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Lisa Kleypas Books List

Bestselling American author Lisa Kleypas published her first historical romance at age 21! She’s been publishing for those 20 years. So many of you wanted me to do a little guide to Lisa Kleypas, who is one of my favorite historical romance authors of all time.

You could start with an overview of her series and standalone and a breakdown of her books based on a trope. That would be easier than going through every single one of her books because she has a huge backlist of over 40 full-length books. So if you’re new here and didn’t know, I have been slowly making my way through her entire backlist, reading at least a month.

Lisa Kleypas Books In Order (Booklist by ranked)

People love Lisa Kleypas for her captivating stories, well-developed characters, and historical accuracy. For her great works, she has won several awards for her writing, including the Romance Writers of America RITA Award. She writes the most romantic romances where heroes lean towards the alpha side, everything from lower-class heroes to dukes, the richest men who came from nothing. They all adore their heroines. She writes about strong, forward-thinking, independent heroines. Sometimes they’re very traditional, and sometimes they’re very modern.

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Here’s a list of her books and series, ordered by publication:

Lisa Kleypas’s Series in order:

  1. Wallflowers: Lisa is best known for, The Wallflowers series, which you can read in any order. The heroines in books two and four (”It Happened One Autumn and ”Scandal in Spring”), they’re sisters. They come from a wealthy family in New York City, and they arrive in London so that they can marry a title hero. There’s a fifth book (4.5) in the Wallflower series. The hero of this one is the brother of the two Bowman sisters in the books.
  2. The Hathaways: Hathaway series is a spin-off of the Wallflower series. The first book is ”Mine Till Midnight”, and the Hero Cam is first introduced in ”A Devil in Winter” and the ”Hathaway”. Instead of focusing on a group of friends like The Wallflower is, it centers around one family. All of them have been orphaned, and they each get their romance. This isn’t Lisa Kleypas’s only family-oriented series, but it’s my favorite book. We have the oldest daughter and the second oldest of siblings.
  3. The Ravenels: This one is family oriented also a bit of a spin-off of the Wallflower series because the third and fifth books, ”Devil in Spring” and ”Devil’s Daughter”, are about two of Evie and Sebastian’s kids, the couple from ”Devil in Winter”. This family is not quite as tight-knit as the Hathaway’s, but I still adore them. It starts with ”Cold-hearted Rake” with the oldest of the Ravenel, the only brother dying and leaving his wife, the heroine, a widow, and his brother West, who are distantly related to the Raven. Devon has inherited that brother’s title and that Dead brother’s title, and they both become dear family members. To the rest of the Ravenel, Devon himself ends up falling for the widow.
  4. The Travis Family: Lisa’s more popular one is the Travis series about the Travis family. The first book is ”A Sugar Daddy,” not a sugar daddy romance. The sugar daddy in her life is not a sugar daddy, and she does not fall in love with him. It’s a love triangle! We only know who the hero is over halfway through the book. It leans more toward women’s fiction. There’s a lot of backstory for the heroine. I’ve only read the first two books, but both follow the same pattern. I prefer her historical Book Two (Blue-Eyed Devil), where the hero is the one who the heroine from Book One did not choose, and I would recommend not reading the blurb, so you don’t get spoiled about it.

The third one ”Smooth Talking Stranger” is about a playboy who has found out that he’s a new father and falls for the baby’s aunt. In the last Travis book, Brown-Eyed Girl, the heroine is a wedding planner, and she mistakes the hero, a rich playboy, for being the wedding photographer. It can count for a hero pursuing the heroine romance.

