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Go on a journey through the misty fjords and the untamed landscapes of the North with tales as fierce and passionate as the Viking warriors. Viking romance whisks readers away to a time of legendary explorers and fierce shieldmaidens, where the clash of swords is only matched by the clash of wills and hearts. In these stories, the beauty of the ancient Norse world comes alive, complete with the thrill of adventure, the intensity of battle, and the depth of forbidden love.

Prepare to set sail on tumultuous seas where each turn of the page brings you closer to breathtaking battles, undying loyalty, and a love that defies the ages. Whether you seek the warmth of the hearth or the heat of battle, Viking romance promises a saga of passion and power that will leave your heart racing.

7 Viking Romance Novels (Norse Mythology)

Viking romance novels feature formidable warriors and strong-willed heroines, providing a dynamic foundation for intense and passionate relationships. The characters’ strength and complexity make their journeys toward love all the more compelling.

I will talk about seven Viking romance novels for you. Like all good historical fiction, they offer an escape to a different time and place. You can immerse yourself in a world that is both excitingly unfamiliar and engaging, providing a respite from modern life. Let’s go!

NameKey FocusTropes
Viking’s Prize by Tanya Anne CrosbyA historical romance novel set in the Viking Age, centering on the tumultuous and passionate relationship between a fierce Viking warrior, Jarl Alarik Tryggvason, and his captive, the spirited Celtic beauty Elienor of Emberly, as they face power struggles, cultural differences, and their own conflicting emotions.Viking warrior, captive romance, cultural clash, historical setting, power dynamics, enemies to lovers, spirited heroine, honor and loyalty, redemption arc, cross-cultural romance.
The Sea Wolves by Lars BrownworthA historical story that delves into the saga of the Vikings, exploring their maritime prowess, raids, exploration, and impact on medieval Europe, from their Scandinavian homelands to the shores of England and beyond, painting a vivid picture of Viking culture, society, and legacy.Viking age exploration, seafaring raids, Norse mythology, cultural impact, warrior ethos, medieval Europe, Scandinavian history, settlement and colonization, legendary figures and sagas, transformation of societies.
A History of the Vikings by Gwyn JonesA comprehensive overview of the Viking Age, chronicling the origins, expeditions, settlements, and cultural impact of the Vikings across Europe and beyond.Viking explorations, Norse sagas, medieval warfare, Scandinavian heritage, cultural assimilation, seafaring expertise, raids and settlements, political dynamics, Viking Age artifacts, legacy and influence on modern Europe.
North Men by John HaywoodA detailed historical narrative that explores the Viking Age, focusing on the expansive sagas of Viking expeditions, their explorations across the North Atlantic, and their profound impact on the medieval world, from raiding and trading to settling in diverse regions.Viking expeditions, saga literature, North Atlantic exploration, cultural encounters, medieval raids and trade, settlement in new lands, Norse mythology and religion, warrior culture, shipbuilding and navigation, influence on European history.
The Children of Ash and Elm by Neil PriceAn in-depth exploration of the Viking Age, offering a comprehensive view of Viking life, culture, beliefs, and their impact on the world from the late 8th to the early 11th century.Viking daily life, Norse mythology, societal structure, raiding and exploration, craftsmanship and trade, gender roles, ritual practices, Viking Age archaeology, Scandinavian origins, impact on medieval Europe.
When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonaldA contemporary novel that follows Zelda, a young woman with fetal alcohol syndrome, who is obsessed with Viking culture.Modern Viking fascination, coming-of-age, personal empowerment, overcoming adversity, sibling relationships, quest for identity, societal challenges, resilience and courage, embracing uniqueness, navigating adulthood.
Dead to the World by Charlaine HarrisA telepathic waitress Sookie finds herself entangled with Eric Northman, a vampire with amnesia, amidst supernatural conflicts involving witches, werewolves, and other mystical beings in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.Supernatural romance, amnesiac character, witches and magic, vampire and human relationship, small-town mysteries, shapeshifters, paranormal conflict, memory loss and identity, protective alliances, Southern Gothic atmosphere.
Viking Romance Novels List

1. Viking’s Prize (Medieval Heroes)

Viking’s Prize was published in 1994. It was the third of what would be a library of 30 published romance novels and short stories, which the author is still adding to this day. The story is about a French noblewoman taken captive by a Viking lord. After spending some time together, they slowly fall in love. Alarik Trygvason, the real-life king of Norway, was going through about a thousand years ago because he’d recently converted to Christianity.

