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Hey there, fellow book lovers! Are you ready to turn up the heat with your reading list? Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of spicy romance novels or just dipping your toes into the sizzling waters of love and passion, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving into the world of spicy romance books that are guaranteed to make your heart race and cheeks flush.

From forbidden love stories to intense, fiery connections that refuse to be ignored, our selection has something for everyone looking to add a little extra heat to their bookshelves. So, grab your favorite cozy blanket and a cup of tea (or maybe something a bit stronger), and let’s explore the titles that are setting the literary world on fire!

7 Spicy Romance Books (Steamy/Smutty/Erotic Love)

Spicy romance explores the sensuality and physical intimacy between characters in explicit detail. Some of them cover taboo or unconventional relationships, fantasies, or kinks. The intimate moments between characters deepen their connection and drive the plot forward. I will discuss my favorite seven spicy romance books for you. For readers who enjoy exploring the complexities of desire, passion, and love, they provide an avenue to delve into those themes. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Credence by Penelope DouglasAn orphan girl lives on a mountain with her uncle and his sons. Here she makes a polyamory relationship with all of them.3.6/5
Highest Bidder by Georgia Le CarreA girl loses all her money and wants to sell her virginity to a billionaire who falls in love with her.3.9/5
Birthday Girl by Penelope DouglasA girl is sexually attracted to her boyfriend’s father, and it’s their spicy romance.4.0/5
A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi SteinerIn a love triangle, a friendship turns into a heavy romance.4.2/5
Hush, Hush by Lucia FrancoTo maintain cost, a girl participates escort agency where love is prohibitive, but she falls in love.4.0/5
The Magpie Lord by KJ CharlesA man is going through a mental illness, and a magician helps him recover, which helps make a relationship.4.0/5
On Dublin Street by Samantha YoungThe heroine starts a new life in a new apartment where she finds her love and spicy life.4.1/5
Spicy Romance Books List

1. Credence

Credence was the first romance standalone with questionable morals and taboo topics. This opened my mind in many ways, and I still don’t feel like I am the same person since I read it. The book follows the story of Tiernan, who is approaching 18 and has been newly orphaned. So she gets shipped off to the mountains to go and live with her step-uncle as her legal guardian until she turns 18. Her step-uncle lives there with his two sons.

The cabin they live in, the mountains, gets wholly cut off from the small town over the winter due to the weather. So Tiernan gets stuck in the cabin with her uncle and his two sons for the winter. She has a sexual relationship with all three of them. What you have to remember with this is that it’s a massive age-gap romance. There is a reverse harem aspect to it.

Also, some of the themes here can be pretty taboo and unsettling. But ultimately, I enjoyed it. Please look at some more in-depth trigger warnings because it has a spicy romance with mature content. You can read this book at Christmas or on holiday also. It makes me want to go and get lost in the mountains and Colorado in the winter.

Author: Penelope Douglas
Publisher: Independently
Tropes: Reverse Harem, Possessive-hero, Friends-to-lovers, Angsty, Dark
Number Of Pages: 485
Book Weight: 1.35 pounds
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.22 x 8.5 inches
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Audio CD

2. Highest Bidder

Highest Bidder follows the story of Freya. She lives in London and is from a very wealthy family. But something happened with her dad. He made bad business decisions, lost money, and committed suicide. So she’s living with her mum, and her mum hasn’t gotten used to the fact that they no longer have the money and the lifestyle they used to.

So Freya’s still spending all the money they have left, but there isn’t any money left, and they’re going into many financial troubles. When her university payment bounces, Freya takes matters into her own hands and sells her virginity at the Blue Butterfly Club. The Blue Butterfly is a billionaire club where they bid on girls to take their virginity. So it happens, and Freya gets picked by a billionaire, but he is the last person she expects to be picked.

There is a lot of spicinesses goes into this. It’s very angsty, instant lovely on her behalf, but not on his behalf. Before you get to the good bits, there’s a lot of history and misunderstandings. So, it’s not on the same level of toxicity as some of the other books.

One thing that I did find irritating about this one is that it’s set in London but seems like America. I recommend it if you want some dark, spicy romance in your life. Don’t pick the hardcover because it has a negative quality issue, but you can pick the paperback, which is good enough for cover, font size, color, page quality, and binding.