  1. The Gamblers of Craven: The series only contains two books, Then Came You and Dreaming of You. ”Then Came You” is an enemies-lovers romance where David Craven is first introduced. You don’t have to read them in order. Derek and Lily are best friends. So, we get to see them a lot together in the first book.
  2. The Ravenels Meet the Wallflowers: A historical romance series set in Victorian England, consisting of 4 books. Each book focuses on a different couple and their romantic journey. You get to see the interactions between two groups of society: the Ravenel family and the Wallflower group of young women. The series also touches on social issues such as arranged marriages and women’s rights.
  3. Bow Street Runners: The first one, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” centers around a police force in London and do a lot of the dirty underground work. It also has an amnesia trope where the heroine wakes up without a memory of who she is. After almost dying in the Thames, the hero is the Bow Street Runner, tasked with finding out who tried to kill her. Book two, ”Lady Sophia’s Lover,” is one that I’m looking forward to reading.
  4. Friday Harbor: This series is about the romantic relationships between the characters in the small town of Friday Harbor, Washington. All the books in the series combine elements of contemporary and paranormal romance elements, with a touch of supernatural elements.
  5. Capitol Theatre: This series has two books, ”Somewhere I’ll Find You” and ”Because You’re Mine”. The series centers around life. The heroine in Book one is the actress in that relationship, and the hero of book two is the actor in the theater. The first book sounds good because their parents betrothed the main characters. They’ve never met, but now they want to find each other so they can separate. But they are falling for each other anyway.
  6. Only Vallerands: This series also has two books again, starting with ”When Strangers Marry”, which is a book that was retitled and edited. The original name was Only In Your Arms. These two are very old school. The first book has a stolen bride, and the second (Only With Your Love) has a purchased heroine. Lisa also has a couple of standalone. The first one got the mysterious identity trope. The heroine’s husband has died but comes back to life, a little different and hotter. She never loved her first husband, but now she’s unsure whether this new guy is him.
  7. The Stokehursts: This series consists of two books and focuses on the members of the Stokehurst family and their romance. In the first book, “Suddenly You,” the hero and heroine come from different worlds and must overcome their differences to find love. In the second book, “Mine Until Dawn,” the hero and heroine must confront societal prejudices to be together. The series is a must-read for historical romance fans, offering humor, passion, and drama.
  1. Berkeley-Falkner

Wallflowers Series (4 books in order):

  • Secrets of a Summer Night.
  • It Happened One Autumn.
  • Devil in Winter.
  • Scandal in Spring.

The Hathaways Series (5 books in order):

  • Mine Till Midnight.
  • Seduce Me at Sunrise.
  • Tempt Me at Twilight.
  • Married by Morning.
  • Love in the Afternoon.

The Ravenels Series (7 books):

  • Cold-Hearted Rake.
  • Marrying Winterborne.
  • Devil in Spring.
  • Hello, Stranger.
  • Devil’s Daughter.
  • Chasing Cassandra.
  • Devil in Disguise.

The Travis Family Series (4 books):

  • Sugar Daddy.
  • Blue-Eyed Devil.
  • Smooth Talking Stranger.
  • Brown-Eyed Girl.

Bow Street Runners Series (3 books):

  • Someone to Watch Over Me.
  • Lady Sophia’s Lover.
  • Worth Any Price.

Friday Harbor Series (5 books):

  • Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.
  • Rainshadow Road.
  • Dream Lake.
  • Crystal Cove.
  • Lightning Bay.

Capitol Theatre Series (2 books):

  • Somewhere I’ll Find You.
  • Because You’re Mine.

Only Vallerands Series (2 books):

  • When Strangers Marry.
  • Only With Your Love.

The Stokehursts Series (2 books):

  • Midnight Angel.
  • Prince of Dreams.

Berkeley-Falkner Series (2 books):

  • Where Passion Leads.
  • Forever My Love.

Historical Romance Standalone Novels:

  • Dreaming of You.
  • Then Came You.
  • Suddenly You.
  • Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.
  • Cold-Hearted Rake.
  • Hello Stranger.

Short Story:

  • Wish List (2001).
  • A Historical Christmas Present (2008).


  • Christmas Love Stories (1991).
  • A Christmas Present (1994).
  • Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995).
  • Gifts of Love (2006).
  • A Christmas to Remember (2017).

My recommendation for Lisa Kleypas’s books in order

The common question I received from BookTube is, Where to start with Lisa Kleypas? You don’t have to read Lisa Kleypas’ novels in any specific order because most of her books can be read as standalone.

