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Into Thin Air is a non-fiction book about Jon Krakauer’s trek up the side of Mount Everest. This is also related to the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. The book begins with background about Mount Everest and how it was discovered to be the tallest mountain in the world. People want to conquer it because that’s what humans want to do: prove that they are the best. Mount Everest climbing means you are the best because you climb the highest mountain.

With the onset of more modern gear and modern technology, many people were climbing the mountain who weren’t necessarily qualified to like they didn’t have any mountaineering climbing experience. Jon was on a team with many different people with the Japanese woman, New Zealander. It is extremely gripping because so many crazy things were happening. People were freezing to death, falling off the side of mountains. If you want to read like Into Thin Air, follow me.

5 Books Like Into Thin Air (Adventure & Survival)

I was shocked and statue when I read the book Into Thin Air. I learned many things about survival skills and adventure. This book was so thrilling and exciting to me.

You also feel like me because you want to read more books like that. So as an adventure lover, I read many books like Into Thin Air. Now, I will review the top of my 5 books similar to Into Thin Air. Let’s start!

1. Touching the Void

Touching the Void tells the true story of two climbers in the Peruvian Andes. They’ve got the top of grand grande, which is a peak that was 6344 meters high. They’ve begun their descent back down when Joe (author) slips and he has a nasty accident. He’s got nasty breaks to both his legs.

So Joe’s badly injured, and his climbing partner is Simon Yates, and they’ve got to get down and off this mountain to save themselves. They come up with a plan whereby Simon lowers Joe down a length of rope. Joe then takes his weight off the rope, climbs onto the rocks onto the ground, and then Simon climbs down as well. So they’ve been through this a few times. Then what happens?

Simon’s thinking Joe is probably dangling in mid-air. He’s not reached the ground yet, so he’s not taken his weight off, and they wait there for a while. So again, Simon is being dragged off to this ledge. He can’t do anything to help Simon and is sorry to help Joe. The only thing he can do ultimately saves himself, and to do that, and he has to cut the rope. Joe is going to go tumbling to his death.

So eventually, this is the whodunit. Could you do it? But Simon cuts the rope. Joe falls and is on his descent. Simon has a bit of a look around for Joe. Like Into Thin Air, this book tells the extraordinary story of Joe’s survival, which is Joe fell into this crevasse. He can’t get up out of this crevasse because he’s so badly injured. So he, after a while, makes the decision. He can only head down and doesn’t know if he’ll be able to get out, but he has no choice.

Touching the Void

Author: Joe Simpson
Average Customer Review: (4.6 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Adventure Travel, Outdoors & Nature, Climbing
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

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2. The Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm is a non-fiction book. If you have seen the movie, I highly recommend it. You can get a lot out of the book, and that’s not to put down the movie at all. You join on an entirely different level through the book if you haven’t seen the movie.

There are three main elements for the two main things: dealing with the weather and the power of a storm. A specific storm hit the Atlantic Ocean Atlantic coastline in 1991. It’s also focusing a lot on the fishing industry and the men who work in it, the struggles they face, how dangerous that line of work is, and how that type of life impacts them.

The author does a good job diving into the background of the individuals involved in the storyline. This book primarily focuses on one ship, Andrea Gail. It says it’s on the back of the Andrea Gail sinks during the storm, and all crewmen die. So a large part of this book covers the crew members of this boat as they go towards their deaths, even though they don’t know it.

There’s a great story element to it. But if you don’t want nonfiction, you might not enjoy some parts of the book. The author gets very technical when he explains stuff like the shipping industry, how fishing works, aspects of weather. All the scientific elements of the storm get very technical.

Biotic the elements they deal with a crew. Men are so compelling that you might be able to work your way through the more scientific parts that you normally wouldn’t enjoy. This book does cover the other people involved in the storm other than the anger angle. The storm impacts several other boats with the cover, the deal with the Coast Guard, the National Guard, and the civilians living on the coast. So it’s more than this one book that has many similarities to Into Thin Air.

It is an amazing journey. It’s for people involved, and it is very much a job where they put their lives on the line every time they go out and vote. So it gives you whole respect to those people and gives you a lot of respect for whether the awesome power of Mother Nature of the Storm is impressive when the author describes it.

This perfect storm was created in a storm. It was a perfect storm. They described it as one of those storms that would only come along once every 100 years. The conditions it created were very freakish. So this book is inspired a lot of me in several regards, be it from the fishermen to the power of Mother Nature is as a compelling book.

