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Sisters Grimm Series Reading Guide

The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley is a popular children’s fantasy and mystery series that follows the adventures of two sisters, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm. The sisters are descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm. They live in a world where fairy-tale characters are real. The series consists of nine books, each filled with humor, adventure, and suspense.

The sisters solve mysteries related to fairy-tale characters and their magical world. The stories offer a fresh take on classic fairy tales and imaginative world-building, and the strong bond between the sisters skillfully appeals to both children and adults. The books also touch on family, loyalty, and the importance of staying true to oneself. Reading order is very important for this series, and I’ll give you the Sisters Grimm books in order with their main storyline. Let’s go!

Sisters Grimm Books In Order (Reading Guide)

Reading the Sisters Grimm series in order is good, and I recommend it because the books follow a continuous storyline with character development and plot progression. Here is the chronological order of the Sisters Grimm series:

  1. The Fairy-Tale Detectives (2005).
  2. The Unusual Suspects (2005).
  3. The Problem Child (2006).
  4. Once Upon a Crime (2007).
  5. Magic and Other Misdemeanors (2007).
  6. Tales from the Hood (2008).
  7. The Everafter War (2009).
  8. The Inside Story (2010).
  9. The Council of Mirrors (2012).

However, if you come across a book out of order, you can still enjoy it. Each book has its mystery and adventure. You might miss out on some of the ongoing plotlines.

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1. The Fairy-Tale Detectives (2005): In this first book, we introduce two sisters, Sabrina, and Daphne Grimm. They discover their family’s legacy and their connection to fairy-tale characters. Also, they try to solve their first case involving a giant causing damage in town. The book’s central theme is discovering the identity and embracing one’s heritage.

2. The Unusual Suspects (2005): The sisters investigate a murder at their school, suspecting a creature from fairy tales is behind it. They learn to trust and the importance of not judging others based on appearance.

3. The Problem Child (2006): Sabrina and Daphne try to save their kidnapped brother while dealing with a dangerous enemy from the Everafter world. This book teaches the power of family and the importance of working together.

4. Once Upon a Crime (2007): The sisters travel to New York City to solve the mystery of their parents’ disappearance and help a fairy tale in a horrible situation.

5. Magic and Other Misdemeanors (2007): The Grimm sisters investigate the theft of magical objects, leading them to face powerful enemies.

6. Tales from the Hood (2008): The sisters defend Mr. Canis, who is on trial for a crime he may not have committed. They are trying to pursue justice and understand the complexity of good and evil.

7. The Everafter War (2009): Sabrina and Daphne find themselves in a war between humans and Everafters. They search for a magical weapon. I learned the cost of war and the importance of finding peaceful solutions.

8. The Inside Story (2010): The sisters enter the world of an unfinished fairy tale to rescue their kidnapped brother and confront the villain behind their troubles. The power of storytelling and the impact stories can have on our lives.

9. The Council of Mirrors (2012): In the final book, the sisters unite the Everafters to face their ultimate enemy and save their worlds. The author teaches us unity, courage, and the strength of working together toward a common goal.

Overall, the Sisters Grimm series is an exciting and imaginative journey through a world of fairy tales, exploring themes such as family, loyalty, identity, and the complexities of good and evil. The books are great for young readers who enjoy fantasy, mystery, and adventure.

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