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Archer Mayor is an American author best known for his series of detective novels featuring Joe Gunther. Joe Gunther is a dedicated and experienced detective who works for the Brattleboro Police Department and later the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI).

One of the standout features of the Joe Gunther series is the accurate representation of police work. Archer Mayor’s background in law enforcement and as a death investigator has contributed to his ability to craft authentic and detailed narratives. Readers can expect to dig into complex investigations, get a glimpse into the basics of police procedures, and appreciate the challenges detectives face.

Throughout the series, I saw the growth and transformation of Joe Gunther. He is relatable and multifaceted, with his own struggles and strengths. Archer Mayor has a talent for crafting compelling narratives that keep me hooked from the first page to the last. Each book presents a new case that intertwines with Joe’s personal life, balancing suspense and emotion. If you are waiting for Archer Mayor books in order, then keep scrolling.

Archer Mayor Books In Order (Joe Gunther Books In Order)

Reading the Joe Gunther series or Archer Mayor books in order is unnecessary. Each book can stand alone as a complete story. However, some references to previous cases or character development could enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the series if read in order. Additionally, reading the series in order can give you a sense of the progression of the characters and their relationships. Ultimately, the decision to read the series in order is up to your preference.

Here is a list of the first 34 books in the Joe Gunther series in order of publication with their main storylines:

  1. Open Season (1988).
  2. Borderlines (1990).
  3. Scent of Evil (1991).
  4. The Skeleton’s Knee (1993).
  5. Fruits of the Poisonous Tree (1994).
  6. The Dark Root (1995).
  7. The Ragman’s Memory (1996).
  8. Bellows Falls (1998).
  9. The Disposable Man (1998).
  10. Occam’s Razor (1999).
  11. The Marble Mask (2000).
  12. Tucker Peak (2001).
  13. The Sniper’s Wife (2002).
  14. Gatekeeper (2003).
  15. The Surrogate Thief (2004).
  16. St. Alban’s Fire (2005).
  17. The Second Mouse (2006).
  18. Chat (2007).
  19. The Catch (2008).
  20. The Price of Malice (2009).
  21. Red Herring (2010).
  22. Tag Man (2011).
  23. Paradise City (2012).
  24. Three Can Keep a Secret (2013).
  25. Proof Positive (2014).
  26. The Company She Kept (2015).
  27. Presumption of Guilt (2016).
  28. Trace (2017).
  29. Bury the Lead (2018).
  30. Bomber’s Moon (2019).
  31. The Orphan’s Guilt (2020).
  32. Marked Man (2021).
  33. Fall Guy (2022).

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Open Season: This first book introduces us to Joe Gunther and his colleagues. They investigate a string of apparently unrelated murders that unravel a deeper, more sinister plot.

Borderlines: Joe investigates a series of arsons and a double homicide in a small Vermont town, uncovering a web of corruption and small-town politics.

Scent of Evil: A high-profile murder case puts Joe in the crosshairs of a dangerous drug kingpin, forcing him to navigate a world of drugs, violence, and deception.

The Skeleton’s Knee: Joe grapples with losing his longtime girlfriend while solving a mysterious hermit’s death and uncovering a long-buried secret.

Fruits of the Poisonous Tree: Joe looks into a murder of a controversial judge, leading to the discovery of a complex web of corruption and deceit.

The Dark Roo: A series of mysterious deaths leads Joe to a dangerous and powerful pharmaceutical company, risking his life and career.

The Ragman’s Memory: Joe races against time to find a missing girl and stop a serial killer with a vendetta against the homeless population.

Bellows Falls: Joe goes undercover in a small Vermont town to expose a corrupt police force and bring justice to a grieving community.

The Disposable Man: Joe is tasked with solving a murder involving an unidentified body, international intrigue, and a dangerous conspiracy.

Occam’s Razor: An investigation into a series of brutal murders leads Joe and his team to a sophisticated criminal enterprise and a race against time.

The Marble Mask: Joe and his team are drawn into a decades-old mystery involving a missing mobster and a cache of valuable paintings.

Tucker Peak: A ski resort becomes the backdrop for a series of violent crimes, forcing Joe to navigate treacherous terrain and deadly secrets.

The Sniper’s Wife: A personal tragedy brings Joe’s colleague, Willy Kunkle, into the spotlight. He seeks justice for his murdered wife.

Gatekeeper: Joe uncovers a dangerous drug-smuggling ring and faces a moral dilemma when his family becomes involved.

The Surrogate Thief: A cold case resurfaces, leading Joe to confront a deadly adversary from his past.

St. Alban’s Fire: Joe and his team investigate a series of suspicious fires in a small Vermont town, uncovering a trail of greed and betrayal.

The Second Mouse: Joe helps a young woman in a seemingly open-and-shut case, but the investigation turns dark, revealing a hidden world of crime and corruption.

Chat: A series of cybercrimes leads Joe and his team to a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless criminal.

The Catch: Joe is involved in a world of human trafficking and organized crime when he investigates a tragic fishing accident.

The Price of Malice: Joe and his team face a dangerous arsonist targeting homes in Vermont and try to uncover the perpetrator’s motives before more lives are lost.

Red Herring: Joe investigates the murder of a private investigator, which leads him to a conspiracy involving environmental terrorism and corporate greed.

Tag Man: A skilled burglar known as the “Tag Man” uncovers a series of gruesome murders. Joe is trying to track down the killer before more victims are claimed.

Paradise City: Joe travels to Northampton, Massachusetts, to help solve a series of art thefts, but the case becomes more complex when a murder occurs.

Three Can Keep a Secret: Following a devastating hurricane, Joe and his team uncover secrets and lies that lead to murder and political intrigue.

Proof Positive: Joe investigates the mysterious death of a hoarder whose collection of photographs leads to a shocking truth.

The Company She Kept: Joe and his team face a politically charged case when a controversial state senator is murdered, testing their skills and objectivity.

Presumption of Guilt: The discovery of a body encased in concrete leads Joe to a decades-old cold case and a complex web of hidden truths.

Trace: Joe’s absence forces his team to work independently on three cases, showcasing their skills and growth as investigators.

Bury the Lead: Joe’s investigation into a newspaper editor’s death uncovers a deadly conspiracy and a race against time to save the next victim.

Bomber’s Moon: Joe and a private investigator join forces to solve a murder case, revealing a web of corruption, drugs, and deception.

The Orphan’s Guilt: Joe is trying to solve a suspicious death of a mechanic, which leads him to uncover the man’s tragic past and a potential hidden fortune.

Marked Man: Joe’s team investigates the assassination of a political operative, delving into a world of political intrigue, deception, and dark secrets.

Fall Guy: This book starts with the discovery of a thief in a stolen car, along with items that link to an unsolved case. Joe moves around Vermont and New Hampshire to find answers to his questions, and readers also learn about how interstate task forces work.

The Joe Gunther series by Archer Mayor is a remarkable collection of crime novels that spans over three decades and showcases the evolution of its characters and storylines. Each book offers a unique and engaging mystery that immerses readers in the world of Joe Gunther and his dedicated team of investigators. The series is a must-read for fans of crime fiction.

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