Author: Georgia Le Carre
Tropes: Strong-female, Dark, Drama, Emotion
Number Of Pages: 360
Available: Paperback | Kindle

3. Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl is another age-gap spicy romance. The story follows Jordan, who is with her boyfriend, but she’s not having a good time with him. They’re struggling for money and have to move in with his dad, Pike, for a little while. Only Jordan and Pike strike up a bit of a flirtation together. There’s a bit of sexual chemistry, but they know it’s wrong because Jordan is dating his son, and it’s all a mess.

There’s a draw between them. I don’t want to give away the plot too much because you want to go and read it and have fun with it. It is the most unproblematic romance book I have ever read. You have the age gap trope, which is weird, but Pike is a great male lead. It’s so unproblematic in so many ways, and it was fun to read and lighthearted as well. So I recommend picking this up if you want something where it’s a little bit taboo and spicy but not too messed up.

Author: Penelope Douglas
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Tropes: Love-triangle, Slow-burn, Arc
Number Of Pages: 405
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

4. A Love Letter to Whiskey

A Love Letter to Whiskey is a heartwarming book that emotionally destroyed me in many ways. It’s so beautiful and so heartbreaking. So many parts of this mimicked the situation I’ve had in my own life. The main protagonist is Jamie, who falls in love with a guy she calls Whiskey. It’s because she compares him to Whiskey all the time. But Whiskey is in love with her best friend, Janna, and it’s all a little awkward love triangle at first. They’re trying to navigate a friendship, and Jamie’s trying to navigate her feelings for him while not betraying her best friend.

Yet, when Whiskey graduates high school and goes to college, he and her friend break up. Suddenly, there is an opportunity for them to hook up, but does it work out? Is this one of those stories where it’s always about timing? So the timing isn’t right, but there’s a lot of back and forth between them. It’s a very spicy and slow burn in so many places.

There are so many parts of this book where you’ll be reading it and screaming at her to make the right decision. Also, many aspects of her past make her struggle with relationships. It’s emotional, but in many ways, it’s very unproblematic compared to many. I would have loved to have seen more of these characters further down the line.

Author: Kandi Steiner
Tropes: Childhood loves, Interracial, Emotional
Number Of Pages: 378
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

5. Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush is another age gap smut, seductive or spicy romance. We follow a college student, Aubrey, living in New York. She’s struggling to afford anything. She lives with her best friend, and her best friend is the heiress’s daughter to a billionaire. So she covers the cost of the apartment and stuff. But Aubrey feels guilty about not contributing and wants to earn more money and find a better job.

One of her friends is an escort, and she convinces Aubrey to join her at this high-class escort agency. The number one rule of this agency is that you don’t fall in love with the clients. But love breaks all the rules, and James Riviera is a fantastic character in the story.

It’s fast-paced, and the book has many emotional aspects that will tug on your heartstrings. This is very plot-driven for romance as well. Quite a few online say these romances are more about the sex than the plot. But this one was sheer perfection. It does not get the hype it deserves on the BookTube or BookTok community.

Author: Lucia Franco
Narrator: Elizabeth Hart
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Tropes: Cheating, BDSM, Alpha-male
Number Of Pages: 469
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

6. The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies)

The Magpie Lord won the DABWAHA Romance Tournament Nominee for Best LGBT Romance. It follows a man named Lucien Vaudrey. He’s mostly regarded as Crane in the book. So it was a little odd trying to get to who this was. His father was notorious for fixing things and being a bad guy. He famously set it so that his son did his. Crane’s older brother didn’t get in trouble for anything that he did, and his brother was constantly chasing women and hurting them, which leads to this book’s events.

Crane was exiled 20 years before China. He has to return because his brother and his father passed away. That’s not a title that he particularly cares for. He hates his family name. But the minute he gets home, he is struck by a depression so bad that he nearly attempts suicide three times. Usually, suicide is beneath him. He’s not someone who has let that thought roam his mind. But on three separate occasions, one of those times, the last time you see it, he tries to hang himself from the tower.

It gets so bad that they think there’s a curse on the house. So they call up Stephen Day, a voodoo man who is a magic practitioner. Stephen has a hatred for the laundries, especially his father because he destroyed Stephen’s dad. He is only helping him because this level of magic is not okay. So, to help, they get close to each other and discover their physical tension. You must try it if you like spicy fantasy romance with gays, vampires, monsters, and historical background.