In this book’s universe, Alarik has an almost identical but slightly better-looking half-brother who likes to provide for his people by going Viking in France. The story starts with Alarik getting revenge on a local French count who promised him lands in exchange for peace between them, then promptly doublecrossed him. He sacks his castle and kills almost all within, finding the count is not there but discovering his bride-to-be, a beautiful woman named Elienor. So he takes her back to Norway as his spoils of war.

Elienor gets 100% accurate visions of the future in her dreams, and this is the only magic in this otherwise reasonably historically accurate fiction. Her mother had the same gift and was burned at the stake for it, leaving Elienor traumatized and quite secretive about her power. She’d be raised in a convent and take vows as a nun before the count had asked for her hand in marriage.

Through the circumstances of their meeting, Alarik and Elienor are instantly and overwhelmingly attracted to each other physically and emotionally. Once they get to his home, they both have to deal with the political situation in Norway.

Throughout the book, Elinor has prophetic dreams about Alarik getting hit in the back with a thrown ax while trying to save her during the battle. This is due to her mixed feelings towards her captor and logical fear of revealing her power. However, seeing Alarik jump from ship to ship to rescue her, she realizes she’s truly in love, so she leaps at him. They collide in mid-air and fall into the water.

This book got me with a clever subversion of expectations. I enjoyed the beginning and ending the most, and it’s no coincidence. So, if you’re into Viking romance novels, why not try this one?

Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Tropes: Medieval Historical Romance
Number Of Pages: 334
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

2. The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings

Lars Brownworth has many books that introduce many different periods of history. So it might be well worth looking into his catalog to see if he’s written anything introductory on the period you’re interested in. I have my issues with this book. It takes things that were, quite frankly, myths that can’t be proven true.

It takes them and paints them as entirely accurate, such as Ragnar Lodbrok. It does paint Ragnar Lodbrok as the Viking who sacked Paris in 845. But it portrays him heavily as being betrayed and killed by King Horik of the Danes. The snake pit gets a mention here. If you are trying to be a non-fiction writer, consider that. Also, it would be best if you didn’t paint events you’re unsure of as the absolute truth or your beliefs.

The author helps you understand the names when you start studying this period. Moreover, he enables you to understand what was happening in these countries, the political landscape, relationships, and what was culturally and politically essential to the Vikings. This is a very valuable book, and it’s well worth your time because you will get a lot out of this very short book.

Author: Lars Brownworth
Publisher: Crux Publishing Ltd
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Tropes: Scandinavian History, Expeditions & Discoveries World History
Number Of Pages: 300
Item Weight: 11.5 ounces
Dimensions: 5 x 0.75 x 8 inches
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Kindle | Audio CD

3. A History of the Vikings

This book goes into incredible detail, particularly about the Scandinavian countries. It nearly always deals with places like England, Ireland, Francia, and Russia, where they were active and writing. There are individual chapters here dealing with those countries and the political landscape of the time. It covers the entire 300-year period in incredible detail. So, it’s a lovely book because it covers a whole lot culturally and discusses what would have been socially important to the Vikings.

The book was first published in the 1960s and is a revised edition. But it was not revised last year; it was revised in the 1980s, which tells you how long this book has been around. However, I would not recommend it solely because historical scholarship has changed in the past 50 years. It was tough to recommend anything past ten years ago, and anything older than ten years is probably not of much value anymore beyond the basic historical facts.

But historians’ biases, the things they personally put into their books, and the arguments they made that can’t be of too much value passed around 20 years. Things change so quickly in our landscape. Historians thought things that were valuable 50 years ago would suddenly no longer be of any importance in 20 years. But I think there has never been a better comprehensive non-fiction romance book on the Vikings than this one.

