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Tessa Bailey Reading Guide

Tessa Bailey is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels. She has written over 30 books, including the Line of Duty, Broke and Beautiful, and Made in Jersey. Her novels have been translated into many languages and published in multiple countries.

Bailey is famous for her steamy, emotional love stories featuring alpha heroes and strong heroines. For her excellent work, she has won many awards for her writing, including the RITA Award for Best Erotic Romance in 2015 for her novel “Protecting What’s His.”

Whether or not Tessa Bailey’s books are worth reading depends on your preferences and reading tastes. You may enjoy her books if you enjoy contemporary romance novels with plenty of steamy scenes. As a fan of Tessa Bailey, I read all of her series and books. So, I can give you the proper reading guide or order to help you start quickly. Stay with me!

Tessa Bailey Books In Order (Reading Guide)

Reading a series or an author’s books in order can enhance your reading experience. You can follow the development of the characters and the storylines more closely. It can also help you understand previous book references to events and characters.

Some series can also be read as standalone novels or in a different order without significantly affecting the reading experience. It ultimately depends on your preference and whether you prefer to read chronologically. I’ll give you the complete guidelines to read Tessa Bailey books in order. Here are Tessa Bailey series and book checklist:

Line of Duty series:

  1. Protecting What’s His (2013).
  2. His Risk to Take (2013).
  3. Officer off Limits (2013).
  4. Asking for Trouble (2013).
  5. Staking His Claim (2014).

Crossing the Line series:

  1. Riskier Business (2015).
  2. Risking it All (2015).
  3. Up in Smoke (2015).
  4. Boiling Point (2016).
  5. Raw Redemption (2016).

Broke and Beautiful series:

  1. Chase Me (2015).
  2. Need Me (2015).
  3. Make Me (2015).

Romancing the Clarksons series:

  1. Too Hot to Handle (2016).
  2. Too Wild to Tame (2016).
  3. Too Hard to Forget (2017).
  4. Too Beautiful to Break (2017).

Beach Kingdom series:

  1. Mouth to Mouth (2018).
  2. Heat Stroke (2019).
  3. Sink or Swim (2019).

Hot & Hammered series:

  1. Fix Her Up (2019).
  2. Love Her or Lose Her (2020).
  3. Tools of Engagement (2020).

The Bellinger Sisters series:

  1. It Happened One Summer (2021).
  2. Hook, Line, and Sinker (2022).

A Vine Mess series:

  1. Secretly Yours (2023).
  2. Unfortunately Yours (2023).

Girl series:

  1. Getaway Girl (2018).
  2. Runaway Girl (2018).

Made in Jersey series:

  1. Crashed Out (2015).
  2. Thrown Down (2016).
  3. Worked Up (2016).
  4. Wound Tight (2016).

Serve series:

  1. Owned by Fate (2014).
  2. Exposed by Fate (2014).
  3. Mistaken by Fate (2014).
  4. Betting on Fate (2014).
  5. Driven by Fate (2015).
  6. Protecting Fate (2015).
  7. Rules of Seduction (2015).
  8. Bind Me Before You Go (2015).

The Academy series:

  1. Disorderly Conduct (2017).
  2. Indecent Exposure (2018).
  3. Disturbing His Peace (2018).

Phenomenal Fate series:

  1. Reborn Yesterday (2020).
  2. This Time Tomorrow (2020).
  3. Today Tomorrow and Always (2021).

Standalone books:

  1. Unfixable (2014).
  2. My Killer Vacation (2022).
  3. Window Shopping (2021).
  4. Happenstance (2022).
  5. Follow (2017).
  6. Captivated (2018).
  7. The Sweetest Fix (2021).
  8. The Major’s Welcome Home (2018).
  9. Off Base (2015).
  10. Find Her (2019).
  11. Double Booked (2020).
  12. Spring Romance (2020).
  13. The Seven Year Itch (2020).
  14. Stripped Bare (2020).
  15. Seducing My Professor.

Short Stories/Novellas: Renaissance Man (2018), Wreck the Halls.

