7 Reverse Harem Bully Romance Books

Bully Reverse Harem Stories

Reverse Harem Bully Romance is a specific and intriguing subgenre of romance novels. In traditional harem stories, you’d find one male character surrounded by multiple female love interests. Reverse harem flips this concept. Here, the central character is typically a female with several male love interests. The key aspect is that the main character doesn’t have to choose between these love interests; they are all part of the romantic plot.

The bully aspect adds a twist of conflict and tension. In bully romance stories, there’s an element of hate or aggressive behavior from the love interest(s) towards the main character, especially at the story’s beginning. This can manifest as teasing, bullying, or other forms of conflict. The storyline usually involves the evolution of these relationships from hostility to romantic affection.

In combination, Reverse Harem Bully Romance books follow a female protagonist involved with multiple male characters who initially bully or antagonize her. Still, the dynamics gradually shift towards romantic involvement. They’re all in a polyamorous relationship. This genre explores themes of power dynamics, emotional growth, and the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Facing and overcoming challenges through initial bullying can lead to a stronger, more self-assured protagonist.

Like many romance genres, Reverse Harem Bully Romance offers a form of escapism. Multiple attractive characters vying for the protagonist’s attention can be a fun fantasy scenario for readers.

7 Reverse Harem Bully Romance Books

The enemies-to-lovers romance starts with bully or teasing. Also, reverse harem with bully romance makes a complete package of love stories. These stories feature multifaceted characters with deep backstories. The interactions and relationships between the main character and her love interests can be quite complex, allowing for rich character development and exploration of various personality types.

I will discuss seven reverse harem bully romance books for you. If you enjoy stories that take you through various emotions, these books won’t disappoint. The transition from conflict and tension (due to the bullying aspect) to romance and understanding creates a compelling emotional journey. Let’s go!

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn MoonAn erotic historical fantasy set in a mysterious estate, blending paranormal elements with steamy reverse harem romance.Erotic Historical Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance, Steamy Encounters, Strong Female Lead, Mysterious Estate, Supernatural Beings.
Kings of Quarantine by Caroline PeckhamA dark, intense romance in a brutal academy setting, where resilience and forbidden love collide.Dark Romance, Bully, Academy Setting, Forbidden Love, Resilience, Emotional Turmoil, Power Dynamics.
Hate by Tate JamesA dark, revenge-driven romance set in a high-stakes academy environment, intertwining elements of betrayal, power play, and hidden agendas.Dark Romance, Academy Setting, Revenge Plot, Betrayal, Power Play, Hidden Agendas, Intense Relationships.
Lilac by B.B. ReidA complex, steamy romance involving a rock band, where themes of fame, rivalry, and intense emotional connections intertwine.Rock Band Romance, Fame and Rivalry, Emotional Turmoil, Intense Relationships, Steamy Dynamics, Power Play, Complex Character Interactions.
Diver’s Heart by K.A KnightA post-apocalyptic underwater world, featuring a strong female protagonist navigating love, survival, and the challenges of a submerged society.Post-Apocalyptic Setting, Underwater World, Strong Female Lead, Survival Challenges, Romantic Elements, Dystopian Society, Adventure and Discovery.
Four Psychos by Kristy CunningA paranormal romance with a unique twist involving a ghostly protagonist and her complex interactions with four mysterious men.Paranormal Romance, Ghost Protagonist, Mysterious Male Characters, Supernatural Elements, Complex Relationships, Humor and Wit, Unseen World Exploration.
Written by Kathryn MoonA steamy and emotional contemporary romance intertwining the lives of authors with themes of creativity, passion, and complex relationships.Contemporary Romance, Author Life, Creative Process, Steamy Encounters, Emotional Complexity, Passionate Relationships, Personal Growth.
Reverse Harem Bully Romance Books List

1. A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor (Tempting Monsters)

This one is a standalone historical, paranormal, erotic romance. Our heroine, Esther, works as a maid, and she’s always been a bit of a sex fiend. She will sleep with anyone. A mysterious woman offers her a new job as an escort at Great Manor for paranormal creatures. She could not be the perfect person to take on this escort job. Not only does she love having sex, but she is also a kindhearted person. She’s empathetic and ends up falling for all her creatures. All five of them, we’ve got a vampire, a golem, a sphinx shifter, and a doctor.

