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Hello, daring explorers of the comic universe! Are you ready to delve into a realm that defies traditional storytelling, where the exploration of power dynamics, alternative social structures, and intricate relationships takes center stage? The Omegaverse, also known as A/B/O (Alpha/Beta/Omega) or A/O, is a subgenre of speculative erotic fiction that emerged from the fanfiction community. Over time, it’s grown in popularity and has expanded beyond fanfiction to include original works in various formats, including comics, manga, webtoons, and novels.

Omegaverse comics, like other Omegaverse works, vary widely in their interpretation and application of these themes. They can range from highly erotic to more plot-driven with romantic or dramatic elements. The Omegaverse setting is popular for its flexibility, and writers and artists use it to explore various themes, including power dynamics, identity, societal roles, and more.

Reading Omegaverse comics is an engaging experience for various reasons. The inherent hierarchies in the Omegaverse offer a canvas for exploring power dynamics, consent, and societal roles. These comics present challenges and affirmations of traditional gender roles, making us think deeply about societal constructs. The Alpha/Omega dynamic, with its biological imperatives like heat and ruts, leads to intense romantic and erotic tension. If you enjoy romance with high stakes and deep emotional connections, many Omegaverse comics deliver.

Welcome to our journey into the enthralling and sometimes controversial world of “Omegaverse Comics.” This genre, with its unique blend of fantasy, romance, and social commentary, offers readers a distinctive escape into narratives that challenge and entertain. Whether you’re already a fan or curious about diving into something new, grab your cape (or your coziest blanket) as we navigate the complexities and captivating stories within the Omegaverse. Let’s uncover the alpha, beta, and omega of it all!

10 Omegaverse Comics/Manga

Omegaverse comics blur traditional gender lines, leading to many relationships, including M/M, F/F, M/F, and more. This can be appealing if you’re looking for diverse romantic storylines. The concept of “mates” or “soulmates” is prevalent in Omegaverse stories. The idea that there’s a predestined, deep connection between characters adds an element of destiny and profound bonding, which is captivating.

Beyond the erotic or romantic elements, many Omegaverse manga show characters’ emotional lives, dealing with issues of identity, acceptance, societal expectations, and personal growth. Whether you’re interested in light-hearted romance, dark explorations of society, action-packed plots, or emotional dramas, an Omegaverse comic will likely fit the bill.

I will discuss my favorite Omegaverse manga and comics for you. Engaging with these comics can mean joining a community of fans, which can lead to discussions, fan art, fan theories, and more. Let’s begin!

1. Omegaverse Project series by Neji

The “Omegaverse Project” series by Neji is a manga series that follows the Omegaverse universe. Each series volume tends to focus on different characters and storylines but is all set in the Omegaverse world.

Omegaverse Project series by Neji
Omegaverse Project series by Neji

Omegaverse as a trope and universe has become quite popular in manga, especially in the Boys’ Love (BL) genre. This universe focuses on an alternative social hierarchy and biological functions based on Alpha, Beta, and Omega classifications. Alphas are typically dominant, Omegas are submissive and can get pregnant regardless of gender, while Betas are somewhere in between.

Neji’s “Omegaverse Project” series focuses on various dynamics, relationships, and challenges characters face in this universe. Themes of love, mating, societal expectations, and the intricate bonds between characters are explored in detail.

If you’re interested in reading the “Omegaverse Project” series, start with the first volume and go from there, as you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the world Neji has built and how different characters navigate it.

2. Love Nest by Minaduki Yuu

Love Nest is a Boys’ Love (BL) manga that explores the Omegaverse trope. The story revolves around two main characters. After being kicked out by his alpha partner when he was no longer of “use,” the omega, Lu Jin, finds himself struggling and homeless.

On a rainy night, a stranger, Luo Jinyu, finds him and takes him in. As they live together, the relationship between the two deepens, leading to various complications and dynamics typical of the Omegaverse, such as bonding, heat cycles, and societal prejudices against certain roles.

Love Nest by Minaduki Yuu
Love Nest by Minaduki Yuu

Themes: This comic touches on the hardships faced by omegas, especially those without a supportive alpha. Themes of rediscovery, finding a genuine bond, trust, and breaking past societal expectations are prominent.

Art and Writing: Minaduki Yuu’s art is detailed and expressive, focusing on character emotions. While rooted in some common Omegaverse clichés, the storyline offers depth in its exploration of the main characters’ relationship development.

For fans of the Omegaverse trope and BL genre, “Love Nest” is a treat, with its mix of drama, romance, and emotional depth.

3. Sayonara Alpha by Ichinashi Kimi

Sayonara Alpha is another Boys’ Love (BL) manga that covers the Omegaverse universe. The story follows an Omega named Shiro and an Alpha named Daigo. When they were young, it was prophesied that Shiro and Daigo would become a mated pair. However, Shiro didn’t want his life to be determined by such a destiny. He wishes to find his mate by choice rather than because of a predetermined fate.