Anthologies: 1001 Dark Nights: Compilation Sixteen (2018).

Line of Duty Books In Order

This series is an exciting mix of romance and suspense, centering around law enforcement officers. Each novel explores a different couple, keeping readers hooked with sizzling chemistry and thrilling action sequences.

Protecting What’s His: This first novel introduces the steamy romance between Lieutenant Derek Tyler and Ginger Peet. Tyler is a possessive and protective law enforcement officer, and Ginger is an independent woman who moves in next door. Bailey skillfully weaves suspense, humor, and the sizzling chemistry between the characters.

His Risk to Take: This book features the passionate romance between NYPD detective Troy Bennett and Ruby Elliott, a professional pool player with a mysterious past. The suspenseful elements of the story keep you engaged.

Officer off Limits: In this installment, we follow hostage negotiator Daniel Chase and his unexpected romance with the sassy, strong-willed Story Brooks. The novel explores the characters’ emotional depths and the complexities of their relationship. They face their personal and professional lives.

Asking for Trouble: This book focuses on the fiery romance between NYPD officer Brent Mason and the feisty Hayden Winstead. Their love-hate relationship adds extra tension to the story, making for a gripping and entertaining read. The banter between the characters is delightful, and the steamy scenes enhance the overall reading experience.

Staking His Claim: In the series’ final book, we follow the passionate and intense relationship between NYPD sniper Matt Donovan and his best friend’s sister, Lucy Foster. The author covers the forbidden romance trope, with the characters trying to resist their undeniable attraction to one another. The emotional journey of the characters, coupled with the suspenseful elements of the story, make this a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Following the reading order for the Line of Duty series is a good idea. Reading the books in order allows you to follow the character development, plot progression, and overarching themes more effectively. In the case of the Line of Duty books, the series is based on the popular British TV show. So you’ll also be able to draw connections between the books and the show more effectively if you read them in order.

Crossing the Line Books In Order

This series is a darker and edgier take on romance. Tessa Bailey navigates the complex world of underground crime. I found the tension and attraction between the characters irresistible.

Riskier Business: This prequel novella sets the stage for the Crossing the Line series. It introduces the main characters, Troy and Ruby, on a high-stakes mission to save their friend. The author skillfully portrays their chemistry, adding depth to their complex relationship. As a prequel, it is an excellent introduction to the series, laying the groundwork for the subsequent books.

Risking it All: In this first full-length novel in the series, the story explores themes of trust, sacrifice, and redemption. An undercover cop, Bowen finds himself torn between duty and desire. The steamy romance and the thrilling suspense make this book an engaging read.

Up in Smoke: This book focuses on the story of Connor, a former police officer, and Erin, a woman involved in a dangerous situation. It expertly balances romance and action with a strong emphasis on character development. The story’s emotional depth adds realism, and the relationship between Connor and Erin is believable.

Boiling Point: Tessa introduces us to a master hacker, Austin, and a skilled thief, Polly. The book is a perfect mix of action, suspense, and romance, with a focus on the personal growth of the characters.

Raw Redemption: The final book in the Crossing the Line series tells the story of Henrik and Ailish, a police officer and the daughter of a crime boss. This novel beautifully wraps up the series with a thrilling and emotional conclusion. The author skillfully weaves redemption, forgiveness, and love themes into the narrative.

Overall, it’s a fitting and satisfying end to an engaging series. The author recommends reading the Crossing the Line series to understand the book’s character development and plot progression fully.

The events in each novel build upon the previous ones and follow a chronological order. Therefore, reading books out of order may confuse and spoil specific plot points. To fully enjoy the series, it’s best to start with the prequel novella, “Riskier Business,” and then read the subsequent books in order: “Risking it All,” “Up in Smoke,” “Boiling Point,” and “Raw Redemption.”

Broke and Beautiful Books In Order

This series is light-hearted, fun, and sexy, featuring strong female characters and swoon-worthy love interests. The banter between the characters adds a delightful layer of humor, making it an enjoyable read for fans of contemporary romance.