Jekyll/Mr. Hyde is a type of creature and an invisible man. All of them are so sweet, and they adore Esther. They treasure her mainly because of the way she truly loves them and cares for them. Esther was not fazed to learn that monsters live in her world. This book is so steamy. It’s over the top and ridiculous. There’s also a bit of mystery, bullying, and suspense involved with someone trying to go after Esther, but her five heroes will not let that happen.

Author: Kathryn Moon
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Victorian Erotica
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

2. Kings of Quarantine (Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep)

This love series is reverse haram, and there’s an enemy-to-lovers trope. It is about three guys and one girl (Tatum). This girl comes to this prep school because her dad sends her. They think that nobody will be able to touch her. She’ll be safe, and he can hide. He’s in hiding for a while because he did something bad. The police are out for him. They’re trying to find him because he let out the virus. He had a little antidote to it.

So all the people were dying, and they were trying to find him, and people didn’t know he had a daughter. Tatum meets the three guys, and she hooks up with one of them. So, it spirals down here from that. These boys treat her awful and always bully her. They find out who she is, deciding to make her life difficult. They humiliate her in school. Tatum decides to fight back, which most books like this do. They choose to fight back in book two.

Author: Caroline Peckham
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Category: Paranormal College Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

3. Hate: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (The Madison Kate Series)

It is a bit of a struggle to find a non-high school or heroine romance (Reverse Harem). The heroine is in college, and the heroes are a couple of years older. Madison Kate, also known as MK, was arrested on Riot Night a year ago. She was set up by her three heroes and thrown in jail. Her father sent her out of the country for the rest of the year so that people would forget about the scandal. Now she’s back home with so much vengeance inside of her.

Madison hates the three guys, Kodak, Steele, and Arch, who ruined her life. Things are still not looking out for her because she finds out that her three guys live in her home when she returns home. She cannot get away from them, and they don’t even let her because someone is after MK. A plot with a serial killer, a stalker of Madison, builds up throughout each book. So even though Madison hates them, especially Arch, the leader of the three guys. She slowly realizes that they’re there to protect her, and that’s when she reluctantly falls for them.

Madison sleeps with one or two guys, usually separately from Archer, who is the biggest jerk. They have a more slow-burn, reverse harem bully romance than Kodak and Steele, but we finally get our foursome in the last book. These three guys broke away from their gang years ago, and now they are this powerful group in their own right. There’s a lot of jealousy, bullying, and possessiveness, and you can slowly see how the relationship develops.

Author: Tate James
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Romantic Suspense
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

4. Lilac

Lilac is a rock star reverse heroin romance. We have our three guys in this famous band called Bound. Loren is sweet, and Jericho is rich and the more reliable one. But he’s also keeping quite a lot of secrets. Houston is a broody one because any time you have a reverse harem, one of the guys has to be the jerk.

The heroine, Braxton, is their new guitarist because their previous lead guitarist passed away. The three guys are not at all happy to have Braxton join them. So they make her life while they’re on tour. While they’re practicing songs together, they ruin her life ruined. These three guys are very unhappy because of what their previous guitarist did to them. Braxton slowly becomes the glue that mends these guys together.

The band is back together because they’re beginning to break apart. Braxton gives as good as she gets, and she makes them work for it and makes them cringe, especially after they mess up big time. Her way of playing music was unique and very interesting to read.

Author: B.B. Reid
Average Rating: 4.4/5
Category: Billionaire Romance
Available: Paperback | Kindle

5. Diver’s Heart

This is a second-chance reverse harem bully romance. We have four guys. Peyton was in a relationship with one of the guys with Tyler, and he proposed to her. Unfortunately, she was also in love with his three best friends, one of whom was Tyler’s older brother. So, she rejected the proposal and left them for four years for their bullying.

