The Way Of The Superior Man Review With Summary

The Way Of The Superior Man Review

In this book, The Way The Superior Man, the subtitle is A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire. The idea here is to embrace our masculine essence, be purposeful, confident, and driven, live with deep integrity and a sense of humor, and be spontaneous and sensitive. This is the way of the superior man.

In society, men are seen as less emotional, masculine, and less emotional. Therefore, many men are quite shut down because they don’t have the freedom to express their emotions.

The Way The Superior Man Book Summary

Men and women have masculine and feminine energy. In the book, it says that the feminine enjoys testing and masking. Some feminists want to go hard like they love to test the masculine, whether on point with getting tasks done or the job. A woman attracted you because she felt that sense of purpose radiating from you. She saw that you were on your journey, bettering yourself and pursuing your goals.

The first chapter of the book is about responsibility. The author suggests living as if your father were dead. This chapter says that your father expects you, even your whole family. They have expectations of you and will criticize you if you make the wrong choices.

But you need to live as if those people in your life have already passed away and that they will have no influence on your decisions. You need to understand that you can make decisions for life. That is what being a man is all about, taking the initiative, making a decision, and taking all responsibility.

The second chapter is about tasks and duties. Don’t mistake movement for progress because you’re doing a lot of tiny tasks. You should focus on the big picture. What is stuff that is going to your end goal? Are you spending four or five hours a day doing little activities? Maybe you should rethink your daily activities, especially if they’re not leading you to the end goal.

The third chapter is about women’s pleasure. You should not change your mind to please your woman. How can you expect your woman to trust you if you cannot entrust yourself? What if she was wrong? So if you have a decision and your woman wants to go against it, make your decision while respecting her opinion. But go ahead and make your decision. In the long run, you will be seen as more of a man, a superior man who makes his decisions, grows from them, and takes responsibility for them.

The fourth chapter is about the birthday present principle. You should not ask her what she wants. You should know her well enough to get her something. You take on the feminine role if you ask her what she wants. It’s her job to ask you, and it’s your job to answer. It is the masculine, the superior man’s responsibility to make decisions. The feminine does not want to make decisions. The biggest life mistake is not learning how to make decisions.

If you stop doing all those things and make the women your purpose, neediness will manifest through you. The feminine will lose attraction. You have to give her attention and show her genuine love and affection. You don’t need her to keep on existing. It is how you maintain attraction.

Book Specification

Author: David Deida
Average Review: (4.0 out of 5, on Goodreads)
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Psychology & Counseling
Position 2 in Medical Psychology of Sexuality
Publisher: Sounds True

The Way The Superior Man

The Way Of The Superior Man Review

This book has a lot of wisdom and gold, and it’s worth keeping it hidden and a little secret for yourself. There are probably 60 or 70 little chapters within six major chapter topics. It is how to find your mission, find your purpose, get deeper into yourself, and be grounded in your masculinity. A superior man is free to feel in action, even amidst great pain and hurt, if necessary.

Chapter: A Man’s Way

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to go through the metamorphosis process from becoming a boy, being a boy, to becoming a man. But becoming a man is about becoming responsible. It’s about becoming accountable for making your own choices. So what David is saying here is you need to approach your life as if your father were dead, as if that sense of security was gone, as if you didn’t have someone to call upon and ask for comfort.

You need to observe the environment to see how the world changes. Check your oil, and have a girlfriend. However, these things require experience to require you to be involved in doing it. Take responsibility, and take control of your life. Put your mission first. To work towards what you work towards should not be your woman. You should not base your life around women. You’re both there to work together to create something great. So don’t make your women your mission. Love your woman. Have your mission.

Chapter: Stop hoping for a completion

David says the superior man is not seeking fulfillment through work and women because he is already full. Work and intimacy are opportunities to give his gifts, and they vanish in the bliss of the giving. Now, what does he mean by that? We get stuck in this rut or this vicious cycle of wanting to do more. We want to do more work to reach this state of completion eventually.

Things are never complete. You might achieve a certain level of success in one field, but something else will pop up. You might accomplish one goal, but something else will arise. You’re never going to be full. So you have to start becoming, for now, stop being content. If you are not careful, you’re always chasing an illusion, accomplishments that will never leave because you won’t be satisfied once you get one thing.

Chapter: Live with an open heart

The biggest takeaway is truly understanding and conceptualizing the masculine and feminine polarities. Understanding masculine and feminine polarities are essential for any relationship. That won’t work if a feminine man and masculine woman could work potentially because there’s still that polarity.

So you genuinely understand through reading this book. But the principles of masculine and feminine energy and how we should define our mission and purpose. If a man has no mission and purpose, he can’t perpetuate himself into the world. When a man cannot perpetuate himself into the world, he’s unable to turn.

David Beda explains in this book about validation. Do what aligns with your inner voice and go in that direction regardless of what others tell you. If you know it’s right, you march into that endeavor 100 percent, knowing it’s the right thing to do. Very few people do what they need to do in life, follow the truth, and listen to that intuitive factor.

Chapter: Stop hoping for the completion of anything in life

You can’t have one goal accomplish it, and give up. For instance, great fighters like Ronda Rousey or Muhammad Ali never gave up. They set the pedestal of winning the championship. They didn’t even know what to do anymore. But these guys fail to realize that the mission never ends as long as life continues, the creative challenges that hustle, play, and make love to the present moment while giving your gift to the world.

Don’t think that one day your life is going to change completely. Taking affirmative action is the only thing that will give way to any change. It’s not about being someone you want to be. You have to do the things that this person would do.

