Morganville Vampires Books In Order In Details

Morganville Vampires Series Reading Guide

The Morganville Vampires is a series of young adult novels by Rachel Caine. There are 15 books in the whole series, but they never get boring. They are entertaining the entire way through an action-packed plot and amazing characters.

That is one reason to stick through the whole series: you will not regret it. I fell in love with the series and read all 15 books. So, I know the Morganville Vampires series reading order, which you can follow. Also, I’ll add the central theme with my view, making it easy to choose and read.

Morganville Vampires Books In Order (Reading Guide)

The series follows Claire Danvers, a 16-year-old girl who moves to Morganville, Texas, to attend Texas Prairie University. Claire is super smart, and since her parents won’t let her go to MIT or Yale, she settles for TPU. So Claire lives on the top floor of a dorm she doesn’t want to be in anymore. This is because the meanest of the school’s mean girls. Monica Morrell is making her life a living difficult. Claire is being bullied by Monica and her friends, Jennifer and Gina, and three popular Mingo bullies against one new girl who barely knows anyone.

Yeah, that is not a situation she wants to be in. Since Claire no longer feels safe living there, she starts looking for off-campus housing and stumbles upon a listing for a house called the Glass House. So she moves into the house, and with the help of her housemates and new friends, she soon finds out that Morganville. Texas isn’t all that it seems because vampires run Morganville. Now it’s time to read the series. Here is the Morganville Vampires series in order:

  1. Glass Houses.
  2. The Dead Girls’ Dance.
  3. Midnight Alley.
  4. Feast of Fools.
  5. Lord of Misrule.
  6. Carpe Corpus.
  7. Fade Out.
  8. Kiss of Death.
  9. Ghost Town.
  10. Bite Club.
  11. Last Breath.
  12. Black Dawn.
  13. Bitter Blood.
  14. Fall of Night.
  15. Daylighters.

Short stories/anthologies:

  • Myrnin’s Tale.
  • Viper and the Farmer.
  • The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.
  • Eve’s Diary.
  • Amelie’s story.
  • Grudge.
  • Dead Man Stalking.
  • Murdered Out.
  • All Hallows.
  • Worth Living For.
  • Sam’s Story.
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time.
  • Vexed.
  • Anger Management.
  • Automatic.
  • Signs and Miracles.
  • Dark Rides.
  • Lunch Date.
  • Your Mileage May Vary.
  • Pitch-Black Blues.

The Morganville Vampires series are also known as:

  • I vampiri di Morganville [Italian].
  • Haus der Vampire [German].

I recommend you to read The Morganville Vampires series in order. The series follows a consistent storyline, and the characters develop and change throughout the books. If you read the books out of order, you’ll miss important plot points, character development, or references to events from previous books. First, pick up the ”Glass Houses”. Start reading it, and you’ll become hooked on the entire series.

Checkout my list: Morganville Vampires Books List

1. Glass Houses

This is the first young adult novel in the Morganville Vampires series. The story takes place in Morganville, Texas, where vampires have taken over and ruled the town. Claire faces this dangerous world to survive. Rachel Caine has created a unique world where vampires have taken over a small town in Texas. The mystery of the missing girls and the danger Claire and her friends find themselves in make for an exciting read.

2. The Dead Girls’ Dance

Claire, Eve, Shane, and Michael are dealing with the aftermath of their war with the evil vampire Bishop. In this book, the friends find themselves in even more danger as Bishop seeks revenge on them for their role in his defeat. The relationships between the characters also continue to evolve, with new romantic entanglements and conflicts arising. The world-building is also expanded with more information about the history of Morganville and the vampire hierarchy.

3. Midnight Alley

The Morganville becomes more chaotic as a new group of vampires arrives, led by Bishop. This book follows the adventures of Claire and her friends (Eve, Shane, and Michael). They struggle to survive in a town where danger lurks around every corner. The characters develop well, and the reader gets to explore more of the vampire society in the town.

Introducing a new character, Myrnin is adorable and terrifying. Claire faces new challenges, such as difficult classes, a contract with a vampire, and studying with Myrnin. The plot is full of twists and turns, including a surprise visit from her parents, Eve’s psychopathic brother, and an enemy who wants her dead. The book’s strength is the friendship between the main characters, and the plot keeps the reader hooked.

4. Feast of Fools

The town of Morganville is preparing for the annual “Feast of Fools,” a celebration where humans and vampires can let loose and have fun. However, tensions rise when a group of human radicals threatens to disrupt the festivities and reveal the town’s secrets to the outside world.

Claire and her friends face the dangerous and complex politics of the vampire world. Also, they find themselves facing new enemies and unexpected alliances. The world-building is impressive, with the author expanding on the vampire world’s mythology and Morganville’s history. Rachel does a great job keeping the reader on edge and anticipating what will happen next.