Author: Gwyn Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Average Rating: 4.5/5
Tropes: European History, Anthropology, Medieval History
Number Of Pages: 552
Item Weight: 12.9 ounces
Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.2 x 5 inches
Available: Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

4. North Men

This is a historical book about the Vikings’ saga from 793 to 1241. It charts the rise and eventual fall of Viking culture and Scandinavian migration and domination throughout Europe. The story picks 793 as a starting point because that’s when the Lindisfarne raid happened. The way the book is set out was its undoing, in my opinion. It suggests that it will be a timeline narrative of how they progressed from one year to the next five years.

The author split the book by geography to cover the different geographical locations. So, one chapter would cover England, and the next would cover France, Germany, the Americas, and Turkey. The problem is that it takes you back to the beginning of the timeline for each area. Lindisfarne goes up to about before the Norman conquest. Then, the Vikings invaded and harassed the farms and got into politics.

The narratives aren’t different enough in the different geographies to make it worthwhile. Having a straightforward timeline would have benefited more from a structural point of view because it doesn’t help either. As with many nobility nobles, they would name their kids after themselves. In the England chapter, seven Ethel stands have some minor importance. So that wasn’t very easy. Overall, this book gives you much information about Viking romance, and you will enjoy it by giving it proper time and attention.

Author: John Haywood
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Average Rating: 4.7/5
Tropes: Norse & Icelandic Sagas, Adventure, Medieval History
Number Of Pages: 400
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

5. The Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings

This is historical non-fiction and hard-to-read history at times. Neil Price did a masterful job on this book. First of all, No Way to Get Bored section has a great sense of humor and historical data with the myths regarding the Vikings. It is separated into sections by periods in which Viking history changes. Some big changes change everything somehow, and it also explains how the population worked.

  • The people worked as people and how they traveled.
  • What happened with their ships? How do they live their everyday life?
  • Wherever they were? How were they conquered?

Vikings were advanced for their time. It seems some trans people were accepted into society. So, to anyone interested in Viking history and thinking of history books, this book has funny remarks, and everything includes some little sections of writings from the time. Also, it tells you the whole beginning of the world for Vikings and their culture.

Author: Neil Price
Narrator: Samuel Roukin
Publisher: Recorded Books
Average Rating: 4.6/5
Tropes: Expeditions & Discoveries, Medieval European History
Number Of Pages: 656
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle

6. When We Were Vikings

Zelda is a 21-year-old with fetal alcohol syndrome. She sees everything from the perspective of a Viking, and everything that happens in her life is a part of her Viking legend. She and her brother Gert lived together and took care of them. Gert has taken care of her ever since her mom passed, and they had to leave their uncle’s abusive house for her brother to make ends meet. He starts skipping university classes where he has the scholarship to sell drugs.

Zelda and some of her close friends, her boyfriend, and Kurt’s ex-girlfriend get caught up in Gert’s drug-selling drama. But Zelda, being the Viking she thinks she is, sees this as an opportunity to prove she’s a warrior. This one brings a strong and impressive point of view from an adult with special needs. Also, the character development is rocked. It is one of the best Viking romance novels I have ever read.

Author: Andrew David MacDonald
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Average Rating: 4.3/5
Tropes: Coming of Age Humorous Fiction
Number Of Pages: 336
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audio CD

7. Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse)

The book starts, and it is New Year’s Eve. Sookie is going home, and on her way home, she drives by a naked man by the side of the road. That naked man is Eric. So Sookie pulls over and finds out that it’s Eric, and it turns out he has no idea who he is or where he is. We’ve grown to know and love Eric, and he’s likable. He has no memory but is a much sweeter and gentler version of a Viking vampire. While this version of Eric, Sookie liked it very much.

So, the book centers around why Eric lost his memory and not the repercussions of that. Much of it concerns this bigger gloom and doom related to why Eric doesn’t have his memory. Not much happens in the plot compared to the next book in the series.

When Eric returns his memory, he decides not to tell him about it. It was so ridiculous. There are also certain parts that I’m not getting up to let you out, so you better make yourself comfortable in that bed.

Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Recorded Books
Average Rating: 4.8/5
Tropes: Amateur Sleuth Mysteries, Paranormal Romance
Number Of Pages: 291
Available: Audiobook | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Mass Market Paperback

5 Spicy Viking Romance Novels

For those who crave the combination of historical adventure and steamy romance set in the era of the Norsemen, here are five spicy Viking romance novels that promise to deliver passion, drama, and heart-pounding adventure:

“The Viking’s Consort” by Quinn Loftis: This novel tells the tale of Allete Auvray, a noblewoman who journeys to unite the five Viking kingdoms under one ruler. Her path crosses with the formidable Viking warrior, Jarl Ellefson, and together, they face the turbulent waters of political alliances and their undeniable attraction amidst the backdrop of war and intrigue; their fiery relationship unfolds, promising readers a blend of historical richness and sizzling romance.

“Enthralled” by Gianna Simone: Set in the 9th century, this novel follows the story of Brenna, a Celtic warrior, and her capture by the Viking raider, Jarl Eirik. As Brenna struggles to maintain her independence and spirit, the dynamic between the captive and the captor evolves into a complex relationship filled with intense passion and mutual respect. Simone crafts a tale where fiery meets and emotional depth converge, offering a vivid portrayal of the era and a compelling love story.

“A Viking’s Peace” by Zoe York: Thrown together by fate, Thora, a Norse farmer’s daughter, and Leif, a Viking warrior, seek refuge in a hidden cave during a storm. Their unexpected encounter leads to a night of passion, after which they must face the challenges of their disparate worlds. York combines survival elements in the harsh Viking age with the heat of unexpected love, creating a spicy and enthralling narrative.

“Northwoman” by Holley Trent: In this tale of magic, mythology, and passion, Afrika, a witch with fading powers, is sent to the Norse lands to find a mate to rejuvenate her magic. She meets Calder, a Viking warrior, who is more than willing to help but has his conditions. Trent blends fantasy elements with historical romance, offering a spicy story set against the backdrop of Viking raids and Norse legends.

“The Viking’s Chosen” by Quinn Loftis: Part of the Clan Hakon series, this novel is set in the brutal and mystical world of the Vikings. Torben, a young Viking warrior, is determined to claim his bride, Allete, the daughter of a Norman Lord. Their union is fraught with danger, political intrigue, and a curse threatening to tear them apart. Loftis masterfully intertwines a steamy romance with the dark and mystic elements of Norse mythology, delivering a captivating and sensual story.

5 Time Travel Viking Romance Books

“A Viking for the Viscountess” by Michelle Willingham: Part of the “A Most Peculiar Season” series, this novel follows the story of Viscountess Julia Lockwood, who has never known love or passion. Her life changes when she is magically transported back to the Viking era, where she meets the fierce Viking warrior Arik Thorgrimsson. Amidst the dangers and challenges of a bygone era, Julia discovers passion and love in Arik’s arms, but she must decide where her heart truly belongs.

“The Viking Queen’s Men” by Holley Trent: As the first book in the “Afra Brothers” series, this novel introduces a contemporary woman with hidden powers and her unexpected journey back to the Viking age. She becomes involved with two Viking brothers, creating a complex and steamy love triangle there. The blend of time travel, romance, and a hint of paranormal elements makes for an engaging and spicy read.

“Loki’s Daughter – The Opal Dungeon” by Emily S Hurricane: This novel offers a unique twist by combining Norse mythology with time travel romance. Alex, a modern-day woman, finds herself thrown back in time to the Viking age after discovering an ancient artifact. She soon learns she is the daughter of the trickster god Loki and must navigate the complexities of her new identity while falling for a brooding Viking warrior. The book is a blend of adventure, romance, and mythology.

“Viking Warrior Rising” by Asa Maria Bradley: In this fusion of Norse mythology and time travel, a modern-day woman finds herself amid a Viking clan led by a warrior king who is actually a Norse god. Their initial clash of worlds and wills soon becomes a passionate bond transcending time. The novel is rich with action, romance, and the fascinating interplay of gods and mortals.

“Taken: A Viking Time Travel Romance” by Aria Adams: This novel transports readers from the present back to the Viking age, where the protagonist, a modern woman fascinated by Viking history, finds herself captured by a powerful Viking chieftain. As they face their cultural differences and the challenges of the times, a deep and passionate love story unfolds, offering readers a compelling escape into the past.

