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Bird And Squirrel Reading Guide

The Bird And Squirrel Series, written and illustrated by James Burks, is a delightful and engaging graphic novel series targeted towards children aged 7-10. The series follows the adventures of two friends, Bird and Squirrel. They face various challenges and obstacles with a touch of humor and a lot of heart.

Characters: The two main characters, Bird and Squirrel, play off each other in a delightful way. Bird is an optimistic and fearless adventurer, while Squirrel is a more cautious and worrisome character. Their contrasting personalities make for an engaging and entertaining dynamic.

Illustrations: James Burks’ illustrations are vibrant, colorful, and energetic. His visual storytelling style is easily accessible to young readers and adds depth to the story.

Storylines: Each book in the series presents a new adventure for Bird and Squirrel. They explore different environments, face challenges, and learn valuable life lessons. The stories are filled with action, humor, and heartfelt moments.

Themes: The series tackles themes that resonate with young readers, such as friendship, bravery, teamwork, and overcoming fears. Through the characters’ experiences, readers are encouraged to face their fears and embrace life’s adventures.

Reading age: 7 – 10 years.

Bird And Squirrel Books In Order (Reading Guide)

The Bird And Squirrel series can be enjoyed as standalone books. I recommend reading the series to get the most out of the character development. Reading the series in order allows you to follow their friendship and the growth of their bond. Let’s talk about The Bird And Squirrel series in order. By following this order, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the story and its adventures fully.

  1. Bird & Squirrel on the Run (2012).
  2. Bird & Squirrel on Ice (2014).
  3. Bird & Squirrel on the Edge (2015).
  4. Bird & Squirrel on Fire (2017).
  5. Bird & Squirrel All Tangled Up (2019).
  6. Bird & Squirrel All or Nothing (2020).
  7. Bird & Squirrel All Together (2022).

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Bird And Squirrel on the Run: In this first book of the series, readers are introduced to the duo of Bird and Squirrel. Bird is a daring character, while Squirrel is more cautious and hesitant. They are on a journey to the south to avoid the winter cold. Along the way, they must avoid a menacing cat determined to catch them.

Bird And Squirrel on Ice: Bird and Squirrel find themselves in the icy landscape of the South Pole. They meet a penguin named Sakari who needs their help to save her family from an evil walrus named Walter. The story focuses on friendship and teamwork because they work together to help Sakari. The illustrations remain lively and colorful, adding to the book’s overall appeal. The adventure and humor keep the story’s pace moving along, making it enjoyable.

Bird & Squirrel on the Edge: Bird and Squirrel find themselves on the edge of a canyon, where they meet a young raccoon named Kit who believes Bird is a legendary hero. The trio embarks on a quest to save Kit’s family from an evil army of beavers. The story provides further character development, particularly for Bird.

Bird & Squirrel on Fire: In the fourth book, Bird and Squirrel return home to find their forest on fire. They work with their new friend, a bear named Maddy, to save their friends and extinguish the fire. The story surrounds environmental responsibility and the impact of human actions on nature.

Bird & Squirrel All Tangled Up: Bird and Squirrel finds themselves tangled up in a web of danger when they meet Chai, a spider who needs their help to save her family. The story explores trust, overcoming fears, and the importance of working together.

Bird & Squirrel All or Nothing: Bird and Squirrel are joined by their old friend, Rabbit, and travel on a new adventure to save their forest from the villainous Lord Wingston. He plans to destroy it and build a theme park in its place. The two friends participate in a cross-country race called the Horned Toad 500. Bird has a family legacy on the line, and Squirrel wants to help him win. Along the way, they learn about good sportsmanship and the true meaning of winning.

Bird & Squirrel All Together: This is the seventh and final book in the graphic novel series. Now, Bird and Squirrel are joined by their friends Rabbit and Dog. They are on a new adventure to stop a criminal owl named Whisker from taking over the forest. They find a treasure map, but Squirrel hesitates to go on a treasure hunt for fear of danger.

However, Red and Birdie convince them to follow the clues and find legendary adventurer Gopher Gosford’s treasure. Along the way, they find old friends and solve puzzles, and Bird works up the courage to tell his friends something important. The book provides a satisfying conclusion to the series, with a feel-good finish and an open-ended possibility for future adventures.

Overall, the Bird And Squirrel series consistently delivers engaging adventures, relatable themes, and delightful illustrations. Each book brings new challenges and growth for the characters, making the series a captivating and enjoyable read for young readers.

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