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Omegaverse Books List

Omegaverse is a subgenre of speculative fiction primarily found within romance, erotic fiction, and sometimes fantasy or science fiction. This subgenre is characterized by an alternative social structure based on the biological roles of Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Omegaverse tends to be very lewd. There are Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Alphas rule the world, and Betas are workers. Then, Omegas are breeders, and they are valued for their breeding ability. Also, there is only one that Alphas can breed. But they’re also weak and don’t have rights. They have a bad place in the world where they don’t have any rights. Moreover, they’re at risk to everybody because they provoke uncontrollable lust and the people around them when they are in heat.

Alphas lock them up and keep them safe and protected, with no freedom or say. So, it’s not the easiest genre to hop around and see if you like because you’ll read things past your comfort zone. Moreover, Omegaverse introduces an alternative societal and biological structure, which can be refreshing for those looking for a departure from typical romance or speculative fiction settings. Are you waiting to read books about Omegaverse? Stay with me!

10 Omegaverse Books (Romance & Fantasy)

Omegaverse started as a trope within fan fiction (especially in the Supernatural fandom) and has since expanded to original works in both written and manga forms. Given the mature and explicit nature of many Omegaverse stories, they are recommended for adult readers.

Omega is the only one that can mate with Alphas and create other Alphas most of the time. Every omega-verse book has its twists, but usually, that’s how it goes. It’s so sexually driven because the females or males that are the Omega will technically go into heat.

Moreover, they will be in a sexual frenzy and want to have sex all the time. Therefore, this can be done poorly, where it feels more like an excuse to put raunchy material into a book, which is fine. As a fantasy lover, I have some Omegaverse stories to recommend. I will discuss 10 Omegaverse books. These books touch on gender roles, societal expectations, prejudice, etc. They can provide a lens through which to examine and question our societal norms. Let’s begin!

NameKey FocusRating (Goodreads)
Forbidden FlameBoth hero and heroine are struggling with war and trying to learn from their mistakes.3.9/5
Baby & the Late Night HowlersAn omega heroine in damsel in distress and her alphas are protecting her and making a reverse harem.4.0/5
Alpha BreedsA human omega girl is in an alien world where she finds her alpha warlord, and the story unfolds.3.8/5
Omega AcademyA human omega has discovered herself as Omega and finds many alphas who protect her in any situation.4.0/5
Andorra SectorA human girl mistakenly turns into an omega princess, and her Alpha tries to understand her.3.9/5
KianIn human society, many women discover themselves as Omega, and their alphas try to mate with them.3.7/5
After the FadeA poor omega girl is sold to the alpha world for mating only, but a romance starts with the girl.3.7/5
Stolen by the WolvesA biking alpha kidnaps his omega girl, and their rival relationship becomes romantic.4.0/5
Alien DesireA space cadet girl crashes and lands on an alien planet where love is forbidden, so her mate struggles for it.3.7/5
BrokenIn a horror situation, a forced proximity relationship discovers many powers and themselves newly.3.5/5
Omegaverse Novels

1. Forbidden Flame (Ruthless Warlords)

Magnus Avitus is the outcast warlord, and his uncle killed his father and blamed him for it. His twin brother is still with his uncle, and he hears that his uncle ordered the weapon, and he intercepts it. It turns out that it’s this Omega. So the deal is Omega tends to be irresistible. But Amora has toxicity and kills like burns alive anybody who touches her and can’t control it.

It’s very harmful and traumatic for her because she has been forced repeatedly to kill people, and she can’t do it. Magnus gets the weapon and then makes some mistakes but learns his lesson. Also, they find a way to be together and win the battle. Amora is very attracted to him.

Also, Omegas can’t resist outlets. They can resist if it’s not their Alpha. In addition, there are different levels that the authors choose to do or not to do. But this one, she can resist other alphas, and he’s the alpha for her. If you like omegaverse romance, this book is the first choice.

