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Last Firehawk Reading Guide

The Last Firehawk series, written by Katrina Charman and illustrated by Jeremy Norton, is a delightful children’s fantasy series. The books follow the adventures of Tag, a brave young owl, Skyla, a wise and powerful squirrel, and Blaze, the last Firehawk. They work together to save their magical realm from the evil Thorn, a vengeful vulture, and his sinister army of dark creatures.

The series targets young readers aged 6-10 and comprises several short, fast-paced books with engaging illustrations that complement the story. Each book in the series introduces new challenges, fantastical creatures, and unique settings, which help to keep the story fresh and exciting for readers.

One of the main strengths of the series is its ability to foster a love for reading among young readers. Katrina Charman has done an excellent job creating an accessible narrative that holds readers’ attention while nurturing their imaginations. The magical realm and its inhabitants help children fully immerse in the story’s world.

Furthermore, the series effectively and subtly introduces essential life lessons and values, such as teamwork, bravery, friendship, and perseverance. Jeremy Norton’s illustrations perfectly complement the story, providing a rich visual experience that enhances the overall appeal of the series. The artwork is colorful and detailed, helping to bring the characters and their world to life for young readers. I made a list of the Last Firehawk series in order with details. Stay with me!

Last Firehawk Series In Order (Reading Guide)

Last Firehawk is full of action and adventure and is perfect for young readers who love stories about animals, magic, and friendship. The illustrations on every page bring the story to life and make it even more enjoyable to read. I recommend reading “The Last Firehawk” series in order because each book builds upon the events and character development of the previous ones.

Reading the books in order will allow you to fully understand the characters, their relationships, and the overall story arc. Additionally, some of the books end on cliffhangers that are resolved in later books. So reading them in order will ensure you don’t miss any plot points. Here are the Last Firehawk books in order:

  1. The Ember Stone (2017).
  2. The Crystal Caverns (2017).
  3. The Whispering Oak (2018).
  4. Lullaby Lake (2018).
  5. The Shadowlands (2019).
  6. The Battle for Perodia ((2019).
  7. The Cloud Kingdom ((2019).
  8. The Silver Swamp (2020).
  9. The Golden Temple (2020).
  10. The Secret Maze (2021).
  11. The Underland (2022).
  12. The Shadow Returns (2023).

Checkout my list: Last Firehawk Books List

The Ember Stone: The first book in the series introduces us to the world of Perodia and its inhabitants, including a young owl named Tag and a Firehawk named Blaze. We get to see the adventures of Tag and fighting against the evil Thorn, a vulture. When he discovers a Firehawk egg, Tag’s life turns out unexpectedly, and he becomes friends with the last Firehawk. Together with Skyla, the squirrel, they try to find the Ember Stone and save the world.

The Crystal Caverns: Tag and Blaze venture deep into the crystal to retrieve a powerful crystal that a group of evil vultures has stolen. However, Blaze is still learning to control her abilities which could pose a problem.

The Whispering Oak: Tag and his friends face more challenges. They continue their journey to find the pieces of the Ember Stone and discover that the keeper wants something in exchange for it. The bears who have the stone want the last honeycomb made by the grumble bees, but the bees refuse to give it up. The story lacks depth but is filled with action and tension, making it a fun read for younger audiences who enjoy light fantasy.

Lullaby Lake: Tag and Blaze rescue a group of baby animals who an evil owl has kidnaped. They are on a mission to find all the pieces of the Ember Stone to defeat the evil Thorn and save their world. Their search leads them to Lullaby Lake, where they lose a piece of the stone to Thorn and cannot retrieve it due to a mysterious force that puts them to sleep. The story highlights the unique strengths of each character and how they work together to achieve their goals.

The Shadowlands: Tag and Blaze travel to the dangerous Shadowlands to find a way to stop an evil vulture from taking over Perodia. I loved how the illustrations made the story more engaging.

The Battle for Perodia: Tag and Blaze face their biggest challenge yet. They must gather all Perodia’s creatures to fight against an army of evil vultures.

The Cloud Kingdom: Sky and Tag help Blaze search for her family in the Cloud Kingdom, aided by a cute cloudling named Fifi. The story revolves around the characters’ care for one another and their journey to find Blaze’s family.

The Silver Swamp: Skyla and Tag find Blaze hidden in a giant bird’s nest, and Skyla falls ill from a poisonous glitter. They meet Claw, who claims to be the innocent twin of Thorn, but they are unsure if they can trust him. The author discusses trust and the true identity of Claw. The plot keeps readers engaged and eager to see how their predictions play out in the next book.

The Golden Temple: Blaze is reunited with her family and discovers that her mother is the queen of the Firehawks, making Blaze the next in line for the throne. However, this also means Blaze won’t be able to return to Perodia with her friends. Skyla and Tag realize they have lost the magical objects they need to return home, but Blaze and the Firehawks vow to help them. The book deals with themes of responsibility and friendship. It is an excellent addition to the series, with engaging characters and an exciting plot that keeps readers hooked.

The Secret Maze: The friends discover that Claw has hidden truths about his identity. Despite this, they continue to treat him with kindness and respect. The book is a good lower elementary fantasy series that provides quick resolution while keeping readers eager to read the next one.

The Underland: Tag and Skyla return to Perodia to begin their warrior training, but they must put their skills to the test when Blaze’s mother goes missing. They travel to a scary world below the ground called The Underland to find her.

The Shadow Returns: In the latest book, The Shadow has returned to Perodia along with Skull and an army of rats. Tag, Skyla, and Blaze are trying to find and defeat The Shadow before it turns the creatures of Valor Wood into spies.

Overall, the “The Last Firehawk” series covers likable characters who will teach you positive messages about friendship, teamwork, and perseverance. So, the series is a must-read for young fans or children (1-3 grade) of fantasy and adventure.

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