Chase Me: This first book in the series introduces us to the quirky and relatable heroine Roxy, who finds herself falling for the charming and mysterious Louis. The novel is a delightful mix of humor, romance, and drama with a captivating plot.

Need Me: The second book follows the story of a single father, Troy, and his attraction to a struggling actress, Ruby. The novel explores themes of family, sacrifice, and personal growth while maintaining the first book’s humor and steamy romance. The chemistry between Troy and Ruby is sizzling, and the story’s emotional depth adds a layer of realism to their relationship.

Make Me: The final book in the series features the tough and independent heroine, Abby, and the charming and persistent hero, Russell. The novel is a beautiful conclusion to the series, focusing on themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and true love.

Overall, the Broke and Beautiful series is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. Each book stands on its own, but reading them in order provides a deeper knowledge of the characters and their relationships.

Romancing The Clarksons Books In Order

This series focuses on the emotional journeys of the Clarkson siblings. They search for love. Each novel has a unique storyline, offering readers emotional depth and sizzling passion.

  1. Too Hot to Handle (2016).
  2. Too Wild to Tame (2016).
  3. Too Hard to Forget (2017).
  4. Too Beautiful to Break (2017).

Too Hot to Handle: This first book introduces readers to the four Clarkson siblings – Aaron, Belmont, Peggy, and Rita. They are on a road trip to fulfill their late mother’s last wish. The book focuses on Aaron, a successful businessman, and his attraction to a free-spirited artist, Jasmine. It’s a delightful mix of humor, steamy romance, and family dynamics, with a captivating plot.

Too Wild to Tame: The second book in the series follows the story of a former politician, Belmont, and a mechanic, Sage. It explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of true love.

Too Hard to Forget: The book focuses on Peggy, the youngest Clarkson sibling, and her attraction to her former college football coach, Elliott. It’s a beautiful exploration of second-chance romance. The chemistry between Peggy and Elliott is electric, and the sympathetic characters shine again.

Too Beautiful to Break: The final book in the series features Rita, the eldest Clarkson sibling, and Jasper, a wealthy businessman. It’s a beautiful conclusion to the series, focusing on family, sacrifice, and love themes.

Overall, the Romancing the Clarksons series is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. Each book stands independently, but reading them in order will help you catch the characters’ relationships.

Beach Kingdom Books In Order

These series are set in a beachside town and offer romance, humor, and summer vibes. Each novel features a different couple and their journey toward love, with a backdrop of sun, sand, and surf.

Mouth to Mouth: This first book in the series introduces us to the competitive world of professional beach volleyball and the two main characters, Ruby and Gabriel. The chemistry between them is explosive, and the secondary characters add depth and humor to the story.

Heat Stroke: The second book follows the story of Jasmine and Aaron, who were introduced as secondary characters in the first book.

Sink or Swim: This book focuses shifts a professional swimmer, Andrew, and a hard-working barista, Jiya. It’s a beautiful exploration of opposites that attract romance, focusing on themes of personal growth, family dynamics, and trust.

Overall, the Beach Kingdom series is for those who love contemporary and sports romance. Each book stands on its own, but I recommend reading them in order because the first and second books are interconnected.

Hot & Hammered Books In Order

This series is a fun, flirty take on the home renovation genre, with strong, independent women and equally impressive men. Tessa Bailey expertly weaves humor, emotion, and steamy romance to create an enjoyable reading experience.

Fix Her Up: This first novel introduces us to the story of Georgie Castle and Travis Ford. Georgie is the youngest member of a family that runs a home renovation business, and Travis is a former professional baseball player who returns to his hometown after an injury. Georgie has harbored a crush on Travis since her teenage years. When they reconnect, sparks begin to fly.

Love Her or Lose Her: The second book follows the story of Rosie and Dominic Vega. They are a married couple struggling to rekindle their love after years of emotional disconnect. The couple seeks help from a marriage counselor who provides unconventional yet practical advice to help them rediscover their passion. Bailey does an excellent job of portraying the complexities of marriage and the importance of communication in a relationship.