Forbidden Flame

Author: Alison Aimes
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Science Fiction, Dark Romance
Available: Paperback | Kindle

2. Baby & the Late Night Howlers (Sweet Omegaverse)

This one is a reverse harem with a motorcycle club. They are a pack of Alphas, and we have Omega, who grew up as a breeder. Baby is one of the rare Omega that presented as Omega later in life. So she’s the full adult when she learns that she’s an omega, and the beta from this alpha crew saves her because she’s in a crowded bar of Alphas. So he saves her, and she chooses their alpha pack, even though they’re not the richest and not the most powerful.

Consent is essential in this book, and it is even discussed how, even though she’s reacting, that’s not consent. That is unusual for Omegaverse. There is a male-male relationship, and some bad alphas do not consent. They are trying to get an omega, but her Alphas are so good. If you want m/m omegaverse, you must read it.

Baby & the Late Night Howlers

Author: Kathryn Moon
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Erotic Literature & Fiction
Available: Paperback | Kindle

3. Alpha Breeds (Alpha Horde)

In this series, the Omegas are humans from Earth, and humans don’t realize they have an omega. A college girl, Kingsley, accidentally stumbles until a poor little thing ends up in the alien world. But all the Omegas belong to the king. You cannot mate, and it’s illegal.

Loven is the general, the horde’s warlord, the Alpha Army. He’s not the king, so he can’t keep Kingsley. But he does because she’s his mate. Also, it sets off a chain of events that we follow throughout the series, as each Alpha makes his own decision.

The Omega will be overcome with insatiable lust towards the Alphas, and there’s purring stuff to soothe them. The Alphas are going to take advantage of that. But nothing super bad is going to happen to the heroines. The Alphas will protect them from everyone else and the Alphas while not giving them freedom or consent. Besides that, they treat their Omega fairly well and honestly want nothing more than to make their Omega happy. I loved the world-building and their relationship and caring for each other.

Alpha Breeds

Author: Milana Jacks
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: First Contact Science Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

4. Omega Academy: A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance

This is another reverse harem. So there’s the female Omega (Lana), and three male alphas create the circle. It is a powerful mating thing that has happened in a thousand years, the last one that destroyed the world. But Lana is a human who knows nothing about Alphas. Then, they are trying to protect her.

A mean girl wants to mate one of them, and they all feel this main connection. Then something else makes this Omega valuable and desired, but you don’t find it in the first book. They are aliens, but they are all different species, like humanoids. For a reverse harem reader, Omega Academy is the best omegaverse book.

Omega Academy

Author: Lily Archer
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Fantasy Romance, Magic, Aliens
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

5. Andorra Sector (X-Clan)

This one is a little bit darker. The first 60 percent of the book, The Alpha (Ander Cain), is not good to Katriana Cardona, not because he’s trying not to be good to her, but because he does not understand the world. Ander breaks her, and another woman gets mad at him. But once he realizes what he’s done, he actively tries to make up for it. So, it’s super sweet to her from that point on.

This book is like a Snow White retelling, and Katriana is an omega princess that he finds in the snow, and they’re going to overthrow her evil stepmother, the queen. She is a human and gets taken by the wolves. They give her a shot that turns her into a wolf and turns out an omega. So, there has never been this hard human that was Omega before. The audiobook is interesting for the narrative, and the paperback/kindle is also worth picking.

Andorra Sector

Author: Lexi C. Foss
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Gothic Romances
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

6. Kian (The Boundarylands)

This is the first book of The Boundarylands series. Every book in the series can technically be read by itself, and you don’t have to read it as a complete in-order series. In this series, you have General Society, which comprises Betas and Alphas, who don’t know they’re Alphas until puberty and are technically a little more aggressive. They’re bigger, and their bodies are different. So they send them to what is called the Boundarylands. Also, it’s the big reserve given to the Alpha to have their land their economy, and Betas don’t cross over into their territory.

When it comes to Omega’s women, they don’t know that they’re Omegas until an alpha touches them. Many women in society are afraid to cross the border if they get touched by Alpha and find out there and Omega. These rumors about Alphas are that if you are an omega, they’ll take you as a sexual slave. But women don’t want to do that.

