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Christina Lauren are American authors known for writing contemporary romance. Christina Lauren is the pseudonym used by the writing duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. They met online, bonding over their love of romance novels and writing. After a few years, they decided to take the leap and start writing original fiction together. In 2011 they released the “Beautiful Bastard” series, which was an instant success and helped launch their career as bestselling authors. From there, they continued to release multiple series and standalone books.

Some of their most trending series are “The Wild Seasons” and “Love and Other Words.” They have been featured on multiple bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Authors like Christina Lauren are mostly focused on romance, including many romance tropes like steamy, forbidden, forced proximity, age gap, friends-to-lovers, etc. People who love Christina Lauren also love to read any romance which breaks all boundaries and limitations. Stay with me if you want to know more about those authors and their books.

5 Authors Like Christina Lauren (Romance Writers)

Christina Lauren became a popular author due to the success of their rom-com novels, which gained a large following through word of mouth and positive reviews. Their writing style is engaging and appeals to a wide range of readers. Additionally, they write diverse and inclusive characters and stories, which resonate with many readers. They also have a strong online presence, connecting with their readers through social media and events, further building their fan base.

Best Christina Lauren’s books in order:

  1. Beautiful Bastard (2013).
  2. Beautiful Stranger (2014).
  3. Beautiful Player (2014).
  4. Beautiful Beginning (2014).
  5. Beautiful Bitch (2014).
  6. Beautiful Secret (2015).
  7. Beautiful Boss (2015).
  8. Dating You / Hating You (2017).
  9. The Unhoneymooners (2018).
  10. Love and Other Words (2018).
  11. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (2018).
  12. Roomies (2018).
  13. My Favorite Half-Night Stand (2018).
  14. The Soulmate Equation (2021).

Many books have been adapted into media, such as TV shows and audiobooks, further increasing their exposure and popularity. Here are my 5 favorite and most popular best-selling authors similar to Christina Lauren. If you like Christina Lauren, then you’ll also like them. Let’s know about them!

1. Sylvia Day

Like Christina Lauren, Sylvia Day is a bestselling author, especially in romance novels. She is also known for her work as a writing mentor/teacher and has spoken at writing conferences and workshops on the craft of writing. She owns over 20 books, including the popular “Crossfire” and the “Gabriel’s Inferno” series.

Sylvia Day
Sylvia Day

Most books have been translated into over 40 languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. Sylvia is a member of the Romance Writers of America who also has won several awards for her work, including the RITA award for Best Romance Novella.

Sylvia Day’s popular books list by reading order:

Crossfire series:

  • Bared to You (Book 1).
  • Reflected in You (Book 2).
  • Entwined with You (Book 3).
  • Captivated by You (Book 4).
  • One with You (Book 5).

Jax & Gia series:

  • Afterburn (Book 1).
  • Aftershock (Book 2).


  • Seven Years to Sin.
  • Butterfly in Frost.
  • The Stranger I Married.
  • Afterburn.
  • Pleasures of the Night.
  • Pride and Pleasure.

Romance: Bared to You, Reflected in You, Captivated by You, etc.

Historical Romance: Seven Years to Sin, Promise of Paradise, etc.

Contemporary Romance: Don’t Tempt Me, A Passion for Him, etc.

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2. Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a bestselling author known for contemporary romance, especially women’s fiction novels. She has published over a dozen books, including the popular “Hopeless” series, “Maybe Someday,” and “Ugly Love.”

Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover

Most of her books are known for their emotional depth and relatable characters where you can feel the touch of Christina Lauren. She has won several awards, including the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. Hoover is also known for philanthropy and has used her platform as an author to raise awareness for various causes.

Colleen Hoover’s popular books list by reading order:

It Ends with Us series:

  • It Ends with Us (Book 1).
  • It Starts with Us (Book 2).

Hopeless series:

  • Hopeless (Book 1).
  • Losing Hope (Book 2).

Maybe series:

  • Maybe Someday (Book 1).
  • Maybe Now (Book 2).

Slammed series:

  • Slammed (Book 1).
  • Point of Retreat (Book 2).
  • This Girl (Book 3).


  • Verity.
  • Ugly Love.
  • Reminders of Him.
  • November 9.
  • Regretting You.
  • All Your Perfects.
  • Confess.
  • Heart Bones.
  • Layla.
  • Without Merit.
  • Too Late.

Romance: Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl, etc.

Young Adult: Maybe Someday, Ugly Love, Confess, etc.

New Adult: Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, etc.

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3. Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is a bestselling American author of contemporary romance novels, also known for writing steamy and emotionally charged stories. They often feature alpha male heroes and strong female leads.

Tessa Bailey
Tessa Bailey

Her popular books and series are “Bellinger Sisters,” “Hot & Hammered,” and “My Killer Vacation.” Her books have received multiple bestseller lists and have been praised for their fun, humor, heat, and emotion. Readers who love Christina Lauren must love to read Tessa Bailey.

Tessa Bailey’s popular books list by reading order:

Bellinger Sisters Series:

  • It Happened One Summer (Book 1).
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker (Book 2).

Hot & Hammered Series:

  • Fix Her Up (Book 1).
  • Love Her or Lose Her (Book 2).
  • Tools of Engagement (Book 3).

Line of Duty Series:

  • Protecting What’s His (Book 1).
  • His Risk to Take (Book 2).
  • Officer off Limits (Book 3).
  • Asking for Trouble (Book 4).
  • Staking His Claim (Book 5).

