, power, and the transformative nature of love for those who dare to embrace their complex natures. So, let’s venture together into the intriguing depths where villains not only seek love but also fight for it with every fiber of their being. Ready to fall for the villain? Let’s dive in!

7 Villain Romance Books (Dark Love Stories)

Villain romance features redemption arcs for the antagonist, where they undergo personal growth and transformation through their relationship with the protagonist. The journey of redemption adds depth and complexity to the romance, allowing us to empathize with the antagonist and root for their redemption.

The push and pull of attraction and repulsion between the protagonist and the villain create a captivating and emotionally charged narrative as they face the complexities of love and desire in the face of danger and darkness. The exploration of moral ambiguity adds depth and complexity to the romance, allowing us to engage with the characters and themes on a deeper level. Here are seven villain romance books for you. Let’s begin!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Untouchable by Sam MarianoA high school bad boy bullies a good girl, and both of them form relationships.4/5
Lothaire by Kresley ColeAn evil vampire mistakenly falls in love with a human girl.4.3/5
Twist Me by Anna ZairesA woman loves her kidnappers because she has Stockholm syndrome, and their romance is steamy.3.9/5
Twisted Pride by Cora ReillyA mafia kidnaps the heroine from her wedding day, and they build chemistry later.4.2/5
Last Words by Sam MarianoA psycho mob somehow wants a girl to make a love life and change his life with peace.4.2/5
The Queen of All that Dies by Laura ThalassaA King wants a girl forcefully, but the girl slowly falls in love with the King.3.9/5
Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa KleypasThe heroine discovers the villain has many good qualities and can not hold her feelings towards him.4.1/5
Villain Romance Books List

1. Untouchable (Untouchables)

Untouchable is a dark high school villain romance. This book starts with the hero (Carter) assaulting the heroine. He’s horrible to her in a school classroom with two of his buddies looking on and guarding the door. He assaults our heroine, Zoey. After that, he is struck by how brave she is and how she reacts to him when he does these things to her. So he becomes a stalker, becomes obsessed with her, and tries to push her into a relationship with him.

I have waxed poetic for hours and days about how much I love villain Carter Mahoney. However, this book has some issues with how it’s set up and how the plot plays out. One thing that any friend who has tried the book on my recommendation will tell you is that they have never read a character like Carter before. Also, they’ve been surprised that he has compelled them. Everyone can not handle it, and they aren’t going to want to watch a guy who assaults a heroine. We get little peeks into his brain to see how much care he gives Zoey. There’s no other way to explain it.

Carter has a tender heart toward her but doesn’t change who he is. It’s more than Zoey adapting and realizing that she appreciates certain things about him. I’ve convinced lots of friends to read it. Some have loved it, and some haven’t been able to handle it. So, if you have no issue with assaulting, you can read it.


Author: Sam Mariano
Tropes: Dark, Sports, Mystery, Enemies-to-lovers, Good-girl-bad-boy
Number Of Pages: 498
Available: Paperback | Kindle

2. Lothaire (Immortals After Dark)

Lothaire is book 11 in the Immortals After Dark series, a paranormal/fantasy romance with an anti-hero vampire. By the time you get to this book, you are excited to read it. You don’t understand how he can be the hero of a book, even though he is in quite a few books. The setup of this one is that it’s a world of fated mates, and Lothaire believes that his fated mate is an evil goddess of death named Ellie. She is indwelling and doing horrible things with her body, like murdering people and, torturing people, and doing all awful things.

Lothaire’s happy about that because he’s an evil vampire, and he wants to have a bride who is as crazy and evil as he is and will help him achieve his goals. He can’t believe for even a second that this human woman would be his mate, and it’s fascinating. Those of you who’ve read it, you’d agree that he’s one of the darker villains. The change is that he doesn’t stop being the enemy of old, but he learns how to have a family. Then there’s Ellie, who puts this century-old being in his place.

This woman has nothing on her side but mostly her body because it’s being dwelt by an evil goddess. So she has something that Lothaire wants because it holds who he thinks is his bride and what he will do to Ellie to get her to bend to his will. The stuff he threatens her with, you don’t know how these two could work together.

I have read this book four times, and it’s always the one I want to return to because I love being in love. You see how this human woman can twist him in exciting ways. The plot, storyline, writing, dialogue, and characters are good enough, but I wanted to see more chemistry. Overall, you can enjoy it.


Author: Kresley Cole
Narrator: Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Tropes: Vampires, Demons, Angels, Possessive-hero
Number Of Pages: 468
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

3. Twist Me

Twist Me is a BDSM erotica and dark villain love story where the heroine (Nora) falls in love with her kidnapper (Julian). Julian is evil, and he’s a billionaire weapons dealer. So he has a private island and kidnaps Nora the day before her 18th birthday. He kidnaps her and takes him to his private island, where he is a pilot, and he’s the only way off and on this island.