At the beginning of the book, Kian (Big Alpha Man) drives Paige out to the boundary lands after thinking she is flirting with another guy. Once they crossed the border, he dumped her out of the car, and she was forced to try and walk back into a beta territory. The plot and characters are good, but the story is slow and sometimes boring. Overall, you can enjoy it if you love shifter romance.


Author: Callie Rhodes
Average Rating: 4.2/5
Category: Werewolf & Shifter
Available: Paperback | Kindle

7. After the Fade (Rise)

This is a dystopian world where Alphas and Omegas are something that people know about in society. It’s not hidden, and you have a rich and powerful alpha family. Then you have the rest of the world that is living in poverty. The main female character is Alex, and she is an omega. She is sold to this family as a plaything for all three sons whenever they want. In this universe, most Omegas are made to have sex with Alphas. There are lots of twists and turns in this book.

Alex comes into a situation knowing she has to have sex with all of these brothers whenever they are back in her. Moreover, she’s straightforward because that’s how society is in this book. So, there are a lot of trigger warnings for people who are more sensitive to this material.

Matthew starts to fall for her when she gets to the house, and he’s the only one. The other two brothers see her as a slave. So it’s interesting to see their relationship developing. But also, both of them are very accepting that they live in a society where he can’t take her.

After the Fade

Author: Kamryn Foxe
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Women’s Fantasy Fiction
Available: Paperback | Kindle

8. Stolen by the Wolves (Viking Omegaverse)

Our heroine is a Christian woman, and our hero (Thrain) is a Viking. In this world, they’re shifters. Their behaviors are very wolf-like in a lot of omega verse books. Vikings are very pagan. So they come from two different societies. Tamsin is the story’s heroine, and she is a little Christian girl who grew up in a society where they frown on alpha and Omega. They consider it a curse rather than a gift, like the Vikings. So, she’s constantly punishing herself for her existence.

Thrain is smuggled into her kingdom dressed as a priest. So Tamsin starts confiding in him because he is dressed as a priest and builds their relationship that way. Later, she finds out who he is when he kidnaps her and her sister. She’s furious at him because they have a moment when he’s dressed as a priest.

Stolen by the Wolves

Author: Lyx Robinson
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Nordic Myth & Legend Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Available: Paperback | Kindle

9. Alien Desire (The Alpha Prince of Astia)

Emma is a space cadet who crashes lands on a planet. Her crew dies, and she is forced to take refuge at a refueling station on this planet. It’s a snowy planet; she lives alone until another ship crashes and lands on the same planet. Also, she drags the body of this alien man into her little station and cares for him (Tor). He realizes she is an omega and human society when he wakes up.

In this book, Alphas and Omegas are not a thing that exists. So Emma has no idea what he’s talking about. Tor doesn’t speak English initially, and we don’t have alpha omegas. He is from a different universe. Further, he can communicate with her via a little computer that he works on about 30 percent of the book.

Tor is from a society where love doesn’t exist. They find an omega and breed with them. But Emma is human and doesn’t know the alpha-omega relationship. So when he starts to make these moves on her, she’s not responding, and he thinks it’s very weird, and they do certain things. They’re forced to be close because there’s one fueling station on this otherwise desolate planet.

Emma tries to play chess with Tor, and as she’s teaching him, he thinks that if he learns this game and beats her at it, she will breed with him. So there’s a lot of time where they’re playing chess, and he’s trying hard to understand the game. It’s cute once he beats her because he thinks he will be rewarded.

Alien Desire

Author: Hannah Haze
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Sci-Fi Fantasy
Available: Paperback | Kindle

10. Broken (Omega’s Destruction)

We have much non-consent between Alpha and Omega because Quinn goes into heat. Tobias Kahler claims her and then continues to abuse her. Quinn runs away to another alpha she used to be with. Then the guy returns and gets her, and she’s currently trapped in a room.

