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The Westing Game is a classic because it is still considered one of the best mystery novels written for young children. It revolves around the story starts, and there is this apartment building of Lake Michigan and Illinois. This apartment building is called the Sunset Towers. The people who will live there get an opportunity to live in sunset towers, which were constructed by a mysterious businessman who doesn’t exist.

As the story goes on, these people move into the towers. There’s the rumor that old man Westin died, and he either died out in the ocean on a great adventure. But there’s this great mystery behind this Mr. Westin who lives in the Westin estate close to the sunset towers. So the story starts with these 16 tenants, these people who live in this mansion get this invitation to attend the Westin House.

At this invitation, they get to the Westin House. They find out that Mr. Westin, the night before they were invited, was murdered. He left a note to the 16 people who were invited to this meeting, stating that he knows who his murderer is and is putting them in charge of finding out who murdered him. It was so much suspense and mystery to solve the puzzle and find the clue. If you want to read like The Westing Game, follow me!

5 Books Like The Westing Game (Children’s Mystery, Detective, & Spy)

The Westing Game is a psychological thriller and mind gamebook where you find an uncertain game. The plot and characters were interesting to read fastly.

After reading this book, you and your children want to read more similar books. So I will review 5 books similar to The Westing Game for your family adventure and lessons. Let’s go!

1. Holes

Holes is about Stanley Yelnats, who is under a curse. Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of shoes, but he doesn’t steal. It’s bad luck. His family seems pretty unlucky. His great grandfather was robbed while moving out West. His dad is an unsuccessful inventor, and now Stanley himself is being unjustly punished.

It’s all because of the curse. Stanley’s great grandfather was supposed to carry a one-legged gypsy named Madame Zeroni up a mountain in exchange for a pig. He gets the pig, but he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain. Since then, Stanley’s family has been cursed.

Everything that happens to Stanley is a coincidence, but there are too many coincidences. Madame sealed the destiny of the family for generations because of one curse. Stanley tries to save his friend from camp. He mentions the curse when he’s down, but he doesn’t let it define him.

When you think about the warden who makes the kids dig those holes, she wants to find the treasure, but she doesn’t wait for fate to reveal it. She has them dig hole after hole, day in, day out. The difference is that the warden tortures kids by digging holes to find the treasure. But Stanley, he’s determined to do good. That’s why he saves his friend. So coincidence and fate don’t matter the most. What matters the most is, are you acting from a good place or a bad place? Like The Westing Game, this book gives you the same vibe and feelings that you want.


Author: Louis Sachar
Average Customer Review: (4.8 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Children’s Mystery, Detective, & Spy, Children’s Friendship
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

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2. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

This is a mystery novel and centers around two main characters. One of our main characters is name is Claudia. Claudia is the oldest sibling in her family. She’s 12 years old, and one day she decides that she wants to run away. One day, she decides to run away to New York City.

When she gets to New York City, she will hide out and stay in the New York Museum of Art. If you read the story, you’ll figure out why she chooses to run away and live here, but she can’t go alone. So she decides to invite her little brother. Her little brother’s name is James, but he goes by Jamie.

She invites her little brother because her little brother has lots of money and they need money for the trip, for the bus fare to get to the city. So, it’s a runaway story in a way, but it’s a mystery. Claudia and Jamie end up running away, and they put this great plan together and finally get to the museum. When they’re in the museum, they decide to find a way to stay in the museum very stealthily and sneaky after it closes.

They fall asleep in the old English Renaissance beds, and it’s weird. I wouldn’t imagine wanting to spend a night or sleep in a museum, but as they’re at the museum, they are learning a lot about the history and art in the museum. You learn a lot about what was in the museum through reading this story.

Things get interesting when they find out that there’s this very mysterious statue of an angel and the supposed rumor is that it was an angel that the sculptor and artist Michelangelo crafted. So it’s a big deal, and these two children are so engrossed in the mystery behind the statue, similar to the book “The Westing Game.”

From the Mixed

Author: E.L. Konigsburg
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Teen & Young Adult Historical Mysteries & Thrillers
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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3. And Then There Were None

Like The Westing Game, the plot of this book involves 10 people from different regions who are invited to stay in Soldier Island. As the days pass, we have this nursery rhyme about people being dead or people who are dying. That is set up in 10 lines, and it speaks about 10 deaths. Each of these lines depicts the death of every person throughout the day.

Also, we have this set of 10 soldier figurines on the dining table of the house to which they are invited. As every person dies, one figurine from these ten is broken or lost. In this way, the plot progresses when it comes to the characters. We have these ten main characters, and apart from them, we also have two or three people who are like domestic helpers within that house. They help bring food supplies and cooking, cleaning everything in that particular house on the island.

Evans is a famous personality, and he has bought this island. He calls these ten people to spend a few days on that island. During that brief period, all these murders occur, and all ten people die. That’s obvious from the title of the book. Then none is at the end of the book. None of the 10 people were invited to the island. How each of these people is murdered and the mystery that builds up is very good. We also focus on one character alone, who we find to die at the end.

And Then There Were None

Author: Agatha Christie
Average Customer Review: (4.5 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Traditional Detective Mysteries
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

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4. Hoot

It tells a great story about a kid who’s protecting owls. So it begins the book with the main character. His name is Roy. He moves into a new town and starts getting picked on by Dana. When specifically, he’s getting picked on the bus ride, on the way home, and he sees his barefoot running man. He was curious about who is this man? Another girl named Beatrice decides to help Roy out with this bully and protects them from her, so they become friends.

So she takes Roy to see her stepbrother, the barefoot running man, because he’s injured. They get him the help they need. Then it’s the three of them. So it’s the barefoot running man, and his name is in the book Mullet Fingers because they can’t tell his real name.

Beatrice and Roy all band together to protect a population of owls in danger of being destroyed. Their house will get destroyed because they will build a restaurant on top of it. So it was a great book to talk about serving animals and getting out there, sharing your message, and talking about how important it is to stick up for what you believe in. Like The Westing Game, this book has many strong lessons and messages.


Author: Carl Hiaasen
Average Customer Review: (4.7 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Children’s Recycling & Green Living
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

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5. Bridge To Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia was challenged by a parent who objected to Pervert Lordy and see-through blouse. She thought it was unsuitable for her child. This is the story of Jess Aarons, who is ten years old. He lives in a rundown, very poor country town, and he takes on a lot of responsibility in his family.

His mother is overworked and questionably sometimes abusive, out of frustration, and his father is working hard to make ends meet, and again, he works so hard. So he’s not in the most loving family environment. They are barely scraping, and he takes on a huge amount of responsibility as a 10-year-old.

Aarons meets a very privileged girl named Leslie Burke, whose wealthy family. Leslie is a very imaginative young girl. She invents this world Terabithia, in which Jess and Leslie are the king and queen, and it’s an imaginative space. It’s a play space to escape from the realities of Jess’s impoverished, scrappy world.

So Jess is a very creative boy, and no one nurtures that creativity except for Leslie and their art teacher. This book, at its core, is very much about encouraging young people to pursue their creativity. When this is set temporally, the gender roles are very skewed.

Jess is a somewhat effeminate boy interested in the arts, and Leslie is a masculine girl interested in sports and adventure. So this book not only encourages imagination, but it encourages a rethinking of these defined gender roles similar to The Westing Game. That’s important for young people to think through.

Bridge To Terabithia

Author: Katherine Paterson
Average Customer Review: (4.8 out of 5, on Amazon)
Category: Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

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