Julian keeps her prisoner and uses her for pleasure, forcing her. Eventually, Nora gets Stockholm Syndrome. So, she starts to like the arguments of the captor and sympathizes with them. Not all captor-captive situations are created equal, but this is one where Nora gets drawn into the world and starts to use it for her benefit. She is stuck with the evil man, and what else could she do but learn to accept it and try to get the best out of it that she can?

They don’t end up staying on this island forever. I was more fascinated with how Nora started to accept what he was doing and enjoy it, if that makes sense. There are moments where Julian shows that he has tenderness. He is a fully grown man who abducted a child and turns her into his sex slave and then his bride eventually. You can easily handle the whole series if you have already read about abusive relationships with dom-sum behavior.

Twist Me

Author: Anna Zaires
Narrator: Shirl Rae, Roberto Scarlato
Publisher: Mozaika Publications
Tropes: BDSM, Captivity, Arc, Thriller
Number Of Pages: 312
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

4. Twisted Pride (The Camorra Chronicles)

Twisted Pride is book three in the series, a steamy crime romance. The previous books show the three main mob groups in Reilly’s world. He starts this book by kidnapping Serafina, the niece of the outfit’s boss. So she’s Dante Cavallaro, niece of Serafina, who gets kidnapped on her wedding day. Remo does it to get revenge against Dante and to get Dante to do anything.

Remo is everyone in the outfit, as well as Chicago and New York. They’re all very frightened of the Camorra because they don’t have any rules. The opposition is going to think the worst of the Camorra. Remo is a little unhinged, and he has it in his head that he will make Serafina happy. So, the story is a hate-to-love where Remo appears to be the villain.

Once we get to him, we see his family and past. You’re always trying to figure out what he might do. Even his brothers and soldiers don’t understand what he’s doing with Serafina, but I greatly appreciate it. So Remo Falcone is a very dark villain, and I love watching him in Serafina. The hardcover has negative issues, but the paperback is awesome for font size, color, binding, cover, and paper quality.

Twisted Pride

Author: Cora Reilly
Tropes: Crime, Abuse, Enemies-to-lovers, Slow-burn, Age-gap
Number Of Pages: 419
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5. Last Words (Morelli Family)

Last Words is book seven, a series of dark, suspenseful romances with a villain. Our villain, Mateo, is someone we get interested in being introduced to in book one. He’s an Accidental Witness, where he’s our villain. He assaults someone in that book and someone with whom he has an exciting relationship going through the series. He will test them in terrifying ways if he wants to trust someone. If anyone passes his test of loyalty, he will trust them forever.

We will see him test many different people in many ways. His code is very strange, but he’s someone that I appreciate. Many people will only make it to the end of this series. People drop out because the story goes in ways that you don’t expect it to go, and you may pick a side. You will be delighted with the series if you choose the right side. But I picked the right side, as it were, and I love it. The book’s first part was exciting, but the second half was boring. If you like alpha-male, psycho villains, this one is for you.

Last Words

Author: Sam Mariano
Tropes: Dark, Crime, Alpha-male, Arc
Number Of Pages: 468
Available: Paperback | Kindle

6. The Queen of All that Dies (The Fallen World)

The Queen of All that Dies is a post-apocalyptic war romance with a likable villain (King Lazuli). After I read this book, I wanted him to be on my villain list. In the beginning, the United States was still independent, and they needed to make a peace deal with him so that we could stop being at war. Serenity is 19 years old and gets sent as an emissary with her father. Her father is also an emissary, and they get sent to meet the King. Serenity knows that her government hopes the King will like her and be willing to take her as a peace offering. That is what ends up happening.

So Serenity has this crazy hate relationship with him, but King becomes obsessed with her and willing to make deals with this other country for her. It becomes a forced marriage because he will sign this peace deal if she marries him again. The way that he’s set up and the things that he’s done to become King and the more you learn about him, like this man is a villain. But when you see him with her, even though he knows how much she hates and despises him, he loves her.

So, it’s a fascinating juxtaposition because we feel how much hate she has for him. Serenity thinks he’s very sexy, and she can’t hide her attraction, but she hates that she likes him and she hates so much about him. So it’s fascinating to read because, in her mind, he’s the worst villain ever. The only negative side of the book is misleading information, which is inaccurate from a historical point of view, but it’s okay for fiction writing. There are many twists and turns in the story that you’ll notice.

