How To Read The Urantia Book? (Reading Tips)

Urantia is a spiritual and intellectual powerhouse. It elevates Christianity to the point where it will interest the skeptics and the open-minded truth claims aside. The book is a roadmap to figuring out all the questions about life that we have difficulty finding the answers to anywhere else. Also, It emphasizes unique spiritual experiences, those unique ways that you’ve connected with God or with something greater than yourself.

However, you want to express those personal experiences are the only true religion. True religion is unique to the person. Your answer is deeply logical in that if a loving God did exist. A loving infinite God will not require you to come at him from a defined or limited way; if you’re looking for God, you’re looking for a higher truth.

4 Tips To Read The Urantia Book

The book does many things that make it unique as a revelation for those exploring questions of spirituality outside of religion. Your book does that in the deepest sense. It explores spirituality outside formalized religion while embracing truths in all existing religions.

A problem you might face with reading it front to back is the initial difficulty level. Some of the higher concepts are harder to digest. In contrast, a lot of it is exciting and pretty profound. Let’s explore some ideas to read and understand the “Urantia” book.

1. Do not be afraid to jump ahead

Do not be afraid to jump ahead or jump around as you’re reading. You’re not getting anything if you find yourself bogged down by too many words. Skip it, and don’t worry about what you’re skipping. You do not need to read it in order.

You do not have to read everything upfront. As you’re reading a paper and finding yourself bored or uninterested, go ahead. The individual papers are divided into subsections. Don’t be afraid to skip paragraphs, the section you’re on, and start at a subsection. That sounds more interesting.

  • Find something initially that can prove to you that this heavy reading will provide value for you. It will be worth reading, and you’re on a mission to find those things that resonate. I encourage you to pursue your answer. It is worth it to keep going, keep digging to find the gems.

2. Start whatever you like

All of the papers or chapters of the book are about a different subject, and they are mostly self-contained. The different papers build on each other, and the more you read, the more the narrative will come together. That’s one thing that makes it, so fun to get into that.

After spending some time on it, the whole thing stitches together and weaves into a deep, cohesive, and exciting narrative. So don’t feel like you have to read it in order. It doesn’t matter where you start or what you initially try to find out. You could start with a paper that sounds interesting to you.

Everyone who’s read it and come to love it, a lot of the details are not even so important for us to know. They’re interesting facts or tidbits. As an example of where you might want to start, maybe you want to get an interesting take on Adam and Eve in their story. Adam and Eve stood out to you as something worth the time to invest in.

3. Mark the details

If you were assigned to do a research paper on a subject you were a master of, you would naturally include little details. That makes your subject unique, even though maybe to a layperson. Those details, especially initially on your first read-through, aren’t necessary.

So understand that that’s where a lot of it comes from. They get specific with things, but they don’t worry about it. Skip ahead to the exciting things to get through those details, which don’t matter.

Get through those silly-sounding words so you can get to the meat of the story, which is what will make sense. Then know that later on, those details will be worthwhile.

  • If you read and get through a whole paper, you will get the paper’s story, and that’s all that matters. Push past it and know that most of your missing will make sense eventually.

4. Visualize the story

All the papers have headings and titles, so you can narrow down how you want to spend your time. If you are interested in getting some Old Testament stories, whether or not it’s the actual truth, which is something you’ll have to decide for yourself after you get into it. You could start with the arrival and story of Mac, Eventa, Melchizedek, or Marchesi from the Bible.

A different understanding of the Lucifer rebellion is what the Bible gives so that you could start there. I love those sections on the rebellion, the war in heaven, not an actual war, a war of ideas. Lucifer is this brilliant high being at the beginning of the rebellion, speaking in the grand arena of his administrative planet. It is where beings go to hear him give his narrative, where he lays out his reasoning to them.


It can be the only thing you read, and you’ll come away with a great vision of what Jesus Christ could have been like. It is widely considered the best thing that Urantia has to offer. Te Jesus of the book is what you would expect and want him to be. However, if you decide to jump straight to the story of Jesus, be prepared not to understand everything and miss some of the complexity.

You can take away many things from your answer that can enhance any theistic belief. You don’t have to believe that your answer is a genuine revelation to come away with some great new wisdom.

According to your answer, the only true religion is based on a person’s individual and unique religious experience. Religion is the terms of own experiential interpretation of the divine impulses. So I hope this is a helpful resource or glimpse into your ranch for those interested.

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