5 Dark Viking Romance Novels

“The Viking’s Sacrifice” by Julia Knight: This novel weaves a tale of Viking raids, ancient gods, and a love born from the ashes of war. When a Viking warlord decides to sacrifice a Saxon woman to appease the gods for victory, he never expects the fierce spirit and resilience she displays. Their tumultuous relationship, marked by a blend of captor and captive dynamics, evolves into a passionate, complex bond that challenges the norms of their worlds.

“Heart’s Blood” by Juliet Marillier: Set against the backdrop of a mysterious and haunted Norse island, this story follows a young woman who seeks refuge in the household of a Norse chieftain, only to find herself involved in a web of ancient secrets and forbidden love. The novel expertly blends dark fantasy, mysticism, and romance elements, creating a hauntingly beautiful narrative that delves deep into the heart’s desires and fears.

“Lord of the Fading Lands” by C.L. Wilson: While not strictly a Viking romance, this novel captures the dark and mystical essence sought in such stories. It tells the tale of a mighty warrior king from a land of magic who claims a young woman from a distant realm as his bride. Their union, marked by prophecy and power struggles, unfolds in a world brimming with dark magic and ancient enemies, echoing the epic scope and intense passion in Viking tales.

“Possessed by the Viking” by Harper St. George: In the harsh world of Viking conquests, a powerful Viking warlord takes a noblewoman as his prize, sparking a fiery clash of wills and desires. Their tumultuous journey from enemies to lovers is fraught with danger, betrayal, and the dark shadows of their pasts, making for a gripping tale of passion, redemption, and the transformative power of love.

“North Wolf” by M.A. Everaux: In a land ruled by the law of the sword and the whims of the gods, a fierce Viking warrior finds his destiny intertwined with a woman of mysterious origins. Her dark secrets and the forbidden magic she wields draw them into a dangerous dance of desire and power, where love is both a salvation and a curse. The novel explores the darker facets of love and loyalty in a world where every choice comes with a shadow.

5 Viking Romance Novels Kindle Unlimited

“The Viking’s Bride” by James and Aasne Daniels: This novel tells the captivating tale of a Viking warrior and the Scottish lady who becomes his unexpected prize. Their initial enmity turns into a passionate love story set against war and cultural clashes, offering readers a blend of historical detail, action, and romance.

“A Viking for the Viscountess” by Michelle Willingham: Part of the “A Most Peculiar Season” series, this book unexpectedly combines a proper English viscountess and a rugged Viking warrior. Their journey from adversaries to soulmates is filled with danger, intrigue, and a passion that defies the boundaries of time and tradition.

“Viking Warrior Rebel” by Asa Maria Bradley: This title offers a modern twist on Viking romance, blending Norse mythology with contemporary settings. The protagonist, a fierce Viking warrior, finds herself in the modern world, where she must face unfamiliar terrain and an unexpected, intense attraction to a mortal man, leading to a thrilling mix of action, romance, and mythological elements.

“Enslaved by the Viking” by Harper St. George: Part of the “Viking Warriors” series, this novel explores the fiery relationship between a Viking conqueror and his captive, a noblewoman with a spirit as untamed as the land she comes from. Their intense initial animosity gradually transforms into a deep, undeniable passion, offering readers a steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance against the harsh, unforgiving Viking world.

“Torn Asunder” by Kiki Howell: This intriguing novel blends elements of paranormal romance with the historical setting of the Viking era. The heroine, possessing mystical abilities, finds her fate intertwined with a Viking warrior’s, leading them on a perilous journey filled with dark magic, ancient curses, and a love that could either save or destroy them.

Last Words

These tales of love amidst the backdrop of war and exploration remind us of the enduring power of the human heart to find light in the darkest of times and love in the most unexpected places. So, let the call of the ancient North continue to echo in your soul, and may the spirit of adventure and romance guide you until we meet again on the shores of another story. Farewell, brave reader, until our paths cross again in the untold sagas and the tales yet to be lived.

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