The Queen of All that Dies

Author: Laura Thalassa
Publisher: Burning Ember Press
Tropes: Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, Arranged-marriage, Betrayal
Number Of Pages: 327
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

7. Tempt Me at Twilight (The Hathaways)

Tempt Me at Twilight is a historical hero-villain romance. We follow Harry Rutledge, a hotel magnate, and he sees Poppy accidentally one day. Poppy is the middle sibling in the Hathaway, and he immediately wants her. So he runs into her accidentally and gets a hold of a love letter she’s writing to her sweetheart. Poppy has to be with her sweetheart because he believes he can make her happier.

So Harry starts as a villain in Poppy’s eyes. She has someone that she wants to be with because her family has a reputation. So, a man is slightly afraid to tell his father his feelings for Poppy. Harry uses it to blow up the whole relationship, and then he can come in as a perceived white knight to be Poppy’s husband.

All this happens at the beginning of the book because Poppy finds out what he has done before they marry. So, she accepts his marriage proposal without any love. Poppy will hate him for ruining her chance with the man who loves her. So there’s a lot of seduction happening. The author ruined our heroines’ happiness ever after and made it good another way. As a villain romance story, I see more than I expect. So, take advantage of this fantastic book with another level of hipe on the BookTube/BookTok community.

Tempt Me at Twilight

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks (First edition)
Tropes: Regency, Comedy
Number Of Pages: 385
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

5 Books Where The Villain Falls In Love With The Hero

“Vicious” by V.E. Schwab – In this dark fantasy, Victor and Eli start as college roommates—brilliant, arrogant, and lonely boys who recognize the same sharpness in each other. But their research into adrenaline, near-death experiences, and seemingly supernatural events reveals that Eli is more than just a potential friend. As the story unfolds, the line between hero and villain blurs, especially when it comes to Sydney, a young girl with the power to raise the dead, whom both men desire for their reasons.

“The Wrath & the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh – Inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” this novel tells the story of Shahrzad, who volunteers to marry the Caliph of Khorasan, Khalid, a ruler known for taking a new bride each night only to have her executed at dawn. Shahrzad’s initial motive is vengeance for the death of her best friend, but as she uncovers the truth behind Khalid’s actions, her feelings become complicated. Ahdieh masterfully explores the transformation of their relationship from enemies to lovers.

“Cruel Beauty” by Rosamund Hodge – In this fantasy retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” Nyx has been betrothed since birth to the evil ruler of her kingdom, not to save her world but as a sacrifice. However, as Nyx seeks to destroy him from within his own house, she discovers that the monster she married is not what he seems, and her hatred turns into a complicated, deep love. Hodge weaves a tale of magic, curses, and a love that defies destiny.

“Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi – Juliette Ferrars has a lethal touch, making her the perfect weapon for The Reestablishment. But Juliette has plans of her own, which become complicated when she falls for Warner, the son of a powerful leader within The Reestablishment and the man who once sought to use her as a tool of war. Mafi presents a story where lines are blurred, and love between hero and villain is dangerous and irresistible.

“Serpent & Dove” by Shelby Mahurin – Set in a world where the Church hunts witches, this novel follows Lou, a witch, and Reid, a witch hunter, who are forced into marriage. Initially, their relationship is filled with hatred and suspicion, but their feelings evolve as they understand each other’s worlds. Mahurin skillfully faces the themes of love, loyalty, and the gray areas between good and evil.

5 Spicy Books Where The Villain Gets The Girl

“Fear Me” by B.B. Reid – Part of the Broken Love series, this book introduces Keiran Masters, a fearsome and manipulative character who has tormented Lake Monroe for years. Despite their tumultuous past and Keiran’s dark demeanor, a complicated and intensely passionate relationship develops between them. Reid crafts a story where fear and love coexist, challenging the boundaries of a traditional romance.

“Corrupt” by Penelope Douglas – Erika Fane finds herself drawn to Michael Crist, a man surrounded by darkness and secrets. Michael, once a protective figure in Erika’s life, becomes the orchestrator of a dangerous game that blurs the lines between victim and villain. Douglas delivers a steamy, suspenseful romance that explores revenge, desire, and the thin line between love and hate.

“Vicious” by L.J. Shen – Emilia LeBlanc never forgot Vicious, who made her teenage years a hell. Years later, their paths cross again, but the power dynamics have shifted this time, and a fiery romance ignites between them. Shen’s tale is a captivating exploration of redemption, the transformative power of love, and the undeniable attraction between two people who should be enemies.

“King” by T.M. Frazier – Brantley King is not your typical hero. After serving time in prison, he returns to a life of crime, only to find Doe, a woman with no memory of her past. King’s world is dangerous and devoid of heroes, yet a powerful and possessive love grows between them. Frazier weaves a gritty and steamy romance set against violence and survival.