They have stuff happening that makes them stuck together. Also, they make some big choices here, and it’s a very dangerous idea if done in real life. As the title suggests, Quinn is broken and full of trauma. The story was solid, but there was a lack of romance and writing. Also, the plot is weak, but the characters are awesome. Don’t pick any hardcover because of quality issues, but the paperback is fantastic for font style, color, and page quality.


Author: Eva Dresden
Average Rating: 3.9/5
Category: Erotic Horror
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5 MM Omegaverse Books

The Omegaverse is a subgenre of speculative fiction, encompassing paranormal romance and sometimes fantasy or science fiction, which involves specific societal structures and biological determinism based on primary categories: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. In M/M (male/male) romance within the Omegaverse, the main romantic relationship is between two male characters. Here are five M/M Omegaverse books:

Slow Heat by Leta Blake: This is a gay Alpha/Omega romance set in a post-apocalyptic world. A young Omega professor and a renowned Alpha philosopher go on a journey of attraction and societal challenges.

My Alpha’s Secret by Rosa Swann: An unexpected pregnancy throws together an Omega who doesn’t believe in love and an Alpha who is ready to give him everything.

Alpha’s Sacrifice by Nora Phoenix: Part of the “Irresistible Omegas” series, this book covers a complex relationship between four men in a world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, touching on themes of love, loyalty, and power dynamics.

Mated to Team Alpha by Ashe Moon: A human Omega finds himself mated to an entire team of Alphas from another world, leading to intricate relationships, challenges, and adventures.

The Omega’s Alpha by Ann-Katrin Byrde: As part of the “Mercy Hills Pack” series, this book introduces an Omega who finds himself and his newborn son at the mercy of an Alpha. Their interactions lead to changes, not just for them but for the entire pack.

5 Omegaverse Manga Books

Omegaverse has become a popular subgenre in manga, especially in the Boys’ Love (BL) category. Here are five notable Omegaverse manga titles:

Omegaverse by Natsuno Hiroko: This anthology series provides stories revolving around Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. It’s an excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with the genre.

Sayonara Alpha by Ichinashi Kimi: This story is about an Alpha named Shiro and an Omega named Kei. Initially, their relationship is based on societal expectations, but as they grow older, the dynamics shift, leading to a deeper bond.

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny by Sachimo: The plot follows an Omega named Hara, who finds himself in an arranged mating situation with an Alpha. However, a twist in their destiny reveals they are not true mates, leading to drama, suspense, and romance.

Pendulum – Kemonohito Omegaverse by Hasumi Hana: This anthology series contains several stories centered around the Omegaverse. The tales revolve around unexpected bonds forming between Alphas and Omegas.

Escape Journey by Ogeretsu Tanaka: This manga revolves around two college students drawn to each other despite past heartbreak and the complexities of their Alpha and Omega dynamics.

5 Lesbian Omegaverse Books

Lesbian Omegaverse books are a niche within the Omegaverse subgenre, focusing on F/F (female/female) relationships. While M/M Omegaverse stories dominate the market, there are some F/F options available. Here are five lesbian Omegaverse novels:

Her Omega Mate by Clara Nipper: A tale of an Omega wishing for love and an Alpha who doesn’t want to be tied down. Their paths cross unexpectedly, leading to twists, turns, and romance.

The Omega’s Dance by Mercy May: This story is about an Alpha who, after many years, reunites with her first love, an Omega. Their reunion stirs old feelings and new challenges.

Alpha’s Dream by Mercy May: Part of a series, this book focuses on two women who, despite their differences, find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other in a world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.

The Omega’s Heart by Mercy May: This narrative revolves around an Omega who encounters an Alpha after escaping a painful past. Their connection results in profound changes for both of them.

Broken Chains by M.W. Raynes: Set in a dystopian future, this tale follows an Alpha and an Omega who form an unlikely bond. Together, they face societal challenges and their growing feelings for each other.

