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Sackett Series Reading Guide

The Sacketts by Louis L’Amour is a historical adventure that follows the adventures of a family of rugged and independent frontiersmen. They journey across the American West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The series includes 17 books in total, each featuring different members of the Sackett family and their trials and tribulations on the frontier.

The Sackett family is portrayed as a close-knit group of fiercely independent individuals who value courage, honor, and loyalty above all else. Each family member is unique, with their distinct personality and strengths. Here I will give you my reading guide for Sackett books in order of their storylines. Let’s go!

Sackett Books In Order (Series Reading Guide)

Reading order is not necessary for The Sacketts series. Reading the books in order will allow you to follow the Sackett family’s history and development over time. Each book in the series can also stand independently and be enjoyed independently. So, it’s up to your preference whether you want to read The Sacketts series in order.

Publication Order of The Sacketts books:

  1. The Daybreakers (1960).
  2. Sackett (1961).
  3. Lando (1962).
  4. Mojave Crossing (1964).
  5. The Sackett Brand (1965).
  6. Mustang Man (1966).
  7. The Sky-Liners (1967).
  8. The Lonely Men (1969).
  9. Galloway (1970).
  10. Ride the Dark Trail (1972).
  11. Treasure Mountain (1972).
  12. War Party (1973).
  13. Sackett’s Land (1974).
  14. To the Far Blue Mountains (1976).
  15. Lonely on the Mountain (1980).
  16. Ride the River (1983).
  17. The Warrior’s Path (1984).
  18. Jubal Sackett (1985).
  19. End of the Drive (1997).

Chronological order of The Sacketts books:

  1. Sackett’s Land.
  2. To the Far Blue Mountains.
  3. The Warrior’s Path.
  4. Jubal Sackett.
  5. Ride the River.
  6. The Daybreakers.
  7. Lando.
  8. Sackett.
  9. Mojave Crossing.
  10. The Sackett Brand.
  11. The Sky-Liners.
  12. The Lonely Men.
  13. Mustang Man.
  14. Galloway.
  15. Treasure Mountain.
  16. Ride the Dark Trail.
  17. Lonely on the Mountain.
  18. War Party.
  19. End of the Drive.

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  1. Sackett’s Land (1974): This first book in the series introduces the Sackett family and their journey to settle in the new land of America. The story follows Barnabas Sackett, who travels from England to the New World in search of adventure and fortune.
  2. To the Far Blue Mountains (1982): In this sequel, Barnabas’ grandson, William Tell Sackett, starts on a journey across the Appalachian Mountains to find his own destiny.
  3. The Warrior’s Path (1983): This book follows the story of Kin Sackett, who sets out on a dangerous mission to rescue his kidnapped wife.
  4. Jubal Sackett (1985): Jubal Sackett, another descendant of Barnabas, sets out on a journey to explore the American frontier and discovers new lands and adventures along the way.
  5. Ride the River (1983): In this book, a female member of the Sackett family, Echo Sackett, is on a journey to find her family and faces various challenges.
  6. The Daybreakers (1960): This book takes place before the events of “Sackett’s Land” and follows the story of the Sackett brothers, Tyrel and Orrin. They struggle to establish a cattle ranch in the American West.
  7. Lando (1962): The youngest Sackett brother, Lando, travels to find his fortune in the American West.
  8. Sackett (1961): This novel follows the story of Tell Sackett, a wanderer who kills Wes Bigelow during a card game. Tell finds gold and a beautiful woman named Ange Kerry. He decides to settle down and start a new life using gold to buy land. However, trouble follows as enemies seek to jump his claim and take the gold.
  9. Mojave Crossing (1964): Tell Sackett is caught in the middle of a deadly feud between two powerful ranching families in the American Southwest.
  10. The Sackett Brand (1965): In this book, Tyrel and Orrin Sackett set out to clear their family name after they are falsely accused of being outlaws.
  11. The Sky-Liners (1967): The story follows Flagan Sackett and his brother Galloway. They return to Tennessee to pay off family debts with the money they earned working in the New Mexico Territory for two years. They are hired to escort an older man’s granddaughter to her father’s ranch in Colorado, but they soon realize Black Fletchen and his gang are trailing them.
  12. The Lonely Men (1969): Tell Sackett travels through the American West and gets caught up in various conflicts and adventures.
  13. Mustang Man (1966): This book follows the story of a former Confederate soldier named Nolan Sackett. He sets out to find his destiny on the American frontier.
  14. Galloway (1970): Galloway sets out to avenge the murder of his wife and faces various challenges and obstacles along the way.
  15. Treasure Mountain (1972): In this book, another member of the Sackett family, Orrin Sackett, sets out on a journey to find a hidden treasure and struggles with danger and adventure.
  16. Ride the Dark Trail (1972): The book features Logan Sackett and other Sackett men who have a code they stick by, including protecting women and children and never shooting unless it’s to kill. A strong and skilled woman, Emily Talon is fighting to keep her land against people trying to run her off. The book is a quick and exciting read.
  17. Lonely on the Mountain (1980): This is the 17th and final book in The Sacketts series. The story follows brothers William Tell, Tyrel, and Orrin Sackett. They lead a cattle drive north to Canada to support a cousin, Logan Sackett. The book shows interesting characters and includes point-of-view switches that create tension and cliffhangers.

The Sackett series is worth reading because the characters are archetypes, and the stories offer an idealized view of the American West during its expansion. Although this view may not be entirely accurate, it portrays the way many people wish it had been.

Some of the books in The Sacketts series have been adapted into movies. In particular, there are two made-for-television films based on the series:

The Sacketts (1979): This television miniseries is based on the novels “The Daybreakers” and “Sackett.” It stars Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, and Jeff Osterhage as the Sackett brothers – Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel, respectively. The miniseries follows the brothers and their Tennessee home to seek their fortunes in the West.

The Shadow Riders (1982): This television movie is based on the novel “The Shadow Riders.” It stars Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Dominique Dunne. The story follows two brothers, Mac and Dal Traven, who return home after fighting in the Civil War to find their family.

These adaptations capture the spirit of Louis L’Amour’s novels, which are best for their engaging storytelling, strong characters, and portrayal of the American West. So don’t miss the series!

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