10 Erotic Romance Books Like Crossfire Series

Erotic Romance Books

Go on a journey through passionate love stories where romance intertwines with deep emotional complexities! If Sylvia Day’s “Crossfire Series” captivated you with its blend of intense passion, intricate relationships, and compelling drama, then you’re in for a treat. In this post, we explore a collection of novels that resonate with the fiery spirit and emotional depth of the “Crossfire Series.”

These books will sweep you into worlds where love battles against the odds, where characters face their deepest fears and desires, and where every turn of the page intensifies the heart’s longing. Prepare to be enthralled by stories that explore the nuances of love, desire, and redemption, where every moment is as pulse-pounding as it is heart-wrenching. Let’s dive into these tantalizing tales that promise to keep your heart racing and your emotions stirred!

10 Books Like Crossfire Series

The Crossfire series covers five books, and each book tells us the same couple with a different story. We saw how Gideon showed possessiveness and protected Eva. Their romance had all the complete package that we wanted. After reading this series, I was excited to read more erotic. So I have a long series collection for you. I will talk about 10 series and books similar to the Crossfire series to keep your excitement alive. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusTropes
Rush by Maya BanksGabe Hamilton, a wealthy businessman, and Mia Crestwell, the younger sister of his best friend, exploring their intense and complex dominant-submissive relationship against the backdrop of high-stakes business and personal dynamics.Forbidden romance, BDSM, age gap, wealthy protagonist, power dynamics, erotic elements, intense attraction, complex relationships, personal boundaries, emotional conflict.
The Beautiful Series Collection by Christina LaurenA set of contemporary romance novels, each focusing on different characters within a connected group of friends and colleagues.Ensemble cast, romantic entanglements, workplace romance, sexual tension, friendship dynamics, humor and wit, emotional development, steamy scenes, modern love stories, character-driven narratives.
Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin PaigeAn erotic romance novel that centers around Sabrina Lind, a young woman who gets entangled in a complex and steamy relationship with two wealthy and powerful men, Donovan Kincaid and Weston King, exploring themes of desire, control, and past traumas.Love triangle, wealthy protagonists, power dynamics, erotic themes, past trauma, complex relationships, corporate setting, emotional intensity, dark romance, personal discovery.
Fixed on You by Laurelin PaigeA contemporary romance novel focusing on the intense and complicated relationship between Alayna Wither, a woman with a history of obsessive behavior, and Hudson Pierce, a wealthy entrepreneur with his own emotional baggage.Intense romance, troubled pasts, wealthy businessman, emotional healing, obsession, power dynamics, New York City setting, erotic elements, personal growth, complex relationships.
Backstage Pass by Olivia CunningA passionate relationship between Myrna, a psychology professor, and Brian, a talented guitarist, as they navigate the highs and lows of life on tour with a rock band.Rock star romance, tour life, passionate love affair, erotic encounters, musician protagonist, strong female lead, emotional drama, band dynamics, lifestyle of fame, romantic adventure.
This Man by Jodi Ellen MalpasA contemporary erotic romance novel centered around the intense and tumultuous relationship between Ava O’Shea, an interior designer, and Jesse Ward, the charismatic and controlling owner of a luxurious manor.Dominant male lead, intense romance, emotional complexity, erotic themes, power dynamics, luxury setting, personal secrets, love and obsession, strong female protagonist, dramatic conflicts.
The Blackstone Affair Collection by Raine MillerAn intense and passionate relationship between an American art student, and a wealthy British security mogul, as they face a world of desire, secrets, and dangers.Intense romantic relationship, erotic elements, cross-cultural dynamics, security and protection themes, high-stakes environment, wealth and power, emotional trauma, art and photography, suspenseful plot, personal growth.
The Beauty Series by Georgia CatesA contemporary romance trilogy that follows the evolving relationship between Laurelyn Prescott, an aspiring musician, and Jack Henry McLachlan, a wealthy wine mogul.Erotic romance, musician protagonist, wealthy businessman, secret identity, power dynamics, international setting, personal growth, emotional vulnerability, intense attraction, relationship challenges.
Manwhore by Katy EvansThe relationship between Rachel Livingston, a journalist, and Malcolm Saint, a notorious wealthy playboy.Billionaire romance, journalist and subject dynamic, playboy character, emotional entanglement, ethical dilemmas, intense attraction, Chicago setting, personal and professional conflict, character transformation, steamy narrative.
Promised by Jodi Ellen MalpasA contemporary romance novel that explores the arranged marriage between Livy, a young, innocent woman, and M, a mysterious and wealthy man.Arranged marriage, mystery man, emotional discovery, sexual awakening, wealth and luxury, hidden past, intense romance, personal struggles, protective protagonist, passion vs. duty.
Books Like Crossfire Series List

1. Rush (Breathless)

Each book in the series follows a different couple. The first book is Rush, which follows Gabe, a wealthy businessman. He ends up being very infatuated with his best friend’s little sister, who is very innocent and a lot younger. Mia has always had a crush on Gabe, but she always thought he was out of her league.

Suddenly, Gabe gives her all this attention, and he sweeps her into this very intoxicating relationship. So, it was very fun, dramatic, and intense. This is one that I think of as an erotica subgenre after the Crossfire series.


Author: Maya Banks
Narrator: Adam Paul
Average Rating: 4.2/5
Category: Romantic Suspense
Number Of Pages: 396
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

2. The Beautiful Series Collection

The first book is Beautiful Bastard, and this follows Chloe, a new intern at a company. She has a sexual relationship with her boss, and they are enemies. In the beginning, they don’t like each other. So, it isn’t as dark and serious as the other ones I’m going to talk about. This one is way more fun and light, similar to the Crossfire series.

