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The Untethered Soul is one of the best self-help books to feel fully motivated and energize the mind. After reading this book, you founded a yoga and meditation place that makes much sense. The person inside your head is never content, no matter how good your day is going.

Can you feel that all the time? Who cares what happens outside? Life is continuously changing, and if you’re trying to control it, you’ll never be able to live it. Instead of living life fully, you’ll be afraid of it. Isn’t that the truth of this year?

To grow, you must give up the struggle to remain the same and learn to embrace change at all times. We are different people than we were last year. If you were living every experience fully, death doesn’t take anything away from you. The fear of missing out is what makes us afraid of death. There are many awesome tips and facts in the book that anybody can organize their life easily. If you like The Untethered Soul, keep scrolling!

5 Books like The Untethered Soul (Spirituality & Psychology)

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer is about psychology with spirituality. This book covers most of the critical questions-answers about life and mind. The author talks about these unique ways by example.

That helps us easy to understand. Do you want to read more motivational and self-help books? I’m going to review 5 similar books similar to The Untethered Soul. Let’s go!

1. A New Earth

There’s a lot of buzz about this book and this author in particular. It speaks a lot to spirituality and self-awareness. So there are two big aspects to the book, and that is number one is the ego. Number two is consciousness. It talks about ego versus consciousness and what that means.

So to give you a little brief understanding about ego, the ego would mean when you are trying to identify with something in the external world. When you’re trying to identify with material objects you own and your role in this outer world. You want to be in power.

Your negative reactions and ego are very reactive and react to the external world. The solution to coming from a place of ego is being aware and having an awoken consciousness. Once you are conscious about what you are doing and your behavior, you can self-evaluate. It means that you’re now aware of what you’re doing and not will take you away from the place of reaction, a place of ego.

So the book talks about how you can become self-aware in what you’re doing and operate in a greater vibration where you’re in tune with who you are and your spirit inside you. Like The Untethered Soul, the author describes who you are and that it’s not connected to all this stuff. It comes from a place of love and lights your spirit inside you. So it is very spiritual, and it gets you thinking about those places you go to.

A New Earth

Author: Eckhart Tolle
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Spiritual Self-Help, Philosophy
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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2. The Seat of the Soul

I found it was one of Oprah’s best books of her lifetime career that she shared on the Oprah show. The book’s main message is that as we evolve as a human species, we become more in touch with our spiritual relationship with the world. Through that, the author specifically is talking about our intuition. He’s talking about our connection to other people. You will know how much we are in touch with our senses and how that is a big step into the direction we want to go.

The author talks about karma and tension, responsibility, power, and how these relate to us being more spiritually connected to ourselves and each other. The book is essential in our psychological evolution and modern-day psychology with spirituality.

The words, emotions, and spirituality were not a part of the psychological dictionary until the nineteen nineties. So this book has an important place in how we were able to start looking at and developing ideas around spirituality in psychology. You will find similarities with the book The Untethered Soul.

The Seat of the Soul

Author: Gary Zukav
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Self-Esteem, New Thought Spirituality
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Audio CD | Kindle

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3. Do the Work

This book is an extremely quick read because it is less than a hundred pages. The interior is so well spaced out with large fonts and text that it was so easy for me to read it in one sitting. The book is about doing big projects now, sometimes when we have a big task. It can be very overwhelming, and it can be very difficult to start, and it can be even harder to finish because this thing called resistance gets in our way.

Like The Untethered Soul, this book is all about the different types of resistance, overcoming them, and completing your project. It walks you through the process of completing those big projects, and it takes you through every single step. So starting the actual bit in the middle can become a little harder, with the resistance very easy to quit.

At this point, your motivation is gone. How do you keep going? How do you get over the final hurdle and put it out there, which can be one of the hardest steps? Then we have to face the possibility of rejection or people not liking what we have created. The example that they use in the book is writing a book.

So for anybody who wants to be an author, whether writing a fiction or nonfiction book, this little book will help you complete that project. However, it would also be useful for any other type of big project or challenge. This book allows you to read it and then literally get on with doing the work rather than spending all your time reading without executing.

Do the Work

Author: Steven Pressfield
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Popular Psychology Creativity & Genius, Success Self-Help
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | MP3 CD | Kindle

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4. The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom

Every book has its aspects, and it is different traits that help you understand more of your mind. But this unlocked what started the journey to greatness. That is the difference between conditional and unconditional love. Conditional deals with things in people, but it’s only based on your value system. While unconditional is when you respect the values of every single person and their perspectives, you don’t have to agree with it.

The author broke down so many different masses that people set goals and different teams compared to the competition. But the next thing was conditional and unconditional goals. So conditional goal is you’re going to work out. Then you have unconditional goals where you will improve something like lose weight. There’s so much more fire content in the book that explodes your mind. You will get many philosophical lessons similar to The Untethered Soul.

The Mastery of Self

Author: Charlie Varon
Average Customer Review: (4.8 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: New Thought Spirituality, Philosophy Metaphysics
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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5. Think Like A Monk

This book breaks down the principles behind having a monk-like mentality, focusing on things such as breathwork, finding your purpose, and other practical techniques. Jay Shetty starts the book by telling us that you will go to business people when you need help on entrepreneurial grounds. You will read the stories of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and all these great businessmen.

If you want to learn about innovation, you will read Elon Musk’s books or watch and listen to him everywhere. If you want to know about literature, you will read certain books and follow certain people. In the same way, when you want to live a peaceful life, then you want to live a life where there is a lot of calmness, then the experts in that field are monks.

We can’t go to the Himalayas or some monastery to become monks. If everyone starts becoming monks, it will not be possible to continue as a society. If we do not become monks, we can think like a monk. So accordingly, this book is all about adopting the monk mindset and becoming more calm and peaceful in our life. Even though we are always surrounded by so much noise and so many distractions. We can still try to calm ourselves and become more monk-like. So this is the whole concept of the book.

The best thing about this book is that it is very wholesome and covers every area of our lives. If you don’t read many self-help books, this will be the perfect book for you. The way the author talks and we talk in English regularly are not very difficult. He does not use difficult words, so you have to fetch the dictionary for every sentence. This book is one of the best self-help books for beginners after The Untethered Soul.

Think Like A Monk

Author: Jay Shetty
Average Customer Review: (4.8 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Stress Management, Buddhist Rituals & Practice (Best Seller)
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Audio CD | Kindle

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