“The Dark Duet” by C.J. Roberts – This series starts with “Captive in the Dark,” where Caleb, a man intent on revenge and indoctrination, kidnaps Livvie. As their twisted relationship evolves, Livvie sees the man behind the monster, and a complex love story unfolds. Roberts tackles dark themes with sensitivity, exploring the psychological depth of their connection and the possibility of love in the darkest circumstances.

5 Fantasy Villain Romance Books

“The Wrath & the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh – Inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” this novel tells the story of Shahrzad, who volunteers to marry Khalid, the Caliph of Khorasan, known for murdering his brides at dawn. Determined to end his reign of terror, Shahrzad discovers the tortured soul behind Khalid’s façade and finds herself falling for him, revealing a love that could change everything.

“Cruel Beauty” by Rosamund Hodge – A unique twist on the “Beauty and the Beast” tale set in a world where Greek mythology intertwines with magic. Nyx has been betrothed since birth to the evil ruler of her kingdom, with the duty to kill him to save her people. However, her hatred becomes a complicated love, challenging her mission and understanding of true heroism and villainy.

“A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas – Feyre Archeron finds herself in the magical land of the Fae after killing a wolf in the woods, only to discover that her captor, Tamlin, is not the beast she expected. As she delves deeper into the political intrigue and curses plaguing the Fae lands, Feyre must face her growing feelings for Tamlin, who harbors secrets of his own.

“Serpent & Dove” by Shelby Mahurin – Set in a world where the Church hunts witches, this novel follows Lou, a witch, and Reid, a witch hunter forced into marriage. Despite their initial hatred, an unexpected romance blossoms between them, challenging their beliefs and loyalties in a society rife with violence and persecution.

“Kingdom of the Wicked” by Kerri Maniscalco – Emilia, a witch seeking vengeance for her twin sister’s murder, summons Wrath, one of the seven princes of Hell, whom she suspects is responsible. Instead, she finds an unlikely ally in Wrath. As they work together to uncover a darker mystery, Emilia battles her attraction to him, questioning everything she’s been taught about good and evil.

5 Female Villain Romance Books

“The Queen of All that Dies” by Laura Thalassa – In a world ravaged by war, Serenity Freeman is an enforcer for the brutal king who conquered her country. Known for her cruelty, Serenity’s life takes a turn when she finds herself falling for the very king she serves. Thalassa crafts a dark and compelling narrative that explores the cost of power and the possibility of love in a seemingly hopeless world.

“Vicious” by V.E. Schwab – Though not a traditional romance, Schwab’s novel features Marcella Riggins, a character introduced in the sequel “Vengeful,” who is as criminal as she is captivating. After gaining the power to ruin everything—and everyone—she touches, Marcella becomes embroiled in a complex web of relationships, including a tumultuous connection with other EOs (ExtraOrdinaries). Schwab masterfully faces the gray areas between good and evil, exploring what it means to love and be powerful.

“Heart of the Fae” by Emma Hamm – Sorcha, facing her demise due to a curse, ventures to the Otherworld to find a cure. There, she meets Eamonn, a creature twisted by his dark past and the magic that holds him captive. As Sorcha and Eamonn battle their demons, they find an unexpected love that challenges their beliefs and desires. Hamm blends romance with Celtic mythology, creating a story of love, sacrifice, and transformation.

“The Darkling Bride” by Laura Andersen – Set against the backdrop of an ancient Irish castle with a dark history, “The Darkling Bride” offers a blend of mystery and romance. The novel features a strong female character with villainous traits whose complex relationship with the past and the present inhabitants of the castle uncovers secrets, love, and redemption. Andersen weaves a tale that spans generations, exploring the power of love to illuminate the darkest corners of our hearts.

“Duke of Sin” by Elizabeth Hoyt – Bridget Crumb, the housekeeper to the Duke of Montgomery, knows all of his most wicked secrets. The Duke, known for his manipulative and villainous ways, is intrigued by Bridget’s strength and morality. The lines between love and hate blur as they enter a game of cat and mouse. Hoyt delivers a steamy historical romance that explores the complexities of love, redemption, and the choices that define us.

From dark castles to shadowed streets, we’ve journeyed alongside characters who challenge our perceptions of love and morality. These stories have reminded us that even those who dwell in darkness crave the light of love and that redemption often comes from a powerful emotional connection. As we step back into the light, let’s carry the understanding that love is multifaceted, capable of healing and changing even the most hardened hearts.

May your reading adventures continue to be bold and boundless, inviting you to explore the myriad ways love can manifest. Until our paths cross again in another tale of improbable love and redemption, keep your heart open to the endless possibilities within the pages of a good book. Happy reading, and remember—the most compelling love stories often come from the most unexpected places.

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