Author: KJ Charles
Narrator: Cornell Collins
Publisher: Audible Studios
Tropes: MM, Historical, Mystery, Fantasy, Enemies-to-lovers
Number Of Pages: 222
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | MP3CD

7. On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street is a new adult companion series that has six books. However, we don’t follow the same perspectives throughout the series. We do get to see older or other characters that we saw. You can read them in any order. But if you plan on eventually reading the entire series, it is best to go in order.

The first book we have is On Dublin Street. It is the one I first started with, and we follow our main protagonist, Jocelyn. She lives in Scotland. She is originally from the United States but moved from the United States to Scotland because of a family tragedy.

At the book’s beginning, Jocelyn is looking for a new apartment. She finds one On Dublin Street. The story takes off from then as we see Jocelyn adjusting to her new life. Also, as we see her connect with different characters, romance happens. Romance isn’t my favorite part of the series.

I found the steamy romance likable in the second book but not enjoyable. I enjoyed the spiciness and the main character in the third book more than I did in the first. It developed more and seemed more realistic than in the first and second books. The fourth book was exciting for the main character. I was excited to see how things would develop for her, but it felt flat again. I didn’t enjoy the love interest and the romance.

The fifth book in the series is Echoes of Scotland Street. I was super excited about this one since we also follow another character. That is featured in the other four previous books as a part of this companion series. Then we have the sixth book, Moonlight on Nightingale Way, my favorite. Not only did I love the love interest, but I also loved the main character and the story. It was a perfect conclusion, starting with the prose. It is a great series to pick if you love New Adult mafia romance with spicy.

Author: Samantha Young
Narrator: Paula Costello
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Tropes: Feisty-heroine, Abuse, Alphas
Number Of Pages: 372
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Mass Market Paperback | Kindle

5 Spicy Romance Books For Young Adults

“A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas – This enthralling series opener blends faerie lore, enchanting realms, and steamy romance with a strong, evolving heroine at its core. Feyre’s journey from survival to love and beyond, especially her intense relationship with Tamlin, is gripping. As the series progresses, it ventures into more mature themes, making it a favorite among young adults craving depth and passion in their reading.

“The Wrath & the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh – Inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” this novel introduces Shahrzad, who volunteers to marry the feared Caliph of Khorasan to avenge her best friend’s death. What unfolds is a story of vengeance, love, and betrayal, woven with lush prose and fiery exchanges. The chemistry between Shahrzad and Khalid is electrifying, making it a standout choice for those who love their romance with a side of epic storytelling.

“Crave” by Tracy Wolff – Set against the backdrop of an Alaskan boarding school that’s more than it seems, this novel follows Grace as she faces a world filled with vampires, dragons, and witches. The central romance between Grace and Jaxon, a vampire with secrets, is filled with tension, attraction, and danger, appealing to readers who enjoy paranormal elements with their romance.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han – For those who prefer their romance with a lighter yet equally heart-fluttering touch, Jenny Han’s novel is a delightful read. Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control when her secret love letters get mailed to her former crushes. It’s a sweet, relatable story of first loves and the chaos they bring, highlighted by the charming romance that unfolds.

Red, White & Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston – A refreshing take on the enemies-to-lovers trope, this novel explores the unexpected and intense romance between Alex, the First Son of the United States, and Henry, a British prince. With witty banter, heartfelt moments, and a healthy dose of political intrigue, it’s a modern romance that captivates readers with its humor and heat.

5 Enemies-to-lovers Spicy Romance Books

“The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne – This book is a quintessential enemies-to-lovers story set in a publishing office where Lucy and Joshua, two executive assistants, are vying for the same promotion. Their intense rivalry turns into an equally intense connection, filled with witty banter, emotional depth, and a slow-burn romance that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. It’s a delightful mix of humor, heart, and heat.

“Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren – In this steamy read, an ambitious intern and her perfectionist boss find themselves in an unexpected and fiery relationship. The tension between Chloe and Bennett is palpable from the start, leading to a passionate and complicated romance that explores the balance between power and vulnerability. This book offers an engaging take on the enemies-to-lovers trope with plenty of spicy scenes to keep the pages turning.