Sayonara Alpha by Ichinashi Kimi
Sayonara Alpha by Ichinashi Kimi

So, when Shiro turns 18, he defies this prophecy and sets out to find his path. But things get complicated when his body presents signs of an impending heat, and Daigo’s actions and feelings become more pronounced.

Themes: This manga touches on the idea of destiny vs. free will, especially within the confines of the Omegaverse setting. It examines how societal expectations and preordained fates affect personal relationships and individual choices. It also describes trust, love, and understanding in a relationship, especially one as complex as that between destined mates in the Omegaverse.

Art and Writing: Ichinashi Kimi’s art style is both delicate and expressive, capturing the emotional nuances of the characters effectively. While working within the familiar confines of the Omegaverse trope, the storyline brings a fresh perspective to the idea of destined mates. It offers a layered exploration of its main characters’ feelings and struggles.

For those who enjoy Omegaverse stories with depth, emotional drama, and romance, “Sayonara Alpha” is recommended.

4. Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs

Alpha & Omega is a series set in the same world as her popular “Mercy Thompson” series. Anna, an Omega wolf, discovers her true nature and power while forming a bond with the Alpha wolf, Charles, the enforcer of the werewolf world. The series shows their relationship and the challenges they face together.

Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs
Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs

The series begins with a novella of the same name, followed by several full-length novels that explore Anna and Charles’s relationship and their adventures together. It blends romance, action, and mystery.

5. Escape Journey is a Boys’ Love (BL) by Ogeretsu Tanaka

The story revolves around Naoto and Taichi, two young men who had a passionate relationship in high school but parted ways due to certain misunderstandings and differences. Their paths cross again in college, and the two must struggle with the complexities of their renewed relationship, past hurts, and the challenges of their present circumstances.

Escape Journey is a Boys' Love (BL) by Ogeretsu Tanaka
Escape Journey is a Boys’ Love (BL) by Ogeretsu Tanaka

This comic is popular for its realistic portrayal of relationships, emotional depth, and Ogeretsu Tanaka’s distinctive art style. Moreover, it deals with love, understanding, and personal growth complexities.

6. Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata is a Boys’ Love by Sakyo Aya

The story centers around Shirokawa Keiichi, a man who can transform into a fox due to a curse, and his relationship with Segawa Makoto, a boy who saves him from starvation when he’s in his fox form. Their bond deepens as they start living together, but Makoto remains unaware of Keiichi’s fox transformation, leading to various comedic and emotional moments.

Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata is a Boys' Love by Sakyo Aya
Fukigen Kareshi no Saraikata is a Boys’ Love by Sakyo Aya

The manga is a mix of romance, fantasy, and slice-of-life moments. Sakyo Aya’s portrayal of the relationship between the two main characters, with the added twist of the supernatural element, provides a unique touch to the BL genre.

7. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny by Sachimo

This (BL) manga follows Hoshikuzuu and Rika, who were previously engaged in an Omegaverse world. However, their engagement is called off due to certain circumstances.

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny by Sachimo
Kashikomarimashita, Destiny by Sachimo

Later, a twist of fate (and a car accident) causes their souls to switch bodies, allowing them to live together and understand each other’s perspectives and challenges. We see how the characters navigate love and societal expectations within the Omegaverse setting.

8. Heesu in Class 2 by LEE Hye

Heesu in Class 2 (often referred to as “2nd Grade Class 2 Heesu” or similar translations) is a Boys’ Love (BL) manhwa (Korean comic) that has gained attention within the BL community. The story revolves around the life of Heesu, a high school student known for his cheerful disposition.

Despite his outwardly happy demeanor, Heesu has a secret: he harbors feelings for his childhood friend, Whan. The plot thickens when Whan transfers to another school, and Seungwon, his close friend, remains. As Heesu tries to learn more about Whan’s departure and feelings, he grows closer to Seungwon, leading to a complex triangle of emotions and relationships.

Heesu in Class 2 by LEE Hye
Heesu in Class 2 by LEE Hye

Artwork: LEE Hye’s artwork is clean, expressive, and fits the story’s contemporary setting. The character designs are distinguishable and convey the personalities of the cast well. Backgrounds are detailed enough to provide context but don’t overshadow the characters and their interactions.

Potential Weaknesses: Some readers find the pacing slow, especially in the beginning. However, this allows for deeper character development and story buildup.

It’s a must-read for fans of the BL genre looking for a story with depth and emotional resonance.

9. Born to be Yours by Kaname Itsuki

The story focuses on the romantic relationship between two young men. The manga delves deep into the characters’ struggles, emotional complexities, and journeys as they face the challenges of accepting themselves and pursuing true love.

