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My Side Of The Mountain took me to a different world. It’s about a boy who runs away to the woods. But unlike most kids, he stays out there. He does not come back an hour later or stay out there the next day. He makes his own home and learns to survive by hunting and collecting plants and fruits.

The style of writing is from Sam’s point of view. The first chapter is like a flash-forward of something that happens way ahead. But then, in the second chapter, we go back to the first time he decides to go to the woods. There are a few drawings now and then by the author himself. You are on the right track if you want to read books like My Side Of The Mountain!

5 Books Like My Side Of The Mountain (Travel & Survival)

After reading the book “My Side Of The Mountain,” I was fascinated by adventure in jungle life. The book’s main character tells me many things about life and survival alone.

As a travel and adventure lover, you also like this and want to read more similar books. So I will review 5 books similar to My Side Of The Mountain that make you feel you are on the journey. Let’s start our self-discovery journey!

1. Into the Wild

Into The Wild is the story of Christopher Johnson McCandless, who runs away from home after he graduates college doesn’t tell any of his family members. He goes on spiritual and soul-searching excursions across the country. It tells you that in April 1992, Chris was found dead in a bus in Alaska.

So the story is told through a series of interviews with people who knew Chris and met him along the way. Also, it tells the story through the eyes of the people Chris met and through journals that he wrote and thought he wrote in the passages of his books.

One of the fascinating things about this book is that it’s not written in chronological order. It starts with Chris’s death, and then it jumps back and forth from different periods in this journey. The author does that because he wants to reveal Chris to you in his way. He starts revealing little bits and pieces of Chris painting him as a second trick but intellectual person.

Then slowly get deeper and deeper into Chris’s psyche and understand more of them because John reveals him. Another great thing about this book is the maps at some of the beginning of the chapters. A lot of the time, it shows you the places that Krakauer is talking about.

Chris was such an avid reader, and almost all the books he read were of a transcendentalist nature like My Side Of The Mountain. While the book romanticizes it, it also points out the contradictions, fallacies, and inconsistencies of that lifestyle. It opened my eyes to wanting to live a trans and, nonetheless, lifestyle in a different form.

Chris isn’t exactly trained to handle the situations he puts himself in. Some people think he didn’t get what he deserved when he went into Alaska, but he shouldn’t have expected it to be that easy because it’s the wilderness. Chris goes out unprepared because he wants to be unprepared.

Into the Wild

Author: Jon Krakauer
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Expeditions & Discoveries World History, Pacific West United States Travel Books (Best Seller)
Available: Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

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2. Hatchet

This book does involve death, heart attack, divorce, and adultery. There is a brief discussion of a suicide attempt. So you should use your discernment as to whether your child is ready for this content, and you might even want to read it yourself first. The book short is under four hours on audiobook, so it would be a pretty quick read if you want to read it yourself first. Scholastic does recommend this book for grades six and up.

The book did win a Newbery honor and is considered a young adult wilderness survival novel. It can be difficult to find good books for boys of high interest. It’s pretty action-packed from the very beginning. The book starts with a plane crash within the first few pages. It brings in some science content when the main character remembers what he learned in his science class. To survive, he remembers back on some of the lessons that he learned, so that’s interesting and not something you get in a lot of fiction novels.

Essentially, this is the story of how Brian, the main character, survives a plane crash in the wilderness. It reads like a non-fiction book, which boys do to like non-fiction better. Also, it is very adventure-packed similar to My Side Of The Mountain. Many of the events in Hatchet were inspired by the real-life events of the author.

So it seems very realistic because it’s based on some of the events in his life. In fact, the author wrote another book about the adventures that inspired Hatchet, and that book is called Guts. It is also the first of five books in the series.


Author: Gary Paulsen
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Teen & Young Adult Survival Stories (Best Seller)
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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3. The Stranger In The Woods

The story centers around a guy named Christopher Knight. When he was 20 years old, he decided to abandon all people. He hopped in his car, and he parked on the side of the primary woods and walked in, and for 30 something odd years, he never came out. He managed to find a way to survive throughout these without talking, making human contact with a single human being the entire time. He was alone by himself, his design and desire for these years.