Tools of Engagement: This book focuses on the story of Bethany Castle and Wes Daniels. Bethany, the perfectionist sister of Georgie from the first book, is determined to prove herself as a capable house flipper. Wes, a single father and former rodeo star, becomes her temporary nanny. The novel is a slow-burning romance with healthy sexual tension between the main characters. Bailey effectively explores themes of self-doubt, insecurity, and overcoming societal expectations.

Each book in the Hot & Hammered series can be enjoyed as a standalone. But reading them in order provides a richer experience because the characters’ lives intertwine throughout the series.

The Bellinger Sisters Books In Order

This series features strong and ambitious sisters and explores their journey toward love and self-discovery.

It Happened One Summer: The first book in the series follows the oldest Bellinger sister, Piper, who decides to spend the summer in a small town on the Pacific Northwest coast. There, she meets the town’s sheriff, Brendan, who is charming and impossible to resist. They spend more time together and realize their attraction is more than a summer fling. The romance between them is steamy, with plenty of banter and tension.

Hook, Line, and Sinker: The second book in the series focuses on the middle Bellinger sister, Delilah, a professional fisherwoman who runs her family’s fishing business. Delilah has always prioritized her career, but when she meets Leo (chef), she questions her priorities.
The romance between Delilah and Leo is steamy, emotional, and satisfying, with plenty of tension.

Overall, The Bellinger Sisters series is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance, small-town stories, and strong heroines.

A Vine Mess Books In Order

This series is a delightful mix of romance and mystery, set amidst the world of wineries. You will be captivated by the intriguing storylines and the chemistry between the characters.

Secretly Yours: This first novel explores the themes of secrecy, betrayal, and love. The story focuses on the lives of two individuals, Ryan and Emily, who have been secretly in love with each other for years. However, due to a misunderstanding, their paths diverged, and they lost contact. Fast forward to the present day, they are reunited, but their love story is complicated by the secrets they have kept from each other.

Unfortunately Yours: This is a heart-wrenching novel that explores the themes of loss, grief, and second chances. The story follows the life of Grace, a young woman who has lost her husband in a tragic accident. Grace finds solace in her work as a nurse, caring for terminally ill patients. As the story unfolds, Grace meets a patient, Tom, who is facing a similar fate to her husband. They get to know each other and find themselves falling in love.

Overall, A Vine Mess is a powerful series that will leave a lasting impression on the reader. The writing is beautiful, and the story is well-crafted, making it a must-read for anyone who loves a good tear-jerker.

Girl Books In Order

This series showcases Bailey’s talent for writing strong female leads and their emotional journeys toward love.

Getaway Girl: This first book tells the story of Addison Potts, who returns to her hometown of Charleston for her cousin’s wedding. When the groom, mayoral candidate Elijah DuPont, is left at the altar, Addison comes to his rescue. Then their friendship blossoms between them. Addison is a strong, independent woman determined to make her mark in the world. On the other hand, Elijah is a charming and dedicated man who is passionate about his political career.

Runaway Girl: This is another enthralling contemporary romance that follows the story of Naomi Clemons. She is a runaway bride determined to reinvent herself after leaving her groom at the altar. She decides to join a military training program, but her plans are derailed when she meets Jason Bristow (Navy SEAL). His struggles with a traumatic past and his journey toward healing make him an equally captivating character.

The Girl is a captivating and emotional contemporary romance series that showcases strong female leaders and their struggles. You will enjoy their journey of self-discovery, healing, and love.

Made in Jersey Books In Order

This series focuses on the lives of blue-collar workers, demonstrating Bailey’s ability to create relatable, down-to-earth characters. Each book is filled with heart, humor, and irresistible chemistry.

Crashed Out: This is the first book in the series that follows the story of Jasmine Taveras. Despite her humble origins, she is a determined, hard-working woman who wants to prove herself as a successful lawyer. She meets the handsome and wealthy musician Crosby Chase, and they are immediately attracted to each other. The novel is full of steamy romance, family drama, and heartwarming moments.