5 Dark Omegaverse Books

Dark Omegaverse books typically dive deeper into the more intense and sometimes controversial aspects of the Omegaverse genre, touching upon themes of dominance, non-consent, and power imbalances. Here are five books:

Born to be Bound by Addison Cain: The first book in the “Alpha’s Claim” series, this narrative introduces readers to an Omega captured and claimed by a powerful Alpha. The story delves deep into the themes of power dynamics, forced bonding, and societal rules in a dystopian setting.

Branded Captive by Addison Cain: Part of the “Wren’s Song” series, this title sees a rare Omega named Wren held captive by Alphas. Her unique allure has Alphas competing for her, leading to dark and intense interactions.

Alpha’s Prize by Renee Rose and Lee Savino: This book, part of the “Bad Boy Alphas” series, dives into the story of an Alpha who kidnaps and claims a human female as part of a prize. The story features themes of captivity, forced attraction, and dark desires.

Stolen by Loki Renard: An Omega thief is captured and at the mercy of a relentless Alpha. The narrative is filled with dark themes of possession, punishment, and complex emotions.

Conquered by the Alien Prince by Leann Ryans: Merging science fiction with the Omegaverse, this book details the journey of an Omega captured by an alien Alpha prince. Set against interstellar politics, it touches on themes of forced mating, cultural differences, and dark intrigue.

5 Omegaverse Reverse Harem Books

The Omegaverse is a subgenre of speculative erotic fiction that originated from fan fiction. In this setting, characters can be Alphas, Betas, or Omegas, each with distinct characteristics, particularly regarding social roles and mating dynamics. Reverse harem, on the other hand, refers to a single protagonist having multiple potential love interests. Here are five Omegaverse reverse harem books or series:

Alpha’s Claim series by Addison Cain: While not strictly reverse harem in the traditional sense, this dark Omegaverse series is worth mentioning. It’s intense and not for everyone, but if you’re looking for something edgier, this is for you.

Their Rebellious Omega by M. H. Silver: An Omega, tired of being under the thumb of her Alpha father, runs away only to find herself caught between three Alphas who all want her. While each has their reasons, they understand that sharing is the only way.

The Omega’s Pack by Dessa Lux: In a world where Omegas are rare and treasured, one Omega finds herself in the protective care of a pack of loving Alphas. As danger lurks in the shadows, they are determined to keep her safe, and she falls for each of them.

Omega’s Choice series by Lillian Sable: The protagonist, a strong-willed Omega, finds herself torn between multiple Alphas in a society where politics and mating are tightly interwoven. As she faces her feelings, she must also consider the larger implications of her choices.

The Omega’s Alphas by Penelope Peters: After an unfortunate incident, an Omega finds herself without a pack and protection. However, fate has other plans when not one but two Alphas come to her aid. As they try to woo her, she must decide if she’s ready to trust again.

5 Omegaverse Books Kindle Unlimited

The Omega’s Secret Baby by Ann-Katrin Byrde: An Oceanport Omegas book where an Omega hides his unplanned pregnancy from an Alpha who’s not ready for a family. Circumstances bring them back together, and they must face their complex feelings.

My One-Night Stand, My Forever by S.C. Wynne: In this M/M romance, an Alpha and an Omega share a night of passion. Their connection doesn’t end there, as they soon discover their lives are more intertwined than they initially thought.

His Surrogate Omega by Kelex: An Omega agrees to be a surrogate for an Alpha, expecting nothing more than a business transaction. But as time passes, feelings develop, and the lines become blurred.

The Alpha’s Widower by Susi Hawke: This story introduces an Alpha who’s given a second chance at love with a widowed Omega. Together, they struggle with grief, healing, and new beginnings.

Omega Shelter by Quinn Michaels: Part of the “Pine Creek Lake Den” series, this book focuses on the suspenseful story of an Omega on the run from danger and an Alpha cop determined to protect him.

These books offer us an escape to a world entirely different from our own. The unique rules and dynamics can be immersive and captivating. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or questions in the comment section. I am waiting for your opinion and your Omegaverse novels reading order.

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