5 Practical Tips To Read A Book You Hate

Reading is a habit that gets easier and more pleasant to do the more you do it. We compared reading with studying and disagree that it’s our fault. It’s how we have grown up, and it’s the system’s fault. We think reading is equal to studying because we have been taught this way.

We don’t bother with the beauty of imagining through words like those who don’t read books. They don’t realize that reading books is not about reading those lines we have been taught in school finger by finger. It’s being in that world and imagining that world, the fun and enjoyment you get, and the problem is up.

If you’re not reading consistently, you’re probably missing out on all this knowledge that’s been put on paper for years. About a year ago, I read into the same problem: I couldn’t even read a single page because I disliked it. I never could focus on reading the book. I’ve learned a lot along the way that I’d like to share with you in this article to give you some tips on starting reading if you hate reading. Let’s get into it.

How To Read A Book You Hate? (5 Ideas To Make Reading Habits)

Reading is the noblest thing that you can ever do in your life. But why do most of us have difficulty picking up a book and reading consistently? What things stop people from reading suitable materials instead of doing something else that is unfavorable to them? Let’s learn 5 basic tips for reading any book.

1. Start with easy

If you want to read, don’t go for classics. That is why you think books are boring because you haven’t. We are living in this generation. We should read books which are for this generation. There are so many books that are out there.

  • Don’t read those books which people say that you should read these books.
  • Read the books which you want to read.
  • Don’t feel ashamed of picking up a book like a romance book.
  • You don’t have actually to show off what you’re reading.

2. Identify yourself as a reader

If you keep telling yourself negative words, subconsciously, you will start to believe this. So make sure that you always look at it from a positive angle. If you identify as a reader and stop saying negatively, you’ll start to notice a change over time.

What other people think about you doesn’t matter because you don’t have to show it to them. Reading is for your peace of mind as it is for your fun. So invest your time in good things. You are the total of the things you do and the things you watch.

3. Read what you like to read

What subject does your face light up when you talk about with your friends or family? The secret to making a habit of reading easier and more beloved to you is to love what you are reading about. Many people don’t like to read because it will help them or teach them something or somebody else recommended this book.

If the book doesn’t appeal to you, don’t read it because if you’re going to read it, you don’t like it. It will be a hassle if you feel negative when reading the book. It’s going to feel like a chore. Keep in mind that you do not want to be a hero. Instead, you should start with one or two pages a day that you like. Let’s pretend you’re going to read two pages a day, and you agree with yourself on reading two pages a day. Then find the habit that you already do.

4. Established a habit

A powerful, tricky thing you can do to get yourself reading consistently is to link something you do unconsciously with the habit of reading. You don’t have to choose the coffee as a trigger. It could be many things, like the moment you change your clothes or walk into your room.

  • Choose an everyday habit that you do and read after it or before it does.
  • When you wake up in the morning, pick up the book and read one page; when you finish eating breakfast, pick up your book and read a few sentences. This concept is called habit stacking.

The trick certainly doesn’t overachieve. In other words, it starts very small. When we want to do something new, we get motivated. To exert a lot of willpower, you are off the wagon when something bad happens. So the solution is to start with one page or paragraph. You might underestimate that, but it works.

The idea is to keep the habits very simple. Even if you feel down or anxious, you can still do it. Once it becomes part of your routine, you can scale up to two, three, or even eight pages daily. You’re building the habit of reading for the long term, and you’ve got to be patient with the process.

5. Try audiobooks

This isn’t technically reading, but it’s still reading because you’re consuming the book by listening to it. So it’s the same thing. You can still do other tasks while having the book play in the background. It also makes it easier to implement haversack stacking because you can do other things while listening to the audiobook. While listening to that book, let it play in the background while you’re having your morning breakfast.

  • Audiobooks are a great way of getting you into the habit of consuming more books and making it easier to do some reading by listening to them. It allows you to do other tasks while listening to a book in the background.


Concentration and self-discipline are two essential factors in developing the habit of reading. Books are the best way to learn since they are extremely cheap considering the knowledge they offer. There will be days that are going to be hard.

You will not want to sit down and prefer watching TV or playing video games, which is entirely natural. But still, try reading for at least five minutes. One page only builds that self-discipline muscle and will pay big time in the future.

Reading is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life, and learning is the most entertaining activity you’ll ever experience once you taste it. After a dozen books, you will want to learn about everything, and the snowball will get bigger and bigger with time.

If you follow these steps, I can assure you that you’ll be quickly reading 30 minutes every day or more in a few months. It takes time for your brain to rewire and strengthen your concentration muscle. But if you stick with it, it will eventually have.

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