Thrown Down: This novel tells the story of Vaughn and River. They are two childhood friends who reconnect after years of being apart. Vaughn is a successful businessman who is used to getting what he wants, while River is a talented chef who is determined to prove herself in the competitive culinary world. They work together to open a restaurant, and their friendship turns into a passionate romance.

Worked Up: This novel follows the story of Duke Crawford, a rough-around-the-edges construction worker, and Samantha Waverly, an ambitious lawyer. When Duke is hired to renovate Samantha’s law office, their initial dislike of each other turns into a fiery attraction. You can explore themes of opposites attracting, personal growth, and the importance of communication in relationships.

Wound Tight: This is the fourth and final book in the series that covers the story of Renner Bastion and Milo Bautista. Renner is a former soldier struggling to adapt to civilian life, and Milo is a free-spirited artist looking for a fresh start. Renner is hired to provide security for Milo’s art show, and their attraction to each other is immediate and intense.

I recommend reading the Made in Jersey series in order. The books are part of a series and have recurring characters. So reading them in order will give you a better understanding of the characters’ relationships, developments, and how the events in one book affect the next.

Serve Books In Order

This series is set in the world of BDSM. Tessa Bailey expertly balances the darker elements with emotional depth, creating a captivating reading experience.

Owned by Fate: This book follows the story of a young woman named Etta who has a one-night stand with a dominant man named Garrett. The story is a steamy romance novel with elements of BDSM.

Exposed by Fate: The story shows a successful businesswoman named Raven who hires a private investigator named Eric to find out who is trying to sabotage her company. Along the way, Raven and Eric develop a romantic relationship.

Mistaken by Fate: This novel follows the story of a young woman who a group of criminals kidnaps. Rylan rescues her, and they begin a romance.

Betting on Fate: A young woman named Harper is trying to save her family’s casino from being sold to a rival company. She enlists the help of a professional poker player named Noah to win a high-stakes poker game.

Driven by Fate: A successful businesswoman named Kat hires a former racecar driver named Flynn to teach her how to drive. They develop a romantic relationship and work together to win a race.

Protecting Fate: This book follows the story of a young woman named Sloane, who a dangerous man is stalking. She hires a bodyguard to protect her. They fall in love and try to stay one step ahead of the stalker.

Rules of Seduction: A young woman has inherited her grandfather’s vineyard. She hires a winemaker to help her run the vineyard, and they develop a romantic relationship.

Bind Me Before You Go: This book focuses on a young woman running from a dangerous man. She enlists the help of a former Navy SEAL to protect her, and they fall in love.

Overall, the Serve series is a collection of steamy romance novels with elements of suspense, danger, and BDSM. If you enjoy this genre, you may find these books entertaining and enjoyable. The books are standalone, but some overarching storylines build upon each other in each book. Reading them in order is a good idea for you.

The Academy Books In Order

This series features police academy cadets, giving readers a fresh take on the romantic suspense genre.

Disorderly Conduct: This is the first book in the series, and it follows the story of Charlie Burns. He is a police recruit who has always followed the rules until he meets the impulsive Ever Carmichael. Ever is the daughter of the police commissioner and is determined to prove herself as a worthy cop, even if that means breaking a few rules. Charlie is assigned to be her training officer and finds himself falling for her despite her reckless behavior.

Indecent Exposure: The second book in the series features Jack Garrett, who takes his police job very seriously. He meets Katie McCoy, a free-spirited photographer who opposes him. He finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. Katie is also struggling with her demons.

Disturbing His Peace: The story follows Greer and Danika, two police officers who have been secretly pining for each other for years. They are forced to work together on a high-profile case, and their feelings for each other surface.

Overall, The Academy series has engaging characters, steamy romance, and emotional depth. Each book can be read as a standalone, but reading them in order will give you a better understanding of the storylines and writing style.

Phenomenal Fate Books In Order

This paranormal romance series showcases romance, action, and intrigue, keeping readers excited from start to finish.

