5 Tips To Write A Gay Romance Novel Perfectly

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We need everybody of any color, race, religion, or ability to read a book and see themselves in this story. That’s the most important thing. I’m doing my part to write my own voice stories about being a gay male, and I wanted to inject that into fantasy, and that’s my choice.

As a writer, we only focus on the story about a gay couple of gay sex scenes. But there are many diversifications and real-life stories where you can focus and write on your story to make it unique and perfect. If you want to write a gay romance, then stay with me till last.

How to write a gay romance novel?

Before writing about gay, you must have the proper knowledge about it. Otherwise, you can not feel the emotions and romance properly. Gay is observed in over 1500 different species in the animal kingdom. There is still a debate amongst humans about whether or not being gay is natural.

Science has dug its way into this hot debate. It was owing to a few popular studies conducted in the past 20 years. The leading thought is that gay is genetic. It’s something you inherit. However, pinpointing a specific gene has been a tricky business. Gay and lesbian folks are less likely to have children. So is it possible for a gene to be passed on to 8% of the population?

A new study that came out recently claims to have an answer to this question. Epigenetics refers to a change in how a gene is expressed. The expression is changed not by changing the DNA sequence but by other mechanisms. In this case, it is changing exposure to testosterone in the womb. Chromosomes trigger testosterone release, which prompts the development of other male characteristics. During this process, the hormone release is regulated by marks or sex-related genes turned on and off to keep male or female development on a steady course.

To better understand, you must spend time with gay couples to understand that they are not different. They are like us, and you have to accept this first. Many authors write about a gay love story as a popular trope, but you can not relate it in real life. So don’t write only for fame or money. Write this romance if you feel it. I have 5 tips/advice for writing gay romance that I want to share with you. Let’s talk about them!

1. Make the character as normal as other

Treat gay characters with the same respect and dedication that you do the rest of your characters. You should research getting to know what it means for a character to be this way. Also, you have to dedicate yourself to this the same way you would any other character.

  • Don’t take shortcuts. It’s not an effective representation of a group.

When you use stereotypical tropes in fiction where gay people die for the sake of somebody else’s character development. If you want to write a gay character, put them in the forefront of the story.

2. Add theme variation

You can write stories about male-male relationships realizing that they’re dealing with adversity through the events. Because of that, they are coming to terms with themselves and learning about themselves. You can have it be about that. It is not a requirement for every story that has a gay character in it to have their central plotline be about them being gay.

You can have a character who is not dealing with that, who’s already come to terms with that. Everybody learns about themselves differently. Some people have this huge aha moment. Some of them knew it all their lives which depend on the person.

3. Don’t explain the character’s gender

You do not have to justify or explain why a character is gay. Or, you don’t have to explain to the reader why your protagonist is queer or why that other character strands. The reason for this is that it’s super fine and normal. Also, the regular explanations are problematic because they seek to explain to people why someone is gay as though you can’t be gay. After all, you are.

So it’s reducing a person to an explanation, especially regarding magical reasons. These explanations sometimes come with good intentions, but they achieve the same result. As someone who happens to be non-binary with non-binary friends, I can assure you none of us are shapeshifters.

So the justification that because these characters are a shapeshifter, they are non-binary becomes an explanation again. You can be a shapeshifter and not be non-binary, and you can be non-binary without being a shapeshifter.

4. Trample on another

In fiction, the idea of a single lone queer character willingly spending time with a circle of straight people out of their own volition seems silly. If someone doesn’t feel any particular dislike towards gay people in general, sometimes even the deeply ingrained social expectations create friction. Sometimes it’s the only language.

Life is a lot better when surrounded by people who make you feel like you belong, people who don’t barrage you with questions and demands to justify why you are the way you are.

5. Add climax in the ending

Every romance reader loves the climax, and a successful novel depends on the ending. Your novel will be famous if your ending is fair enough and satisfying. Without any sales marketing, you will get a positive reviews from social media that will boost your sale.

  • So don’t forget to add a climax. If you are writing a series, then make every book cliffhanger.

I hope these 5 tips will help you write a gay romance novel. If you are a beginner, read these books that will help you create a theme and plot and help you understand gay romance properly.

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