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Hello, dear readers! We’re delving into the tumultuous and gripping world of betrayal romance. These stories, woven with threads of deceit, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption, promise to take you on an emotional rollercoaster that tests the limits of love and forgiveness. If you’ve ever found yourself captivated by tales where love is not only challenged but also reborn from the ashes of betrayal, then you’re in for a treat.

As we explore these complex narratives, we’ll discover characters who face their deepest fears and darkest moments only to find a stronger and more resilient love on the other side. So, brace yourselves for an exploration of the human heart at its most vulnerable—and its most valiant. Let’s journey together through the shadows of betrayal to the light of love renewed.

7 Betrayal Romance Books

Betrayal is a catalyst for significant character development. Betrayal romance shows trust and forgiveness. We see the journey characters undertake as they grapple with feelings of betrayal, attempt to rebuild trust, and ultimately seek forgiveness or redemption. The emotional stakes are high as characters struggle to overcome the betrayal and reconcile their feelings for each other. Here are seven favorite betrayal romances for you. They raise questions about morality, loyalty, and ethical dilemmas. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Balance by Lucia FrancoOn a sports field, a gymnastics girl falls in love with her coach, and they cheat on each other.4/5
Bittersweet Surrender by Q. B. TylerA couple is in marriage counseling where the wife secretly meets the coach and makes a relationship.3.8/5
The Truth about Heartbreak by B. CelesteA girl feels for her brother’s best friend, who already has a girlfriend.3.7/5
Forbidden Fling by Kat TaylorA girl spends a vacation with her boyfriend and has a deep relationship with his dad.3.6/5
Ecstasy by KV RoseA love triangle story where college students make multiple relationships and betray each other.3.9/5
Wanting Mr. Cane by Shanora WilliamsA college girl and her dad’s best friend secretly build an age-gap romance.3.9/5
Spring Semester by Q.B. TylerA relationship breaks for betrayal, but it reforms again.3.5/5
Betrayal Romance Books List

1. Balance (Off Balance)

Balance is a sports erotica that is about Adrianna and Kova. Adrianna is a gymnast and an Olympic. She wants to be at a gym where she can train at the level she needs to be training at to compete in the Olympics. So her father has a friend, Kova, who has a gym. He’s a former Olympic gymnast, and she goes to train with him. Adrianna lives here, doing her own thing off this gym with Kova. Kova is her coach, Adrianna is his athlete, and their romance is taboo.

Also, it’s a significant age gap love story, and there is betrayal because Kova does have a girlfriend. She’s in play for the majority of the series. In many of the series, Kova must be secretive about their relationship. This series is so dramatic that it happens throughout the five books to uncover my favorite couple of all time. All of them cover betrayal romance. I like it when both characters betray to be together. That makes it so dramatic. The plot, writing, and dialogue are average, and there is no chemistry. If you want a steamy age-gap romance, check it out.


Author: Lucia Franco
Narrator: Sarah Puckett
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Productions
Tropes: Angsty, Taboo, Bad-boy
Number Of Pages: 610
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

2. Bittersweet Surrender (Bittersweet)

Bittersweet Surrender is the first book in the Bittersweet series. It follows Charley and Will. Charley is married, and Will is her husband’s marriage counselor. It starts with a bang or messing around with stuff. Charley and her husband have been together for eight years. There are a lot of different things that happen in their marriage.

So, they are in marriage counseling. But Charley’s ready to be done with this marriage. When she meets, she is prepared to be done for a different reason because she wants to be with Will, who is her doctor technically. That’s not allowed, but it is their forbidden cheating romance. It’s super hot, dark, and dramatic. Sometimes, I felt bored and excited, and the readers had mixed opinions about the story. If you want to read marriage betrayal romance, pick it.

Bittersweet Surrender

Author: Q. B. Tyler
Narrator: Lacy Laurel, Alexander Neal
Tropes: Dark, Marriage, Forbidden, Mental-health, Love-triangle
Number Of Pages: 344
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

3. The Truth about Heartbreak (The Truth About)

The Truth about Heartbreak is the first book in a duet, but you don’t have to read book two. Book two is my personal favorite, but it’s a companion. So it doesn’t follow River and Everett, even though you see them in book two, because I can’t spoil those romances. When River was twelve, she was adopted by a family. It was a couple. Then, they had a son, Oliver, and Ollie. Ollie has a best friend, Everett. When River comes into this family, Everett is always around anyway. So she gets to know him but is shy and closed off.

River’s not in a perfect place, and she immediately likes Everett. So it’s the brother’s best friend, and their timing never lines up. This book is told in the present, and you see certain past flashbacks. You do see that, but it is their romance and the present. In the present, Everett has a girlfriend, River. Everett can’t stay away from each other.

This is an emotionally punched book where the Bittersweet duet does have some emotional punches, more in the second book. Everett has a girlfriend in this, but she does not compare to the love that Everett and River have for each other. There is so much betrayal in this that makes you root for them. It makes you want them to make the timing work for each other. If you are waiting for high school betrayal love, you must check it out. The hardcover has a lousy quality issue, but the paperback is good enough for color, font size, cover, binding, and paper quality.