It’s been years since I’ve read the series, but I loved it back in the day, and I want to reread it. I would recommend this one. If you are new to the subgenre and you haven’t read a lot of erotica or romance, this one is a pretty good one to start with because it’s nothing super heavy or complicated.


Author: Christina Lauren
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Number Of Pages: 294
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Pocket Book | Kindle

3. Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet)

This is a duology, and it follows the same couple. It classifies as dark romance a little bit, and we follow Sabrina. When she was a freshman, she got wrapped up in two men who were very mysterious and dark. She was trying to get one of their attention, but she ended up getting the attention of the other guy.

Ten years later, Sabrina is back in their world. She applies to work at their company, and she ends up getting wrapped up in everything once again. This book has a lot of secrets. It’s very dramatic and intense. There are some dubious consent scenes and sexual assaults like the Crossfire series. I enjoyed the storyline, and the characters were pretty interesting.

Dirty Filthy Rich Men

Author: Laurelin Paige
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: College Romance
Number Of Pages: 280
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

4. Fixed on You (Fixed)

The first book, Fixed On You, follows Alayna, who has a dark past. She is known for stalking and having restraining orders, but she has now changed her ways. So, she’s tried to focus on her work and be more successful, and work her way up in the nightclub that she works at. But she gets the attention of the nightclub owner, and he wants her, and he will do anything to have her.

I was very into the relationship and the character development. Alayna was a very different, intriguing character like Eva in the Crossfire series. She’s not your typical female character in erotica romances. There are technically six books, and they do follow the same couple. This is also very intense and dramatic, but also passionate.

Fixed on You

Author: Laurelin Paige
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Contemporary Romance Fiction
Number Of Pages: 292
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

5. Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour)

We follow Brian, who is the songwriter and guitarist for a band. He has currently lost his creative spark. So he can’t write music and income. Our female character Myrna, a psychologist, and Brian hit it off. Suddenly, she becomes his muse, and he gets inspired to make music again. The story follows five band members, and they each have their book and their romance.

The first and second books in the series are my favorites. Like the Crossfire series, this series is funny, and it’s nothing super deep or heavy, but you automatically feel connected to the characters. Also, you want them all to have their happy ending and be successful. Olivia has a bunch of other erotic romances, but this is the best for her.

Backstage Pass

Author: Olivia Cunning
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Romantic Erotica
Number Of Pages: 386
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

6. This Man

This book follows our female character, an interior designer, and she gets assigned to design the manor, which is owned by our male character, Jesse. Their relationship quickly develops into something more. But Jesse is hiding a lot of secrets. He’s a very mysterious playboy.

I recommend the series if you want something very dramatic, emotionally exhausting, and addicting to read. It has some problems like it’s not the perfect book, but I still really enjoyed the series. The characters’ emotions and plot vibe are similar to those in the Crossfire series.

This Man

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Average Rating: 4.2/5
Category: Fiction Urban Life, Humorous Erotica
Number Of Pages: 465
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

7. The Blackstone Affair Collection

The first book of this series is Naked, and this follows Brynne, a university student. On the side, she does photography, and she takes photos. One day, a successful businessman buys her adult portraits, and he decides that he wants her.

She is hesitant about getting involved with him and his world. He was a great love interest, and the female character was as well. Also, I love the way their relationship progressed, and I loved this whole series. You must read it if you want a heavy romance with a dark vibe, such as the Crossfire series.

The Blackstone Affair

Author: Raine Miller
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: College Romance
Number Of Pages: 530
Available: Hardcover | Kindle

8. The Beauty Series

The first book is Beauty From Pain, and it follows a successful, wealthy bachelor. He’s not interested in any real relationship, and he meets our heroine, a musician. They decide to have a three-month affair and then go their separate ways.

It had a very different plot, but it had a lot of similarities to Crossfire. I enjoyed the characters and the romance. This one is not as heavy or intense as the other ones. It is a little bit more lighthearted or not as serious.

Beauty Series

Author: Georgia Cates
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Action & Adventure Romance
Number Of Pages: 284
Available: Paperback | Kindle

9. Manwhore

This is a duology, and it follows the same couple. We have a female character who is a journalist. She’s writing on our male character, which is very mysterious and closed off. He’s a successful bachelor, and everybody wants to get the scoop on who he is, but our female character is the one who gets to interview him. She becomes very wrapped up in his world. So, it was a very intense and intoxicating romance like the Crossfire series.


Author: Katy Evans
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Women’s Literary Fiction
Number Of Pages: 369
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

10. Promised (One Night)

Livy works at a coffee shop, and she gets distracted by a good-looking man (Miller) who leaves her this mysterious note. They plan to have a one-night stand together. But things slowly evolve into more, and Miller hides many secrets. It’s very mysterious. This series is also very addicting and very emotionally heavy. You can relate the plot and characters’ emotions with the Crossfire series.

One Night

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: BDSM Erotica
Number Of Pages: 408
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

These stories, brimming with passion, drama, and the complexities of relationships, remind us of the transformative power of love in all its forms. They explore the depths of human emotion, the struggles of overcoming personal demons, and the exhilarating journey of finding someone who resonates with our souls.

So, as you embark on your next reading adventure, may these books fill you with the same fervor, excitement, and emotional depth that you found in Sylvia Day’s captivating series. Until our next exploration of love’s boundless narratives, happy reading, and may your journey through these pages be as intensely satisfying as the stories they tell!

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