Born to be Yours by Kaname Itsuki
Born to be Yours by Kaname Itsuki

A significant theme in the story is the characters’ struggle with their identities and acceptance of themselves. The manga touches on the vulnerabilities of falling in love and the courage required to be true to one’s feelings. The characters face numerous challenges, both internal and external, that they must overcome to be together.

Artwork: Kaname Itsuki’s artwork is notable for its clean lines, expressive characters, and detailed backgrounds. The mangaka has a knack for conveying deep emotions through facial expressions and body language, significantly enhancing the reading experience.

Character Depth: Kaname Itsuki excels at developing multi-dimensional characters who undergo personal growth as the story progresses.

The manga stands out for its emotional depth, with scenes that tug at the heartstrings and evoke a range of feelings from the reader. It’s an excellent read for those who appreciate BL stories with a more profound emotional layer.

10. Life Senjou no Bokura by Tokokura Miya

The story covers the lives of two main characters, Nishi and Ito. They first meet as kids in a rather unconventional setting: a narrow alleyway where they can only move forward or backward. As they meet in this alleyway over time, they grow closer and eventually start dating.

Life Senjou no Bokura by Tokokura Miya
Life Senjou no Bokura by Tokokura Miya

As the narrative unfolds, the manga explores their journey from their first meeting in the alleyway to adulthood, capturing various stages of their relationship. It is a heartfelt tale that showcases the different challenges, joys, and evolutions of their love life.

The manga does an excellent job depicting the various stages of a relationship, from the initial excitement of young love to the deeper connection and challenges faced in adulthood. The story doesn’t shy away from life’s obstacles to relationships, making it a more realistic portrayal of love. Tokokura Miya beautifully illustrates the emotional highs and lows, deeply investing us in Nishi and Ito’s journey.

Artwork: Tokokura Miya’s clean and expressive artwork perfectly captures the characters’ emotions. The character designs are distinct, and the mangaka has a keen eye for detail, adding depth to the narrative.

5 Omegaverse Manhwas

Omegaverse has become a popular sub-genre in the world of manga and manhwa. Here are five notable Omegaverse manhwas:

Omegaverse Manhwas
Omegaverse Manhwas

Love Shuttle by Im Ae-Joo: This manhwa revolves around the life of Doyun, an Omega who hasn’t experienced his first heat cycle yet, making many mistake him for a Beta. Things take a turn when he finally faces his first heat.

K’s Secret by Morak: The story focuses on an Omega named K who hides his true identity and lives as a Beta. He takes suppressants to hide his Omega nature, but things get complicated when he gets involved with his boss.

Dear Benjamin by Zig: This is about an Alpha named Benjamin who believes he should be with an Omega but instead falls for a Beta named Zion. The manhwa delves into their complicated relationship amidst the societal expectations of the Omegaverse.

The Alpha’s Bride by Seo Moon Da Mi: This manhwa tells the story of Hyesung, who spent his entire life believing he was an Alpha, only to find out he is, in fact, an Omega. This realization comes when he’s trapped in an arranged marriage with a man named Dojin.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint by Sing-Shong: Though not a traditional Omegaverse story, this manhwa has elements that appeal to Omegaverse fans. It is about a reader who knows the entire plotline of a novel and realizes that the world he’s living in is following the exact events of that novel.

Fo Bakudeku and Jingai Comics Reader

Bakudeku refers to the pairing of Bakugo Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku from the “My Hero Academia” (Boku no Hero Academia) series. Many fans have created Alternate Universe (AU) stories around this pairing, including in the Omegaverse setting. Jingai generally refers to non-human characters in manga and anime. Combined with “Omegaverse,” it suggests a storyline involving non-human characters within the Omegaverse setting. However, if you’re looking for Bakudeku or Jingai Omegaverse content, then check sites like:

AO3 (Archive of Our Own): This fanfiction archive has many fan-created stories, including many Omegaverse AUs for Bakudeku.

Tumblr: Several artists and writers post their Omegaverse Bakudeku comics and stories here.

Twitter: Many fan artists share their works on Twitter, and by following certain tags or artists, you can discover Bakudeku Omegaverse comics.

Pixiv: A Japanese platform where many doujinshi artists share their works. You’ll find various Bakudeku comics here, but the site primarily uses Japanese.

Reddit: Subreddits dedicated to “My Hero Academia” have recommendations or discussions on this specific sub-genre of fan works.

From the intricate exploration of societal roles to the deep, emotional connections between characters, these stories offer a rich tapestry of themes and narratives that captivate and provoke thought. Whether you found yourself intrigued by the dynamics of power and identity or simply enjoyed the immersive tales of love and adventure, there’s no denying the unique allure of the Omegaverse.

As we close this chapter (for now), remember that the world of comics is vast and varied, and there’s always a new story waiting to challenge our perceptions and tug at our heartstrings. So, keep turning those pages, dear readers, and let your imagination soar into uncharted territories. Until next time, happy reading, and may your adventures be as limitless as the universes within the pages of your favorite comics!

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