The Truth about Heartbreak

Author: B. Celeste
Narrator: Nelson Hobbs, Stephanie Wyles
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Tropes: Social abuse, Suspense, Small-town
Number Of Pages: 484
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

4. Forbidden Fling (Secret Fantasy)

Forbidden Fling is a comedy romance with a boyfriend’s dad, cheating, and forbidden age gap relationships. Our heroine, Neveah, is on vacation with her boyfriend. Some of his frat brothers and his dad at his dad’s beach house. While they’re on vacation, all her boyfriend does is want to hang out with his brother. He’s not giving any attention to her. So, Neveah starts getting attention from his dad, and she takes advantage of it as she should.

Neveah starts hooking up with his dad. It’s very short, spicy, and straight to the point. There’s no romance whatsoever. It’s about these two having a good time together, which doesn’t end in a happily ever after. But I was satisfied with the ending as both characters were satisfied. So there’s betrayal in it where Neveah betrays her boyfriend. The story and plot are straightforward. So, read it if you like age-gap smutty romance with a disloyal heroine.

Author: Kat Taylor
Publisher: Trinkets and Tales LLC
Tropes: Forced proximity, Alpha-man, Spicy
Number Of Pages: 44
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

5. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a mental-health reverse harem romance. It’s so toxic even outside of the betrayal element of this. This one follows Zara, Eli, and Alex. So, it is a love triangle as well. But Zara and Alex are in a relationship, and Eli is Alex’s roommate. Zara gets with him a little bit at the beginning of the book. Zara and Eli don’t necessarily stay away from each other.

Also, Zara is a drug addict and is off to college, and she is in a relationship with Alex. Alex is a football player and a big partier, which isn’t necessarily the best for Zara. They have a very toxic relationship. Zara has always had her interest piqued by Eli, and he’s a very mysterious character. You don’t understand his motives.

Neither guy is good for Zara, but she doesn’t know what is good for her. She indulges both of them. So, one is a little different because it’s not technically betrayal to be with each other. After all, Zara is a betrayal of Alex. It’s a book that you must read to understand the whole dynamic. The story is set on a college campus with a sports background and very dark characters.


Author: KV Rose
Publisher: ISBN Canada
Tropes: Suspense-thriller, Psychopath, Anti-heroine
Number Of Pages: 404
Item Weight: 1.15 pounds
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.01 x 8.5 inches
Available: Paperback | Kindle

6. Wanting Mr. Cane (Cane)

Cane is a trilogy about high school romance and betrayal relationships. The first one, Wanting Mr. Cane, follows Cane and Kandy. When Kandy was younger, she saw her dad’s best friend (Cane) come over. She has only had eyes for him ever since then. Now she’s graduated high school. She’s getting ready to go off to college, and she has decided that she wants to make her move. It’s an age gap, dad’s best friend romance. So, it is a very taboo relationship.

Kane and her dad are genuinely best friends. Kandy has a good relationship with her dad, too. So they cross the line, and there’s never returning from this. But they can’t deny their attraction where the betrayal comes. Kane has a girlfriend, also.

So, he makes it clear that it’s only physical between them, but Kandy always wants more. That whole situation carries on throughout the trilogy. Ultimately, Kandy and Cane don’t care about the consequences. So it is very dramatic hot erotica. The plot, writing style, and story were unique. Don’t miss it!

Wanting Mr Cane

Author: Shanora Williams
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Tropes: Slow-burn, Law-enforcement
Number Of Pages: 314
Available: Paperback | Kindle

7. Spring Semester (Campus Tales)

Spring Semester is another YA college romance with a betrayed hero and heroine. It’s the third book of the Campus Tale series. You don’t have to read the first two, even though I recommend one and two. The first is student-teacher, and the second is dad’s best friend and boss-employee vibes. The third one here follows Everett and Leighton. They are childhood best friends to lovers vibes, but they are in college, and their timing has never worked out for them to be together.

They were together when they were younger, and they hooked up once to get it over with each other. But they’ve never been full-on boyfriend and girlfriend before. Everett has a girlfriend, and Leighton is sleeping with someone.

The book starts with them two hooking up; it was a betrayal to be together. But things can never be easy; something pops up and goes from there. They’re ultimately betrayed because they love each other. There is also miscommunication and accidental pregnancies that make the story angsty and fun.

Spring Semester

Author: Q.B. Tyler
Publisher: Independently
Tropes: Friends-to-lovers, Arc, Angst, Second-chance
Number Of Pages: 191
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5 Marriage Betrayal Romance Books

“The Unwanted Wife” by Natasha Anders – This novel tells the story of Theresa and Sandro De Lucci. Their marriage begins under false pretenses, with Theresa believing in a love that Sandro does not share. The discovery of betrayal and the reasons behind their arranged marriage set the stage for a tumultuous yet deeply emotional journey toward understanding, forgiveness, and a genuine connection.