Now, one of the ways that he survived, and it’s debatable whether he was a true hermit because of this reason, is he would steal from people who had this summer and winter vacation homes located nearby his campsite. He would find these crazy ways to break into people’s houses. He could pick locks, walkthrough windows, and come through undetected and many different ways. Also, he would steal from people and steal food, magazines books.

This guy was almost like bigfoot or an urban legend because many people didn’t believe that he could be surviving in the Maine woods during this icy and brutal winter climate that they’re in. The author talked to many of these locals who felt violated and felt like he was very polarizing, so some felt violated. Some of them felt like he was kept to himself, and they were happy to help him out with food. But he was very polarizing, and these people didn’t believe that he was real. They thought it was maybe a gang of kids playing pranks.

It was true that this was the person, and he was doing it all by himself without any help. Remarkably, he was even able to survive this guy. He had almost a methodical precision way that he went about walking. It was pretty cool to read the story and read a straightforward story about a guy living his life on his terms. After reading it, you will find similarities with My Side Of The Mountain.

The Stranger In The Woods

Author: Michael Finkel
Average Customer Review: (4.6 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: New England US Travel, Forests & Rainforests
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

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4. Wild

Like My Side Of The Mountain, It is a memoir from the author’s point of view. The actual story took place in 1995, so it’s been a little bit since she’s done what she does in this book. But there’s a hiking boot on there because she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, or at least most of it by herself. She is pretty ambitious, and she had no backpacking experience whatsoever.

So she even decided to do this because it was a hard time in her life. Her mother had died from cancer in her forties. She was married for a little bit, and that’s her mother dying made her marriage crumbles, and her family split apart. So her life was going down the drain.

One day, she was in a store and happened to see a guide for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She casually picked it up, looking at it. She was hearty in the sense that she could do serious camping, but she was not prepared at all for having to carry a huge pack on her back and hike thousands of miles on a trail.

There are parts where the Sierra Nevadas are snowed in, and she can’t hike it. So she has to take a considerable detour and take all these buses and roads. Then she hitchhiked plenty of times, and she hitched hikes with guys that could be bad men. It jumps between how she’s doing on the trail, and then it’ll jump back to when she was little.

It’ll talk about her and Paul. Or how she’s Paul being her ex-husband or how she was doing heroin with this other guy, and she was living from paycheck to paycheck. You get a vast amount of her backstory. As you get farther and farther on in the book, it is based on the trail because it becomes an integral part of her life.


Author: Cheryl Strayed
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: North America Travel & Tourism, Travel Writing & Commentary
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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5. Island of the Blue Dolphins

This story is realistic fiction, and it takes place on an island and is told from the perspective of Karana, a young girl who lives in an indigenous tribe. Karana has a younger brother named Ramos, and her father is the chief of their tribe. One day, a boat full of men and women comes vast to their island and demands that they allow them to hunt on the island. The tribe makes a deal with the elites that if they are hunting on the island, they will have to give a portion of what they are gathering. Also, they should give it to the tribe to allow them to hunt there.

So the elites make home their make camp there and start to hunt when the elites decide that it’s time for them to go. They get ready to pack up and leave. But instead of making good on the payment they promised, a war breaks out on the island, and people in her tribe are killed.

So the tribe worries that the elites will return after they leave and decide that it’s time for them to pack their stuff and go. The tribes have gathered all of their things, went onto the ships, and started to sail off onto the ocean. Karana realizes that Ramos is not on the boats.

Karana asks them to turn the ships around. But if the ships turn around, they would crash. They wouldn’t be able to turn around without it being devastating. Karana needs to make sure that her brother is safe. So she jumps off of the ship and swims back to the island to save her little brother. They have to figure out as a young girl and an even younger little boy how to survive on their own when she is a woman.

So she never was taught how to hunt, and her little brother is too young to hunt the way that the older men were able to. They have to make do with what they have in each other. The surviving plots and character relations are similar to My Side Of The Mountain.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author: Scott O’Dell
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Historical Fiction, Adventure & Survival
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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