The Perfect Storm

Author: Sebastian Junger
Average Customer Review: (4.6 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Natural Disasters, Survival Skills
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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3. Dead Mountain

This is the one that stuck out to me the most. It is nonfiction, as it is a true story. The story is about nine hikers going through the Russian mountains in 1959, and all of them were found dead. But they were all found in very mysterious circumstances where ten had been ripped open. None of them had shoes on or proper winter clothing.

Over 50 years later, nobody has been able to solve this mystery. So the author, Donnie Eichar, a documentary filmmaker, decided to investigate. At one point, he goes to Russia to investigate and retrace the steps of the climbers up through the past, where they were found dead. What is so amazing, in my opinion, about this book is how well Donnie Eichar humanizes the story. What happened to these nine hikers, and what do their family and friends deal with?

One of the few positives that came out of the Soviet Union was that they were a very egalitarian society, and the women were seen as equals on this hiking trip. So the story goes back between the chapters following the author and his investigation and what he was uncovering.

Then back to what we already know happened to the climbers themselves when they first left for the trip, the investigators eventually found their bodies. This is a very famous case in Russia that many people know about, obviously not so famous in other parts of the world.

So people have been speculating for these past 50 years about what could have happened. The theories go anywhere from basic avalanches and things that happen to hikers to UFOs are going to do it because it is that mysterious possibly. The circumstances that they were found under and the backdrop of the Soviet Union at the time is something that you cannot ignore.

Like Into Thin Air, the whole book is filled with all of the pictures and maps. The picture on the cover is thought to be the last picture they took before they died. Of course, we will never know what happened to them, but the author takes all of the main theories, examines them, and puts forth what he thinks is the most compelling and reasonable. It was so interesting getting to know the climbers and so sad to know what their families would have gone through.

Dead Mountain

Author: Donnie Eichar
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Expeditions & Discoveries
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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4. Deep survival

This book is about who lives, who dies, and why. It’s a fascinating book about why some people live through disasters, are stuck on a mountain or trapped in a snowstorm, and why others don’t. One of the author’s tips is one way to become a survivor is to stay cool, except for what you see. Don’t try and make it make sense. What you think you’re seeing is real, and you have to accept that have a sense of humor and stay calm.

Another thing he says to do is read accident reports. This might seem morbid, but reading accident reports and whatever you like to do if you like to mountaineer read mountaineering accident reports. Because by learning what other people do wrong, maybe you won’t make the same mistake.

The hikers play a fun game to try to get to the top. In one year, they had an avalanche danger, but they ignored it because they were seasoned riders that knew what they were doing right. What ended up happening is one of them triggered Avalanche, and it killed one of the guys at the bottom. So first of all, you have to be aware when situations change. You have to be aware of the situation you have to be in.

The other guys were at the bottom two, but they took off. That’s like natural selection. It’s harsh and brutal, but that’s what happens if you were in front of a car and didn’t move. If you’re mountain biking, you shouldn’t fear the rocks and the potential falling and all those things. So it was an exciting read like Into Thin Air.

Deep survival

Author: Laurence Gonzales
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Mountaineering, Survival, Adventure Travel
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

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5. Alone on the Wall

This book is about how incredible a climber Alex Honnold is, not with free soloing, basically when you climb a mountain or structure without any harnesses ropes. He has no equipment besides chalk and some water, but about all the fantastic climbing feats he’s done. This book is the perfect complement to that documentary. It starts with the beginning of Alex’s life.

Some difficulties that he had in childhood and everything how he discovered climbing. Then how the more he did it, the more he became obsessed with it. He was somebody who constantly would do more and more incredibly impressive climbs. David Roberts does do a fantastic job covering Alex’s life and everything. But throughout the book, it goes back and forth between David’s own words and Alex’s words.

It’s cool to see the different perspectives David explains from his perspective. Being a climber would it’s like looking at Alex’s history and the feats that he’s done. Especially as a climber, he knows how incredibly impressive some of Alex’s feats have done. So it’s cool to see them going back from that to Alex’s perspective being in the first person. The book goes through so many of the amazing journeys of his life, which is similar to Into Thin Air. His accomplishments and his feats show a bunch of great pitchers.

Alone on the Wall

Author: Alex Honnold, David Roberts
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Climbing, Biographies & Memoirs (Editor’s Pick)
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | MP3 CD

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