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Nick Petrie is an American author who is the best-known thriller, especially for his “Peter Ash” series. Also, he’s a former carpenter and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. So he has real-world experience and expertise, which he includes in his writing. His story capture vivid descriptions and realistic characters. Readers compare the “Peter Ash” series with the works of Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Vince Flynn. Nick wrote only one series, and I read all of them. So I’ll tell you the basic storyline and plot. Stay with me!

Nick Petrie Books In Order (Peter Ash series in order)

Peter Ash series contains eight books with different missions. The author generally recommended reading the series in order. It’s because the books build upon each other, and the character development and relationships progress. Reading the books in order will help you to a better understanding of Peter’s journey.

“Peter Ash” series, along with a brief storyline for each book in order:

  1. The Drifter: Peter Ash is a veteran with PTSD. He’s hired to find a missing veteran involved in a violent crime. So, Peter faces challenges to uncover the truth.
  2. Burning Bright: Peter is trying to track down a stolen piece of military technology that can potentially cause a disaster. He investigates and finds himself tangled in a web of violence threatening to destroy everything.
  3. Light It Up: Peter is trying to protect a wealthy businessman and his family, but things quickly escalate when he is kidnapped. So Peter falls into a dangerous plot involving the military.
  4. Tear It Down: Peter travels to New Orleans to help an old friend but is caught in a violent dispute between a powerful developer and a community activist. As he tries to keep the peace, Peter finds himself in a dangerous game of power and politics.
  5. The Wild One: Peter travels to Montana to help his old friend, who has been falsely accused of a crime. For this mission, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of politics, power, and violence.
  6. The Breaker: Peter accepts a new assignment to track down a valuable stolen item from a wealthy collector. He has to play a dangerous game where the stakes and the players are high.
  7. The Runaway: Peter is again hired to track down a young woman. On the way, he must face some challenges and obstacles.
  8. The Heavy Lift: Peter is on a dangerous mission to retrieve an item from a remote location in the Pacific Northwest. So he has to defeat powerful enemies with his skills and experience.

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Petrie’s Peter Ash series got many positive reviews from readers for its characters and tense and thrilling plotlines. You must read Nick Petrie’s books in order because each book builds on the events and character development of the previous books. Reading the books will help you understand Peter Ash’s background and the relationships with other characters. If you enjoy thrillers, military fiction, or crime novels, you may find the Peter Ash series worth reading.

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