“The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren – This novel delivers a dose of sunny, enemies-to-lovers romance with a side of humor. Olive and Ethan despise each other but are forced to pretend they’re newlyweds during a free trip to Hawaii after the bride and groom get food poisoning. The tropical setting provides the perfect backdrop for their antagonistic banter to evolve into something more, making it a deliciously entertaining read.

“From Lukov with Love” by Mariana Zapata – If you’re a fan of slow-burn romances, this book is a gem. It follows the story of Jasmine Santos and Ivan Lukov, figure skaters who have been rivals for years. Forced to partner together, their journey from hate to affection is deeply emotional, filled with personal growth, and, yes, sparks flying on and off the ice.

“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas – While technically the second book in the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, this novel embodies the enemies-to-lovers arc with a fantasy twist. The evolving relationship between Feyre and Rhysand is at the heart of this story, moving from deep-seated mistrust and hatred to an epic love story. It’s a tale rich with magical politics, emotional healing, and a romance that burns bright against the backdrop of a dark and intricate fantasy world.

5 Spicy Fantasy Romance Books

“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas – The second book in the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, this novel is hailed for its steamy romance and captivating fantasy elements. Following Feyre as she faces the politics and power of the faerie courts, her relationship with Rhysand deepens into a passionate and soul-stirring bond. This book shows magical world-building and intense romantic moments.

“Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood” by Sarah J. Maas – Another masterpiece by Maas, this book introduces a world teeming with magic, mystery, and a wide array of supernatural beings. The story follows Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge in the wake of a brutal murder, aided by the powerful and enigmatic Hunt Athalar. Their journey is filled with danger, intrigue, and an undeniable attraction that fans of spicy romance will thoroughly enjoy.

“The Wrath & the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh – Inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” this novel weaves a tale of love, revenge, and mystery. Shahrzad volunteers to marry the caliph, Khalid, planning to kill him to avenge her best friend’s death. However, as she discovers the truth behind the murders, her feelings for Khalid transform from hatred to a deep, complex love. The romantic tension and lush narrative make it a standout in the fantasy romance.

“Serpent & Dove” by Shelby Mahurin – Set in a world where the Church hunts witches, this novel follows Lou, a witch, and Reid, a witch hunter, who are forced into an unlikely marriage. Their initial animosity slowly turns into a profound and complicated love, marked by witty banter, dangerous secrets, and a magnetic attraction. The blend of fantasy, romance, and moral ambiguity offers a rich and spicy reading experience.

“Radiance” by Grace Draven – In a world where humans and the night-dwelling Kai detest each other, a human woman and a Kai prince are wed in a political marriage meant to foster peace. What starts as a partnership based on mutual respect and curiosity blossoms into a deep, passionate love that defies cultural boundaries. The novel is celebrated for its character-driven romance, exquisite world-building, and the exploration of beauty in differences.

5 Spicy Contemporary Romance Books

“The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang – This novel turns the traditional romance narrative on its head, featuring a heroine with Asperger’s syndrome who hires a male escort to help her understand relationships and intimacy. What starts as a transactional arrangement evolves into a deep, emotional connection. The book is celebrated for its steamy scenes, diverse characters, and a heartwarming exploration of love and acceptance.

“The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne – A quintessential enemies-to-lovers story, this novel dives into the lives of Lucy and Joshua, two executive assistants locked in a daily battle of wits. Their professional rivalry hides a burgeoning attraction that, when unleashed, results in some highly charged moments. Thorne’s witty banter and the palpable tension between the characters make this book a favorite among contemporary romance enthusiasts.

“Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover – This emotionally charged novel explores the complicated relationship between Tate and Miles, who agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement with two rules: Tate can’t ask about Miles’s past, and she can’t expect a future. The story covers love, loss, and healing, with Hoover’s signature blend of heartfelt narrative and steamy interactions.

“Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren – A captivating tale of a fiery relationship between an intern and her boss, this book combines an intense power dynamic with undeniable chemistry. The story has engaging dialogue, strong characters, and, of course, steamy scenes. “Beautiful Bastard” is a masterclass in how to blend tension, romance, and erotic moments seamlessly.

“Birthday Girl” by Penelope Douglas – This novel adds a taboo twist to the contemporary romance genre, exploring the forbidden attraction between Jordan and her boyfriend’s father, Pike. The narrative skillfully faces the complexities of their unconventional relationship, delivering a provocative and deeply emotional story. Douglas excels at creating a believable, engaging romance that pushes boundaries while remaining rooted in genuine feelings.