Girl Series:

  • Getaway Girl (Book 1).
  • Runaway Girl (Book 2).

Broke and Beautiful Series:

  • Chase Me (Book 1).
  • Need Me (Book 2).
  • Make Me (Book 3).

Wedding Dare Series:

  • Falling for the Groomsman (Book 1).
  • Baiting the Maid of Honor (Book 2).
  • Seducing the Bridesmaid (Book 3).
  • Best Man with Benefits (Book 4).
  • Dare to Resist (Book 5).

Phenomenal Fate Series:

  • Reborn Yesterday (Book 1).
  • This Time Tomorrow (Book 2).
  • Today Tomorrow, and Always (Book 3).

Beach Kingdom Series:

  • Mouth to Mouth (Book 1).
  • Heat Stroke (Book 2).
  • Sink or Swim (Book 3).

Serve Series:

  • Owned by Fate (Book 1).
  • Exposed by Fate (Book 2).
  • Mistaken by Fate (Book 3).
  • Betting on Fate (Book 4).
  • Driven by Fate (Book 5).
  • Protecting Fate (Book 6).
  • Rules of Seduction (Book 7).
  • Bind Me Before You Go (Book 8).

Made in Jersey Series:

  • Crashed Out (Book 1).
  • Thrown Down (Book 2).
  • Worked Up (Book 3).
  • Wound Tight (Book 4).


  • My Killer Vacation.
  • Window Shopping.
  • Unfixable.
  • Follow.
  • Too Hot to Handle.
  • Happenstance.
  • Captivated.
  • The Sweetest Fix.

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4. Samantha Young

Samantha Young is a Scottish bestseller author known for her contemporary romance novels. She began publishing her novels in 2011. Since then, she has released multiple series and standalone books. “On Dublin Street” and “Fight for Me” are the most popular series.

Samantha Young
Samantha Young

Readers love her books for their complex characters, emotional depth, and steamy romance, which are relatable to Christina Lauren. Samantha’s novels have also been featured on multiple bestseller lists. She has published adult and young adult novels and continues to be active and publish new books.

Samantha Young’s popular books list by reading order:


  • On Dublin Street.
  • Hero.
  • Into the Deep.
  • The Tale of Lunarmorte.
  • Hart’s Boardwalk.
  • Fire Spirits.
  • Play On.
  • The Fade.
  • Adair Family.
  • Warriors of Ankh.


  • Fight or Flight.
  • Much Ado About You.
  • The Impossible Vastness of Us.
  • A Cosmic Kind of Love.
  • The Fragile Ordinary.
  • Drip Drop Teardrop.

Contemporary Romance: On Dublin Street, Before Jamaica Lane, Echoes of Scotland Street, etc.

New Adult: Hero, Into the Deep, etc.

Romantic Suspense: The Rise of Magicks, The Illusionists, etc.

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5. Emily Henry

Emily Henry is an American author known for writing contemporary romance and fiction novels. Her first book was published in 2016, and then she has released multiple books, including “The Love That Split The World” and “Beach Read.” Her books contain humor, heart, and thoughtful representation of mental health and family dynamics.

Emily Henry
Emily Henry

The most popular series are “The Love That Split The World” and “Beach Read.” Emily’s novels have been praised by readers and critics alike. Also, she has been featured on multiple bestseller lists. Whenever I read Emily’s books, I find the same theme and vibe of Christina Lauren’s stories.

Emily Henry’s popular books list by reading order:

  • People We Meet on Vacation.
  • Beach Read.
  • Book Lovers.
  • A Million Junes.
  • The Love That Split the World.
  • Hello Girls.
  • When the Sky Fell on Splendor.
  • Layover.
  • Happy Place.

Romance: The Love that Split the World, A Million Junes, Beach Read, etc.

Young Adult: The Love that Split the World, The Coordinator of the Underground, etc.

Contemporary Fiction: A Million Junes, People We Meet on Vacation, etc.

Checkout: Emily Henry Books List

Here are more authors with similar styles and themes, like Christina Lauren:

Sally Thorne: A bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, also known for likable characters and steamy romance.

Jasmine Guillory: A bestselling author of contemporary romance with diverse and relatable characters.

Helen Hoang: A contemporary romance author popular for slow-burn and a second chance.

Talia Hibbert: A bestselling writer of contemporary romance who is well-known for steamy and sensual love.

Those are famous romance authors like Christina Lauren. If you enjoy romantic fiction with a comedic twist, you might enjoy reading them. Their writing style is light-hearted and humorous, making for an enjoyable reading experience. Additionally, their stories feature relatable characters and situations, which helps to draw readers invested in the characters’ journeys. Here are more reasons why you should read their books:

Compelling characters: These authors’ novels feature complex, well-developed, flawed, and realistic characters that are memorable.

Engaging stories: Their books are full of humor, steamy romance, engaging storylines, self-discovery, friendship, and family.

Variety of settings: Their books are set in various locations, from New York City to small towns to international locales.

Positive reviews: They received positive reviews from critics and readers, and they’ve also been on bestseller lists.

Overall, if you enjoy contemporary romance with engaging characters, you may want to check out their books. I recommend choosing Colleen Hoover first if you want to keep your feelings alive. Happy romance reading! Follow me on Twitter, where I regularly update my post and share popular book-related news.

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