5. Lord of Misrule

Morganville is again thrown into chaos when a new group of vampires arrives. These vampires are different from those Claire and her friends have faced before and are more dangerous. I enjoyed the rivalry situation and the character’s bonding. However, the storyline in this book felt duller than previous ones. The book ended without a resolution, but some readers are excited to continue reading the series.

6. Carpe Corpus

In this book, the stakes are higher than ever as Morganville faces a new threat. The endgame of Bishop’s rule in Morganville arrives. Both humans and vampires come together to take back their town. The vampires have taken over the town, forcing humans to work for them as enslaved people. Claire and her friends try to find a way to stop the vampires and save their town. I loved the Claire and Shane moments and enjoyed Myrnin’s character development. Overall, it was a great addition to the series.

7. Fade Out

The story features the familiar action and suspense of the Morganville Vampire series but with a slower buildup in the beginning that allows the characters to live normal lives for change. However, the calm is soon disrupted by the arrival of new characters who bring danger and chaos.

The story eventually leads to a rollercoaster of action, fear, and danger, with a resolution that excites readers for the next book. While the book can be read as a standalone novel, there are hints of future plot developments that will continue into the next one.

8. Kiss of Death

This book highlights a departure from Morganville and introduces a new setting. The book’s first half is a bit too sweet for the reviewer’s taste, and it takes a while for the action to pick up. However, the last 100 pages are exciting and significant for the characters’ development.

The readers question the future of Claire and Shane’s relationship, as well as the stability of Eve and Michael’s. Claire’s progress with her parents and her turning into a vampire slayer are mentioned as positive points. Finally, the reviewer notes Shane’s character growth and newfound ability to restrain himself in dangerous situations.

9. Ghost Town

Claire and her vampire boss Myrnin try to fix the town’s security system, which goes wrong and causes everyone to forget who they are. Claire also struggles with her feelings towards the vampires, who she finds frustrating.

The book features interesting character development for some vampires, particularly Amelie and Oliver, and some cheesy but adorable romantic scenes between Claire and Shane. This book also provides recaps at the beginning to catch up on previous books, making it easier for readers to understand the story.

10. Bite Club

The book is about a newly opened gym where vampires train humans and vampires alike. It mainly focuses on Claire, but there is a new aspect of getting a first-person look into Shane’s thoughts. However, using idioms and text speak is starting to annoy me.

The tension from the secrets was built up, but the ending was boring, and I was left feeling let down. The book has good potential and interesting character comebacks, but the last 20% could have been better.

11. Last Breath

This book provides a new perspective by adding Eve and Amelie’s viewpoints. The author also adds another layer to the vampire lore by explaining why Morganville was created in the middle of the desert. Despite the series’ predictable formula, the book is fun and engaging, leaving readers curious about what’s to come.

The book’s mood is different, with a sense of hopelessness throughout, but it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. While the book has no significant disappointments, one of the earlier books was considered significantly more boring.

12. Black Dawn

The Morganville Vampire series is criticized for being repetitive and predictable, with similar plots and characters in each book. I found it difficult to distinguish between multiple points of view, and the change from 3rd to 1st person narration is jarring.

Claire has become dull, and I wish they could read from Monica’s point of view instead. Despite these flaws, I continued reading the series, hoping the last three books would have a unique storyline.

13. Bitter Blood

The book features multiple POVs, including one from the character Myrnin. The story centers around the looming war between humans and vampires in Morganville, with unexpected villains and alliances emerging. Relationships are also explored, including the marriage of Eve and Michael and the struggles of Shane and Claire. The author takes risks and delivers shocking moments, keeping the storyline interesting and evolving even after thirteen installments. Fans of the series shouldn’t miss this book.

14. Fall of Night

We follow Claire’s journey to Boston, allowing her to experience life without the influence of vampires. Despite being set outside the town, the novel is still full of action and adventure, with enough risk to keep readers in their seats.

While there is less focus on specific characters like Eve and Michael and only two POVs from Claire and Shane, the author still manages to keep the story interesting. The novel ends with a decision from Claire that may shock some readers and set them up for the next book.

15. Daylighters

The final book, Daylighters, continues with a new boss in town taking out vampires, and it’s up to Claire, Shane, and Eve to stop him. The author praises the book for delivering awesome, fast-paced action and a twisty plot. She also reflects on the character’s growth throughout the series, particularly Claire’s development into a strong, independent friend and ally. She is sad to say goodbye to Morganville but is happy with how it ends, with hope and happiness.

Overall, The Morganville Vampires is an excellent series for urban fantasy and young adult literature fans. I recommend reading the series in order and keeping patience to regrow your excitement.

The series was adapted into a digital series, not a traditional TV series. The web series, titled “Morganville: The Series,” premiered in 2014 on YouTube. The adaptation was directed by Blake Calhoun and featured a cast that included Amber Benson, Robert Picardo, and Lindsey Seidel. You can watch it on the official Morganville Vampires YouTube channel. Feel free to ask me any questions and share your opinion.

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