If you’re new to Lisa Kleypas, there are several places that you can start if you want to start with a series. ”The Wallflower” series is the perfect place to start. There are four books. The first is ”Secrets of a Summer Night”. There’s an extraordinary female friendship, a female bond between all these heroines. They bond over being wallflowers who try to change their wallflower status. All of these characters are so endearing.

If you’d prefer to start with a standalone, you could either begin with ”Suddenly You or ”Again the Magic”. ”Again the Magic” is a standalone, but technically a little prequel to the Wallflower series. That’s because the heroines in this book are the sisters to the hero from ”It happened one Autumn” Book two in the Wallflowers. It’s a second-chance romance.

”Suddenly You” is an excellent introduction to Lisa Kleypas. If you want to dip your toe into her books, It’s got her classic Alpha sexy hero and a strong independent heroine who brings him to his knees.

If you don’t particularly care whether you want to start with a series or a standalone, these two books are a lot of people’s first books from Lisa: ”Devil in Winter” ”Dreaming of You”. I started with Devil in Winter, but many people also started with Dreaming of You. They are parts of two different series, but of course, they can be read as standalone, and they’ve got Lisa’s most iconic couples, Devil in Winters, and even Sebastian and Dreaming of you’s Derek and Sarah Devlin. Derek is the most angsty and tortured hero, and I love him so much.

My top three books are:

  1. Dreaming of You: Book Two of the Gamblers of Craven series. It has Derek Craven, one of Lisa’s most beloved heroes.
  2. Love in the Afternoon: This is the fifth and last book in the Hathaway series. It’s an epistolary romance where the main characters fall in love through the written word, in this case, letters.
  3. Devil in Spring: Book three in the Ravenel series. This one has a marriage of convenience and is my all-time favorite heroine from Lisa Kleypas.

These are my top three swoony romances ever.

Then my other top favorites books are:

Again the Magic: This one can be read as a standalone but is technically a little prequel to the Wallflower series. It has two romances, but one is focused on more, which is the second chance romance with so much angsty.

Suddenly You: It’s a true standalone and doesn’t connect with any other book or series. The heroine is about to turn 30 but doesn’t want to turn 30 without losing her virginity, so she hires someone to help her get rid of it. But the guy who shows up at her door is different from the guy she hired! Instead, the hero is a publisher and wants to acquire her books. It’s one of the most unique and exciting first meetings I’ve read about. It’s such a sensual book as well.

Devil in Winter: My first Lisa Kleypas book was Devil in Winter, Book Three of the Wallflower series. It even had a little overlap with the plot from The End of Book two. Even though I jumped in with book three, I always felt safe. Everyone loves Sebastian and Evie, and how can they not? They are the perfect opposites to attract couples. It’s got a marriage of convenience with a rake. You also get to see them as parents and the Ravenel series. They are the parents of the Hero from ”Devil in Spring”, which is why their titles match.

Mine Till Midnight: This one has got the most swooning hero ever. He is very much into the heroine and is the pursuer of their relationship. All he wants to do is win the heroine’s heart and hand in marriage.

Lisa Kleypas’s classic books list by trope:

Friends to Lovers:

  • Wallflowers Series: It Happened One Autumn.
  • Hathaways Series: Mine Till Midnight.
  • Travis Family Series: Smooth Talking Stranger.

Second Chance Romance:

  • Wallflowers Series: Devil in Winter.
  • Hathaways Series: Married by Morning.

Forbidden Love:

Wallflowers Series: Secrets of a Summer Night.
Hathaways Series: Seduce Me at Sunrise.

Arranged Marriage: Wallflowers Series: Scandal in Spring.

Duke/Earl Hero:

Wallflowers Series: Devil in Winter.
Hathaways Series: Tempt Me at Twilight.

Bad Boy Hero:

Travis Family Series: Blue-Eyed Devil.
Historical Romance Standalone Novels: Cold-Hearted Rake.

Some of the tropes that Lisa writes can be used for historical romance. She has plenty of rake heroes: Sebastian from ”Devil in Winter”, ”Because You’re Mine”, also ”Worth Any Price”. Let me know if you have any of your favorite Kleypas books or the first book that got you hooked on her.

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