Chapter: Enjoy your friend’s criticisms

When another man starts criticizing you, don’t freak out, but take note of what he’s saying and learn how to improve on it. How a man responds to another man’s criticism says a lot about how comfortable that man is with masculine energy. For instance, if a man tries to burn another man at a party, the man flips out and begins acting dramatic, yelling, screaming, and acting crazy. This is a direct reflection of the man’s relationship with masculine energy.

If you only want support and love from your male friends, this is directly proportional to an unresolved issue with your father, whether alive or dead. You must be willing to accept and reflect on criticisms from other men, whether they’re your enemies or your closest friends. We understand what they’re trying to convey when we note the criticisms we receive from other men. We grow through the criticisms. The masculine grows to challenge, and the feminine grows to praise.

Chapter: If you don’t know your purpose, discover it

In the modern world, we’re taught to graduate, get a degree, find a good job, and work until we’re 65. Once you’re 65, you can finally retire, enjoy your life’s desire, and do what you want. People who follow this route will likely miss out on giving their gift to the world.

As a man, we need to know the purpose. This is to completely change, guiding us through our lives and female partners. Our highest purpose is freedom, while a woman is a love. We’ve chosen these paths as a primary male essence, which can be in a female body or different situations. These are generalizations. The superior man enjoys the energy that comes when around an attractive woman. Yet, the superior man fully controls his decisions, honors, and chosen path.

Chapter: Be willing to change everything in your life

The superior man isn’t looking for joy in work or women because the soul is thoroughly enjoying the existence of life. The superior man sees work with women as a joyful pleasure in his life. They are not everything in his life.

Stop hoping for your woman to get easier. So many men go through life with the idea that their wives will stop testing them one day. One day my wife will finally relax and be calm. You either love the woman you’re with, or you don’t. If you don’t, you won’t rise and pass her tests. Women test because they want to feel their man’s strength and presence. They’re pretty good at it. If you can’t pass these tests, you’ll never achieve true love with the woman, and she will always protect her vulnerable, wounded heart.

Chapter: Don’t use your family as an excuse

Superior men do not make excuses. They do not blame family, lack of money, family responsibilities, or anything else for not pursuing their creative endeavors or their mission in life. David says the reality is that the men don’t dare to step up and live their mission.

So then they make excuses about it. It’s powerful, and it’s true if you think about it. So check in on that. It’s also everything we’ve been discussing, victim versus creator, and even more intense for the men and the masculine energy. So it’s all about whether or not we have creative discipline, don’t make excuses. It talks about the fact that we need to be willing to change.

Chapter: Body practices

The Way of the Superior Man is a spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire. The first excellent idea about this book is about sex. Climax/discharge should be converted or consciously chosen. You will be in your head if you’re constantly struggling with PE. It’s going to be hard to be present. There’s probably going to be some shame involved.

You should be able to proactively choose when you discharge instead of reacting to your partner and discharging. If you struggle with premature discharge, that impacts your relationship. So the good news is it’s possible to overcome it.

The second part is converting it if you choose not to discharge instead of letting this energy out through an ejaculatory climax.

We believe that sex lives in this little isolated box are disconnected from the rest of our lives. That’s not true. Are you proactive about your pleasure, or are you reactive? Think about that in the context of your whole life. That is idea number one. David says that you should breathe down the front of your body. It enables the entire sexual response system to experience sexual pleasure everywhere.

Instead of letting out orgasmic energy through discharge, you can move it around the body like the microcosmic orbit or different visualization practices through various practices. What are your fantasies, and can you lean into the edge of discomfort to share them with your partner? That is a good test, and that is good practice.

Why Should You Read The Way of The Superior Man Book?

This popular self-help book for men offers guidance on achieving a fulfilling life and relationships with women. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider reading this book:

  • The book provides a unique perspective on how men and women interact and offers practical advice on improving communication, understanding, and intimacy in relationships.
  • It offers insights into what it means to be a man in today’s world and guides how to develop the qualities and characteristics that make a man truly exceptional.
  • The book encourages self-reflection and offers exercises to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you better to understand yourself and your place in the world.

Overall, if you want to improve your relationships, develop as a person, and achieve a more fulfilling life, “The Way of the Superior Man” is worth reading.

The Way of the Superior Man Criticism

“The Way of the Superior Man” has received criticism for several reasons. Here are some common criticisms of the book:

Gender essentialism: Some readers argue that the book reinforces gender essentialism, perpetuating the idea that men and women are inherently different and have fixed roles to play in relationships.

Lack of diversity: The book has been criticized for its lack of diversity and failure to acknowledge the experiences and perspectives of people from different cultural backgrounds and identities.

Overgeneralization: Some readers argue that the book overgeneralizes men and women, presenting sweeping statements about what each gender wants and needs in relationships.

Misogyny: Some critics have accused the book of promoting misogyny and portraying women as objects for male pleasure rather than as equal partners in relationships.

Pseudoscience: Some concepts presented in the book, such as masculine and feminine energies, are not based on scientific evidence and have been criticized as pseudoscientific.

Overall, while “The Way of the Superior Man” has helped many men improve their relationships and personal growth, it’s essential to approach the book critically and consider its potential limitations and biases.

Personal Rating

This book touches on how feminine energy and masculine energy work together naturally. People have a lot of questions running through their minds. The author has done his best to address all those questions. He navigates the differences between men and women and all the problems a couple may face in a relationship. It’s an excellent book for a man to read. Also, it’s a good book for women to read to understand how men should treat them.

Personal rating: 4.6/5

The Way of the Superior Man is a profound book. Superior means the best version of yourself. That’s what this book is about, being the best version of yourself. So if your relationship is suffering or you’re neutral, you want to get into leadership. This book helps you a lot. It gives a lot of good relationship advice. I highly recommend that you read this with your partner.

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