“Arsen: A Broken Love Story” by Mia Asher – In this intense and emotionally charged novel, Cathy’s marriage to Ben crumbles due to their inability to conceive a child and the growing distance between them. Cathy finds solace and passion in Arsen, leading to a devastating affair. The story navigates through themes of love, loss, and the destructive power of betrayal, challenging the reader to consider the complexity of love and forgiveness.

“After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid – This novel explores what happens after the fairy tale ends. Lauren and Ryan’s marriage has hit a breaking point, leading them to take a year off from their relationship to find themselves and decide if they’re truly meant to be together. It’s a poignant look at the realities of marriage, the journey of self-discovery, and the hard work required to make love last.

“Marriage for One” by Ella Maise – Jack and Rose enter into a marriage of convenience, each holding secrets and personal motives. As they face their arrangement, the lines between pretense and reality blur, and they begin to face the betrayals and truths hidden within their pact. It’s a slow-burn romance that beautifully evolves into a deep, loving relationship, underscored by themes of trust and betrayal.

“Fidelity” by Aleatha Romig – Part of the Infidelity series (note: this series is not about marital infidelity), this book weaves a complex tale of Nox and Alexandria, whose intense and passionate relationship is threatened by secrets, lies, and a powerful family legacy. The story delves into the betrayal of trust, the constraints of societal expectations, and the possibility of love overcoming the darkest of secrets.

5 Steamy Betrayal Romance Books

“Vicious” by L.J. Shen – Part of the Sinners of Saint series, this book features Vicious, a man who lives up to his name, and Emilia, the girl who finds herself caught in his web of revenge. The story explores love, hate, and redemption, with Vicious’s betrayal setting the stage for a complicated, steamy relationship that challenges both characters to confront their pasts and desires.

“Crow” by A. Zavarelli – As the first entry in the Boston Underworld series, “Crow” introduces a dark and seductive world where Mackenzie Wilder finds herself entangled with Lachlan Crow, a prominent figure in the Irish mafia. The betrayal that brings them together ignites a passionate and dangerous romance, weaving a tale of power, secrets, and raw emotion.

“Corrupt” by Penelope Douglas – This book centers on Erika Fane and Michael Crist, threading a complex narrative of revenge, desire, and secrets. The betrayal that lies at the heart of their relationship is the catalyst for a dark and erotic game of power, leading to a steamy and tumultuous romance that pushes boundaries and explores the darker sides of attraction.

“Dirty Filthy Rich Men” by Laurelin Paige – In this captivating story, Sabrina Lind finds herself caught between Donovan Kincaid, a man who torments and captivates her, and Weston King, his charismatic best friend. The betrayals and secrets that unfold within their twisted relationship lead to an intensely erotic exploration of power, obsession, and desire.

“Sparrow” by L.J. Shen – Sparrow Raynes’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to marry Troy Brennan, the notorious leader of Boston’s underworld. The marriage, built on a foundation of betrayal and secrets, evolves into a passionate and complicated love story, where power dynamics and intense desire play a central role.

5 Hero Caught Cheating Romance Novels

“Thoughtless” by S.C. Stephens – This novel introduces us to Kiera, who finds herself torn between her longtime boyfriend, Denny, and Kellan, the irresistibly charismatic lead singer of a local band. The ensuing affair sets off a chain of events filled with jealousy, betrayal, and a tumultuous love triangle that challenges the boundaries of trust and true love.

“Arsen: A Broken Love Story” by Mia Asher – In “Arsen,” we meet Cathy, who seems to have everything, including a loving husband, Ben. However, feeling lost and unfulfilled, she embarks on a passionate affair with Arsen, a younger man who ignites a fire within her. The novel explores adultery, the search for self, and the destructive and redemptive power of love.

“After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid – This book explores what happens when Lauren and Ryan’s marriage reaches a breaking point, leading them to take a year off from each other to find themselves. It thoughtfully examines the ideas of commitment, love, and the choices that lead to or heal from betrayal.

“Ex Games” by Stella Rhys – This steamy romance novel features a high-stakes love story between former flames thrown back together in a competitive work environment. The past cheating scandal that tore them apart becomes central as they face their undeniable chemistry, old wounds, and the possibility of a second chance at love.

“On Dublin Street” by Samantha Young – Although the primary focus is not on cheating, the novel does touch on themes of trust, past betrayals, and the impact they have on the characters’ relationships. Joss and Braden’s intense and passionate relationship is tested by their fears and insecurities, leading to a deeply emotional and steamy story of love and forgiveness.

Through the twists and turns of love betrayed and the sweet redemption that follows, we’ve seen characters grow, forgive, and love again against all odds. It’s been an emotional voyage, revealing the strength it takes to rebuild trust and the power of love to heal the deepest wounds. I hope these stories leave you with a sense of hope and a belief in the resilience of the human spirit.

May the books we’ve explored together inspire you to face life’s challenges with a heart ready to forgive and a spirit willing to embrace love, no matter its past scars. Until we meet again, keep turning the pages and let the stories of love, in all its forms, fill your heart with warmth and wisdom. Happy reading, and may your journey through literature continue to enlighten and inspire.

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