They’re back together because she’s taking on this new dive, and she doesn’t know that the four guys have also taken on this dive. They reunite, and there is a lot of hate between her and Tyler. But they have to work together. They have to rely on each other for their lives while they’re down in the cave. There are these monstrous, murderous bats, these flushing bats that trap them in the cave and kill some other people. The plot is about them trying to survive and escape the cave.

So, the book focuses more on the survival aspect than anything else. But even that got a little boring because there were a lot of diving technicalities that they talked about that got boring to read. If you love survival reverse harem stories, give this one a try.

Author: K.A Knight
Average Rating: 4.2/5
Category: Romantic Suspense
Available: Paperback | Kindle

6. Four Psychos (The Dark Side)

This book is a paranormal fantasy, and the heroine is a ghost. Keyla is a ghost who haunts her four guys for two years. Our four heroes are warriors from hell, and they battle demons. They all live together and share one woman when they do have sex. While she haunts them for years, they can’t see her until one day, and they finally do. But Keyla has no idea why she’s a ghost. She doesn’t even remember her name or why she died, and they all try to figure out her purpose.

There’s a lot of dark humor. Keyla will say anything that comes to her mind. She’s so over the top. The series gets super dark and twisty, with lots of twists and turns when you discover the truth about who the heroine is and who the four guys are to her. It gets so intense and exciting. A ton of action is involved, especially in books two, three, and four. The reverse harem romance is a slow burn and develops throughout the series.

Author: Kristy Cunning
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Category: Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Available: Audiobook | Kindle | Audio CD

7. Written (The Librarian’s Coven)

This book follows a librarian, and her name is Joanna. She recently got hired as a librarian for a magical college that always lived in this small town. But she has felt drawn to the magic and this notorious magical college. So, she first applied to be an apprentice librarian and got hired.

Joanna doesn’t understand why she got hired in the first place because she doesn’t have any magic herself. At least, that’s what she thinks she is there. She ends up meeting three sexy, handsome, swoon-worthy professors who are head over heels with her and want her to join their coven. So, the three of them are already in an established relationship. They are witches, and they all have their unique powers. Moreover, they searched for the fourth person in their coven to complete theirs.

They all meet Joanna separately, and they all instantly feel that connection. She’s the person they’ve been waiting for. They make a mutual agreement that they’re going to court her and pursue her. Joanna hesitates to join their coven because she is unaware she has any magic. Their reverse harem romance blossoms. Joanna’s powers come into play as well, and she goes through a journey of discovering herself and discovering her magic.

Joanna is a scribe, so whatever she writes comes true. That is cool. Her magic is in her writing. She discovers her magic and the different ways she learns how to create things in this magical world. Then, all three professors also have their well-developed magic. This is a polyamorous romance where the professor sometimes bullies Joanna for fun.

Author: Kathryn Moon
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Category: Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle

5 high school/college reverse harem bully romance books

“Paper Princess” by Erin Watt – This one’s a classic in the genre. It follows Ella Harper, a girl thrown into the world of the rich and elite, when she’s taken in by the Royals, a family with five sons who are anything but welcoming.

“Boys of Brayshaw High” by Meagan Brandy – This book introduces us to Raven Carver, who lands in Brayshaw High, a place ruled by three boys who seem to hate her on sight. It’s a story full of secrets, lies, and undeniable attraction.

“Fear Me” by B.B. Reid – This story dives into the darker side of the genre. It follows Lake Monroe and Keiran Masters. Their relationship is intense and complicated, filled with twists that keep you guessing.

“Untouchable” by Sam Mariano – In this book, we meet Carter Mahoney, the school’s untouchable bully, and Zoey, a new girl who catches his eye in a way no one else has. It’s a story of power dynamics and forbidden romance.

“Deviant King” by Rina Kent – This is a tale of Aiden King, a powerful and feared student, and Elsa Quinn, a girl who becomes the target of his attention. Their story is filled with intrigue, power struggles, and a complex romance.

Each book offers a unique twist on the reverse harem bully romance theme, blending elements of power play, emotional depth, and the thrill of forbidden love. These stories can venture into darker themes, so they’re definitely for a more mature audience.

These books feature romance, bullying dynamics, and multiple love interests that ensure the plot is rarely predictable. You can expect twists and turns that keep the pages turning.

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