5 Spicy Romance Series

Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day: Starting with “Bared to You,” this series follows Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross, two individuals with troubled pasts who go on an emotionally charged and intensely passionate relationship. Set against the backdrop of New York’s high society, the series explores themes of healing, sacrifice, and love. Sylvia Day delivers a masterful blend of steamy scenes and deep emotional connections across the series.

This Man Series by Jodi Ellen Malpas: The series starts with “This Man” and introduces readers to Jesse Ward, the enigmatic owner of The Manor, and Ava O’Shea, an interior designer who falls into his orbit. Their story is one of obsession, passion, and secrets, with a romance as tumultuous as hot. Malpas crafts a narrative with twists, turns, and plenty of steamy moments.

The Breeds Series by Lora Leigh: Beginning with “Tempting the Beast,” this series combines paranormal elements with erotic romance, focusing on genetically altered humans (Breeds) and their struggles to find love and acceptance. Each book pairs a new couple, offering a mix of danger, intrigue, and scorching romance. Leigh’s imaginative world-building and the intense connections between her characters make this series a standout.

The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige: Starting with “Fixed on You,” this series follows Alayna Withers and Hudson Pierce in a captivating narrative of obsession, desire, and the power of love to heal the deepest wounds. Set against the luxurious backdrop of Manhattan’s elite, the trilogy is known for its complex characters, intense love scenes, and gripping storyline that keeps readers hooked from the first page to the last.

The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz: Beginning with “The Siren,” this series delves into the world of Nora Sutherlin, a famous erotica writer and dominatrix, and the complex relationships she navigates within the BDSM community. The series features sexuality, love, and the human condition, offering readers a mix of provocative themes, deep emotional insights, and steamy encounters.

5 Spiciest Books On Kindle Unlimited

“Priest” by Sierra Simone – This contemporary romance novel takes taboo to another level, featuring a Catholic priest, Father Tyler Bell, and his profound and forbidden attraction to Poppy Danforth. The novel explores themes of faith, desire, and redemption, all wrapped up in intensely erotic encounters that challenge both characters’ beliefs and desires. Sierra Simone crafts a narrative that’s as thought-provoking as it is steamy.

“Vicious” by L.J. Shen – Part of the “Sinners of Saint” series, this book introduces readers to Vicious, a man who lives up to his name, and Emilia, the girl who catches his eye and feels his wrath. Their story is a compelling enemies-to-lovers romance filled with angst, revenge, and an undeniable passion. L.J. Shen’s ability to weave complex characters with deeply erotic and emotional storylines makes this a standout spicy read.

“The Deal” by Elle Kennedy – The first book in the “Off-Campus” series combines the worlds of college hockey and academic ambition. Garrett Graham, a star athlete, and Hannah Wells, a music major with her challenges, strike a deal that brings them closer unexpectedly. Kennedy delivers a perfect blend of humor, heat, and heart, making it a favorite among readers looking for steam and substance.

“The Wild Heir” by Karina Halle – A royal romance with a twist, this novel explores the scandalous life of Magnus, a Norwegian crown prince, and Ella, the woman who tames him. Their arrangement starts as a solution to a royal problem but evolves into a deep, passionate connection. Halle is famous for her ability to craft spicy scenes against the backdrop of compelling emotional journeys.

“Burn for Me” by Ilona Andrews – The first book in the “Hidden Legacy” series introduces a world where magic is real and dangerous. Nevada Baylor, a private investigator, and Connor “Mad” Rogan, a powerful magic user, are thrown together in a high-stakes game of politics and power. Andrews masterfully combines paranormal elements with sizzling romantic tension, creating a unique, spicy read that’s hard to put down.

Last Words

Wow, are you feeling the heat yet? Because we’ve just walked through a list of spicy romances that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Whether you found a new title to devour or were reminded of a fiery favorite, remember that the world of spicy romance is vast and endlessly exciting. There’s always a new adventure waiting, a new love story to experience, and more heat to be discovered.

So, keep your bookmarks handy and your reading glasses on standby because the journey into love’s passionate depths is just beginning. Until next time, happy reading, and don’t forget to share your favorite spicy reads with us. Who knows? Your recommendation could be the next big hit to warm the hearts of fellow readers.

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