Reborn Yesterday: This first book sets the stage for the rest of the series. The story follows a vampire who wakes up after dying for 50 years, only to find that the world has changed dramatically. She meets a man with whom she feels strongly connected, but he seems to be hiding something. They face their feelings for each other and external threats threatening to tear them apart.

This Time Tomorrow: This second book follows a different set of characters than the first book. The story focuses on a werewolf tasked with protecting a witch from a dangerous group of supernatural beings. They grow closer and deal with the threat looming over them. However, some readers may find their romance rushed, and the conflict resolution is somewhat unsatisfying.

Today Tomorrow and Always: This third and final book in the series brings the story to a satisfying conclusion. The book follows a shapeshifter hired to protect a scientist from a group of dangerous creatures. They realize they have feelings for each other, but their pasts threaten to come between them.

Overall, the action scenes are exciting, and the world-building continues to be interesting. You should read the Phenomenal Fate series in order because the story and characters build upon each other throughout the series. Reading the books in order will better understand the overall plot and character development.

Tessa Bailey’s Standalone Books

Unfixable (2014): This is a fun and sexy contemporary romance that follows the story of a British bad boy racecar driver, Will, and a small-town American girl, Wavy. You can explore the themes of self-discovery, healing, and finding love in unexpected places.

My Killer Vacation (2022): This romantic suspense novel follows the story of a woman. She goes on a vacation to Mexico with her friends, only to find herself caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious and deadly stranger. The book is full of twists and turns and intense chemistry.

Window Shopping (2021): Window Shopping is a charming and heartwarming contemporary romance that focuses on the story of a struggling artist who finds inspiration and love in an unexpected place. The book covers descriptions of New York City, lovable secondary characters, and a slow-burn romance.

Happenstance: This captivating and emotional romance novel follows the story of a woman who meets and falls in love with a man on a plane rides home for the holidays. The book explores themes of fate, forgiveness, and the power of connection.

Follow (2017): Follow is a steamy and suspenseful romance novel that follows the story of a woman who falls in love with a serial killer man. Their chemistry is electric and dangerous, and their story is thrilling and romantic.

Captivated (2018): Captivated is a sizzling and emotional romance novel that follows the story of a woman falling in love with a man with a dark and complicated past. The book explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of love.

The Sweetest Fix (2021): This delightful and contemporary romance novel follows the story of a woman who travels to Ireland to pursue her dream of becoming a chocolatier, only to fall in love with a man. He is less than thrilled about her new business venture. The story has charming and lovable characters, witty banter, and steamy romance.

Welcome Home (2018): This heartwarming romance novel follows the story of a woman who falls in love with a soldier while he’s on leave from Afghanistan. The book explores themes of family, loyalty, and the challenges of long-distance relationships.

Off Base (2015): This emotional romance follows the story of a woman who falls in love with a Marine while he’s on leave in her small town. The book features themes of duty, honor, and the challenges of dating someone in the military.

Find Her (2019): This thrilling and suspenseful romance novel covers the story of a woman kidnapped by a dangerous criminal and held captive for six months. After being rescued, Caro struggles to rebuild her life and find love with a man named Cam, who helps her overcome her trauma and fears.

Double Booked (2020): This fun and sexy contemporary romance novel features a woman who accidentally double-books her vacation rental with two men – a rugged mountain man and a sophisticated city slicker. The book has witty banter, steamy romance, and laugh-out-loud moments.

Spring Romance (2020): This heartwarming and romantic novella follows the story of a woman who falls in love with her neighbor, a handsome and charming man. The book explores themes of second chances, forgiveness, and the power of love.

The Seven Year Itch (2020): The Seven Year Itch is a steamy and emotional romance novel that covers a woman struggling to keep her marriage to her high school sweetheart alive after seven years of ups and downs. The book represents the themes of commitment, communication, and the challenges of long-term relationships.

If you want to try Tessa Bailey’s books, you could start with one of her popular series, such as the Line of Duty or Broke and Beautiful series, or try one of her standalone novels. Ultimately, the best way to determine if Tessa Bailey’s books are worth reading is to try them and see if you enjoy them.

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